Bulldozer Work and Landscape Site Construction Services for Covington


Bulldozer work is not a task for boys!

We have an experienced crew second to none in bulldozer work, land clearing and site preparation for landscaping in the Covington and surrounding area.

We’re at our very best with our bulldozer work in areas that have not had attention in years. Our bulldozer work crew can bring new life to an unattended area destined for landscaping with their experience in land clearing and site preparation in the Covington area and beyond.

We are experienced in:

  • Land clearing and tree removal
  • Boulders, rock and debris bulldozer work
  • General ground leveling site preparation

Call for additional information and cost estimates for bulldozer work, land clearing and site preparation in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Land Clearing That Includes Ground Leveling, Rock and Debris Removal


Land clearing for us is not work – it’s our passion!

We have a contracting crew that is professional and expert in land clearing, rock and debris removal, and site preparation. We’re proud to say that we’re good at what we do!

We encourage you to call us for projects including:

  • Land clearing
  • Excavating
  • Bulldozer work
  • Removal of boulders and rocks
  • Landscape services
  • Complete site preparation

How can we be of service to you in the Covington and surrounding area? Call us at 425-358-2779

Site Preparation is Key to Successful Landscape Design in Covington


Because site preparation is what we do so well, you can anticipate successful implementation of your landscape design in the Covington area and beyond.

We are as serious about the entire process of site preparation for small projects as the large ones. And our reputation for meeting exacting standards in site preparation is strong and impeccable.

Site preparation includes land clearing, bulldozer work, ground leveling, tree clearing, and rock and debris removal in preparation for the final landscaping process.

We do it all. Call us at 425-358-2779.

Landscape Lighting That Accents Outdoor Living Spaces in Covington


Have you driven through neighborhoods with beautiful landscape lighting and said, “I want that”? Well you can have it!

More and more we receive inquiries about landscape lighting that focuses on outdoor living spaces in the Covington and surrounding area. Residents are enjoying outdoor living experiences, and want to use landscape lighting and outdoor lights to enhance those areas with beauty and safety.

Let us assist you in creating that perfect paradise by adding landscape lighting and outdoor lights to your walkways, gardens, patios and hardscapes. Landscape lights will also increase usable time in your outdoor living spaces in the Covington and surrounding area. 425-358-2779.

Outdoor Lights to Increase Safety Around Your Home in the Covington area


While we enjoy dramatic landscape lights to illuminate our landscaping and walkways in the Covington and surrounding area, we need to think about outdoor lights that can improve home safety.

When we prepare a design for outdoor lights for residential homes and businesses in the Covington and surrounding area, we take pride in enhancing the beauty of the structural elements while using outdoor lights as solutions for safety and protection.

Let us maximize your investment by designing systems of outdoor lights and landscape lights that provide safety in an aesthetically pleasing way. 425-358-2779

Landscape Lights to Accentuate Walkways, Patios and Gardens in Covington


Do you want dramatic landscape lights to accentuate your beautiful landscaping, walkways, patios and gardens?

We specialize in dramatic landscape lighting that enhances outdoor living spaces, and breathtaking illumination to walkways, patios, gardens, decks, and hardscapes with creative landscape lights.

There is nothing quite as breathtaking as landscape lights that add drama to trees, shrubs, rock gardens and distinctive landscaping. And the bonuses with professionally installed landscape lighting are safety, curb appeal and increased property value.

Call us for landscape lighting and outdoor lights for the Covington area and beyond, including landscape lights for walkways, gardens, patios and hardscapes. 425-358-2779

Why Call a Professional for Irrigation Sprinklers Installation in Covington


An irrigation sprinklers installation for residents and businesses in the Covington and surrounding area is the finest way to beautify your landscape.

An even smarter choice is to choose a professional irrigation sprinklers installation service that will design and properly install your irrigation system.

We always recommend choosing a contractor who is trustworthy and experienced, and one who installs leading manufacturer’s irrigation sprinkler system products.

Let us evaluate your property in the Covington and area and beyond to prepare a specific irrigation sprinklers installation plan that is best for you, and is cost effective and energy efficient. We’re professional, experienced and knowledgeable. 425-358-2779

What Are the Benefits of Irrigation Sprinkler Systems for the Covington Homeowner


We can provide a list of benefits because we are professionals who understand irrigation sprinkler systems for homeowners in the Covington and surrounding area.

If you are weary of dragging a hose around, and trying to remember when to manually sprinkle your lawn, review these irrigation sprinkler installation benefits:

  • An irrigation sprinkler saves time, energy and money
  • A programmable irrigation system is efficient
  • An irrigation sprinklers installation saves water

If a healthier yard and greener days strike a positive note, call us for an efficient irrigation sprinklers installation in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

What is involved in Irrigation System Installation, Maintenance and Repair


The good news is that when we install an underground irrigation system unique to your landscape, you will not have to follow a complicated tutorial for an irrigation system installation, its maintenance or repair in the Covington and surrounding area.

We provide affordable irrigation sprinklers installation, irrigation system repairs and irrigation sprinkler maintenance services with rapid response.

Just call us! We have a top notch team of irrigation sprinklers installation and repair experts serving the Covington and surrounding area who can usually repair your irrigation system in minutes. If you have attempted a do-it-yourself irrigation sprinkler installation or repair, we do not have to convince you of the difficulties associated with installation, maintenance and repair.

We’re ready to discuss your desire for an irrigation system installation, and our experts will conduct that irrigation sprinkler installation quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. That’s our business and we’re proud to say we’re extremely good at it! 425-358-2779

New Landscape Design Services for Residents of Covington

House 2 Landscape Renovation Side Yard

Your yard looks dreadful and you don’t know where to begin.

When we hear that from residents in the Covington area and beyond, we are excited to talk with them about new landscape design services because the simplest to the most spectacular landscapes begin with a new landscape design.

And we do it all from new landscape design services to landscape construction through landscape installation for residents in Covington and the surrounding area.

We enjoy the creative process of collaborating with new clients, pulling a plan together followed by a rendering of the new landscape design. That’s what excites us! 425-358-2779

Landscape Construction That Offers More than Mow and Go in Covington


We’re so much more than selection and condition of plant materials.

Landscape construction can include the following and more:

  • Carefully designed paved surfaces
  • Beautiful fences and walls
  • Swimming pools, spas and fountains
  • Landscape and outdoor lighting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Luxurious outdoor living spaces

We take into consideration every nuance in our landscape construction and landscape installation for Covington and the surrounding area to create a panoramic sanctuary that is environmentally friendly. Talk to us about your dream for a new landscape. 425-358-2779

Landscape Installation in Covington - Turn Your Landscape Dream into Reality


We’re talking professionals when it comes to turning your new landscape vision into reality!

No matter how simple or extravagant your landscape installation, we have the knowledge and experience to provide all the features you desire for your property in the Covington and surrounding area.

And when we’re finished with your landscape construction and ultimate landscape installation, it will dazzle your entire neighborhood! And not only that, it will increase curb appeal and the value of your home.

Get started today with your landscape construction and landscape installation. 425-358-2779

Professional French Drain Installations for Covington Residents and Businesses


Do you have a troublesome problem with excess standing water or water collection at the foundation of your home in the Covington and surrounding area? We can help!

Options such as a catch basin or trench drain can be considered, but our French drain installation is specifically designed to resolve these issues.

You no longer need to deal with swamp-like yard conditions that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes in the Covington area and beyond. Installation of French drains has proven to drain saturation areas of standing water by diverting the water to areas for absorption or evaporation.

Call us for information about a French drain, catch basin or trench drain installation for property in the Covington and surrounding area. 425-358-2779

A Catch Basin Solution for Driveways and Walkways for Covington


Those heavy rain storms can create havoc with driveways and walkways in the Covington area and beyond. We have the solution.

A catch basin is an important drainage solution with features that move excessive amounts of water from driveways, walkways and, in certain instances, yards.

Proper installation of a catch basin, French drain or trench drain will re-direct water and discharge it into a safe area.

Without proper drainage by utilizing a catch basin, trench drain or French drain, standing water will create costly damage for property owners in the Covington and surrounding area. 425-358-2779

A Trench Drain Can Alleviate Recurrent Water Damage for Covington Residents


You are struggling with severe erosion problems or water damage creating an ugly ditch or runoff in all the wrong places.

With proper installation, a trench drain can alleviate recurrent long-standing water issues. In fact, a trench drain can address:

  • Water entry in basements, low entrance doorways and garages
  • Poor drainage resulting in ponding conditions
  • Icing conditions of water pooling in low lying areas

This is the perfect time to call us for recommendations and estimates for French drain, catch basin or trench drain installations for the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Planting Grass Seed the Right Way for Residents and Businesses in Covington

House 2 Landscape Renovation Side Yard

If your method for planting grass seed is to toss out seed and run your sprinklers, you need us!

Spring is a good time for planting grass seed or renewing an older lawn in the Covington area and beyond, particularly with cooler temperatures and frequent rain showers.

If the weather has turned warm, and you know planting grass seed is on the proverbial “to do” list, choose warm-season grasses. With proper preparation of a seedbed, planting grass seed is conducive to rapid growth in the Covington and surrounding area.

And if you just don’t have the time to properly prepare the soil before planting grass seed, call us. 425-358-2779

Why is Overseeding My Lawn Important in the Covington area?


The importance of overseeding your lawn pretty much comes down to lawn revival in the Covington and surrounding area.

Here are some specifics:

  • Overseeding will bring back life to a thin and brown lawn
  • Old lawns are an invitation to weeds
  • Overseeding is a rapid way to restore your lawn to health
  • Overseeding will improve your lawn quality more than most anything else
  • Overseeding assists in fighting insects and diseases of the lawn

If you lawn is showing signs of decline, such as bare areas or disease damage, we’re your first line of defense in the Covington and surrounding area in restoring the health of your lawn with overseeding.

Overseeding Lawn Services Help to Restore a Lawn to Health in Covington


The benefits of utilizing overseeding lawn services are priceless. While overseeding lawn techniques do not sound that difficult, there are certain scientific practices to follow.

This is the moment most homeowners turn to professional overseeding lawn services!

You will need to schedule overseeding lawn processes during the best time of year for Covington and the surrounding area. Then there is the proper selection of turf grass to be used in your overseeding lawn project. Overseeding lawn practices usually combine lawn aeration to aid in seed germination.

You may also want to consider planting grass seed under certain conditions.

Or just call us for planting grass seed, overseeding or overseeding lawn services in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Hardscape Elements to Improve Outdoor Functionality for Covington Residents


It’s a wonderful new season in the Covington and surrounding area, and residents are considering hardscape elements to extend their living space to the great outdoors.

And you can be one of the leaders in the Covington area and beyond to add popular hardcapes to increase the use of your outdoor living space.

Sit back and dream about beautiful stone patios, fountains, and pathways. These are wonderful permanent hardscape elements that reduce yard maintenance.

This seasonal weather beckons homeowners in the Covington area and beyond to beautify outdoor living spaces with hardscape elements. For hardscape design services call on our expertise to create functional and aesthetically pleasing hardscapes. 425-358-2779

Beautify Your Outdoor Surroundings with Hardscape Design Elements in Covington

New Backyard Water Fall

Hardscape design elements provide remarkable enhancements that every family member in the Covington and surrounding area can actually agree upon!

Hardscapes can be as simple as a patio that extends your home to include fabulous outdoor living spaces?

Gather up your inspiration and allow your creativity to flow because it will eventually turn to hardscapes! Join us to learn how you can beautify your yard with hardscape design elements such as:

  • Installing a flagstone patio for sipping beverages with neighbors
  • Adding hardscapes such as fire pits, fireplaces and barbecues
  • Building pergolas and other hardscape design shade structures

Come in to review our extensive list of hardscape design ideas that will turn your dream into reality, and become the envy of neighbors in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Hardscapes Will Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Covington Home


You may be swallowing hard as the subject of hardscapes comes up, but when you learn how they add value and curb appeal to your home in the Covington and surrounding area, it’s worth considering.

Now add to that the words “little or reduced yard maintenance” with hardscapes, it’s intriguing!

Picture extending your home with the addition of hardscapes that provide a seamless flow to outdoor living spaces including a stone fireplace, stunning patio, a fire pit and barbecue, the tranquil sound of a water fountain and lovely garden pathways? It’s a done deal!

Call us today! 425-358-2779

Why Call Us for Tree Trimming in the Covington and Surrounding Area?


Many do-it-yourselfers think of tree trimming as a simple task. Our advice: it’s not wise to go there!

Knowledge of tree trimming is vital, and should be done by a tree care professional serving the Covington and surrounding area for these reasons:

  • Avoidance of electrical wires
  • Prevention of falls during tree trimming
  • Proper identification of branches with decay and cracks
  • Excessive weight of limb sections requiring control during tree trimming

Make it easy and safe. Call our professional tree trimming service for conducting tree trimming or tree pruning in the Covington area and beyond to prevent injuries. 425-358-2779

Why is Tree Pruning Important for Residents and Businesses in Covington?


Tree pruning is more than sawing off dead limbs and calling it proper tree care!

Tree pruning is actually essential in extending the healthy life of your trees. And for that reason, proper tree pruning should be part of a tree care maintenance program in the Covington and surrounding area.

The following provides a few reasons for tree pruning and tree trimming:

  • Managed tree health
  • Tree pruning stimulates new growth
  • Tree pruning and tree trimming control tree size and shape
  • Tree pruning encourages good branch structure

For safe tree pruning and tree care in the Covington and surrounding area that promotes healthy growth, call us rather than tackle the job yourself. 425-358-2779

Tree Care and Maintenance Services for Covington


You can boast a little bit to your friends and neighbors in the Covington and surrounding area when you leave your tree care and maintenance to professionals!

Since healthy growth creates a pleasing appearance, it only makes good common sense to call on a tree care maintenance service to care for your yard’s biggest and best asset.

Not only will we provide tree trimming and tree pruning, your trees will receive proper tree fertilization services needed to replace nutrients, thereby improving resistance to diseases, insects and difficult weather conditions.

Call on us to take on your difficult tree care work. 425-358-2779

Hydroseeding Achieves Gorgeous Lawns for Covington Homes and Businesses


Words like “effective”, “easy to apply”, and “affordable” are music to the ears of residents and business owners in the Covington area when discussing hydroseeding rather than hand seeding.

Hydroseeding or grass hydroseeding are ways to describe hydraulic mulch, a popular option available for planting lawns in the Covington and surrounding area.

Whether you are a residential or business owner, or a landscaper, you can plant large lawns in almost no time with hydroseeding or grass hydroseeding.

Get on the hydroseeding bandwagon to take advantage of its many benefits including the achievement of a gorgeous lawn in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Advantages of Lawn Hydroseeding for Residents and Businesses in Covington


Winter has passed and your lawn has turned its back on you! What was once a beautiful outstanding green lawn is now crying out for quick repair with lawn hydroseeding!

You do not have to revert to old fashioned hand seeding methods with messy straw mulch because hydroseeding or lawn hydroseeding is fast and effective for Covington residents and businesses.

Consider these advantages:

  • Quick seed germination with lawn hydroseeding
  • Fast development of a healthy root system with lawn hydroseeding
  • Grass hydroseeding is less costly than sod
  • Lawn hydroseeding retains moisture and controls erosion

Run to your telephone and consult with our experts in lawn hydroseeding or grass hydroseeding serving the Covington and surrounding area. 425-358-2779

Grass Hydroseeding is Effective for What Types of Landscaping in Covington?


Have you ever tried to hand plant grass seed on slopes or uneven land surfaces?

When applying grass hydroseeding, your landscaping is essentially sprayed with a mixture from a tank using a hose. So spraying allows you to plant a lawn on most any kind of land surface.

So grass hydroseeding or lawn hydroseeding controls erosion, the lawn growth is rapid because of the degrading mulch, and seed germination is rapid.

This is all good news for homeowners and businesses in the Covington area that need to plant a new lawn in a hurry, expecting lush and dark green results! Call us for more information at 425-358-2779.

A Beautiful Retaining Wall Solves a Variety of Problems for Covington Residents


When the rainy season arrives in the Covington and surrounding area, erosion can be an issue. The answer: a retaining wall that is functional as well as beautiful!

Depending on the severity of soil erosion, a retaining wall that prevents soil from sliding any further may be all that you need. More extensive grades may require a system of terraces rather than a single retaining wall.

Remember that your retaining wall can become a lovely sitting wall, or a unique planting opportunity that can be complemented with a rock garden.

Retaining walls are our business, and we have experts who can build a cost-effective and dramatic retaining wall that will be the envy of neighbors in the Covington and surrounding area! 425-358-2779

A Rock Garden Can Add Beauty to Your Covington Landscape


Add dramatic effects to your landscape in the Covington and surrounding area with a rock garden that can actually be year-round with careful selection of foliage, evergreens and fabulous large boulders.

You don’t need a natural rocky site in your yard to create a spectacular low-maintenance rock garden that is vibrant all year. And the good news is that a rock garden doesn’t require mowing!

If you have no idea where to begin, visit with our experts in rock garden design to add dimension and definition to your landscaping in the Covington area and beyond. 425-358-2779

Retaining Walls with Versatile Material Options for Covington Residents and Businesses


A natural look with retaining walls in concert with the landscape in the Covington area and beyond is our forte.

Having said that, the purpose of retaining walls in selecting materials is vital in avoiding bulging, cracking or leaning of your retaining wall.

We can help you understand the basics of construction of retaining walls, and in making a selection from our wide variety of materials suited to the Covington and surrounding area.

Call us for guidance in the installation of a retaining wall, including a natural stone rock garden or timber, boulder or interlocking block retaining walls. 425-358-2779