Retaining-Wall-Lakeland-Hills-WA.If you are a resident of Lakeland Hills, WA and require retaining wall installation professionals, this is the place to be! Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. renders phenomenal services of installing retaining wall in Lakeland Hills properties.

Retaining wall is built in those Lakeland Hills properties which have slopes and need to prevent soil from getting eroded. With retaining wall in your Lakeland Hills house, you can build a great support for changes in vertical grade.

Not only can do avoid soil erosion, but they can also increase the beauty of your house by making your entry look inviting. You can have it as a pretty border defining the area of your garden.

It can:

  • Be a great sitting space outdoors
  • Increase the elegance of your pond
  • Make your property more private

A Rock Garden Can Improve Beauty of Lakeland Hills Property

Rock-Garden-Lakeland-HillsOur company can design not just privacy and sitting walls but also a rock garden in Lakeland Hills area. A rock garden in your property in the Lakeland Hills area can look very stunning.

Moreover, it provides the same function of retaining walls like controlling soil erosion in area with slope. The additional function of rock garden in Lakeland Hills area is that is can help in improving barren land in your landscape.

Hence a rock garden in your property in Lakeland Hills can:

  • Make soil fertile
  • Provide them proper sunlight
  • Improve the elegance of your landscape

Choose us and we will make sure there is a sea change in the visual appeal of your landscape. Our design is sure to reflect your taste and preference to your guests.

The maintenance of this rock garden is very low!

Premium Quality Material to manufacture Retaining Walls for Lakeland Hills

Retaining-Walls-Lakeland-Hills.Our experts of building retaining walls in Lakeland Hills are very experienced and are sure to provide you with amazing services that will exceed all your expectations.

The creativity of our retaining walls experts who serve Lakeland Hills is sure to make your landscape look very distinct.

The specialty of our staff lies in retaining walls built from:

  • Natural stone
  • Boulders
  • Timber
  • Interlocking blocks

Choose our staff serving Lakeland Hills residents for durable and efficient service. Their commitment and diligence are simply unparalleled and are sure to impress you!

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. renders retaining wall and rock garden installation services of top quality to Lakeland Hills residents. Call 425-42-5277 to talk to our expert of retaining walls.

 New-Landscape-Newcastle-WAIf you have been on the lookout for experts of designing and installing new landscape in Newcastle, WA, you have reached the right place!

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been offering their exceptional services of new landscape design and installation to Newcastle customers since the year 1995.

When you choose us for new landscape installation in your Newcastle property, you choose a service that provides its customers:

  • Creative designs
  • Premium quality material
  • Impeccable service of installation

With our service of new landscape installation in the Newcastle region, you can be assured that your commercial or residential property is going to look stunning!

Our staff will provide you a service that will have no hassles at all! For the most swift and efficient services, choose us!

Landscape Construction from Grading to Flower Beds in Newcastle Properties

 Landscape-Construction-NewcastleOur process of landscape construction in the Newcastle region starts with proper analysis of the site. It is the followed by assessment of needs for landscape construction in your Newcastle property.

Our experts of landscape construction in Newcastle then explore the design possibilities in your property. After proper input from our clients, our staff of landscape construction then finalizes the design for your Newcastle property.

Once everything is final, our staff shows great quality of workmanship to finish the project in your property. We also offer our customers with weekly maintenance in order to make sure your landscape stays healthy throughout the year.

Choose us since our service is:

  • Cost effective
  • Helpful in increasing the value of your property
  • Always completes work before deadline

We guarantee you will have peace of mind if you employ us since all our staff members our experienced and seasoned professionals.

Phenomenal Landscape Installation Services in Newcastle

Landscape-Installation-NewCastleIn order to make the space you always dreamt of a reality, choose our service of landscape installation in the Newcastle area.

All your requirement and expectations are sure to exceed by our hardworking staff of landscape installation in Newcastle.

The landscape installation services of our experts in the Newcastle region will provide you a space that:

  • Offers a great visual view
  • Is amazing to unwind after a hard day
  • Serves well for family get together

For an enhanced lifestyle, our service of landscape installation should be your top choice!

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides exceptional landscape construction and new landscape design services. Call 425-432-5277 to talk to our landscape installation expert.

Hydroseeding-Sammamish-WACedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers service of hydroseeding to Sammamish residents. This process is planting of slurry that is a mixture of mulch and seed through spraying all over the garden.

The process of hydroseeding in Sammamish properties is very quick and effective when you compare it with methods like sowing and broadcasting.

This process helps in improving the rate of establishing seeds as well as germination because the mixture has high content of fiber mulch.

This layer in your Sammamish properties is not only wind proof and wash resistant but also provides protection against pests. It helps in maintenance of the level of moisture of the seeds in your Sammamish garden.

Other services that we provide are:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Bulldozer service
  • Tree trimming

With our service, you are guaranteed the most magnificent turfs for your business or home property.

Quick Outcomes with Lawn Hydroseeding in Sammamish

Lawn-Hydroseeding-SammamishOur company is fully committed to provide our customers with products that are of premium quality and service of lawn hydroseeding in Sammamish that is nothing short of amazing.

The prices that we charge for our lawn hydroseeding service from Sammamish residents are very affordable and just.

If you choose to employ our lawn hydroseeding service in your Sammamish property you are sure to have a garden that looks stunning, is dense and has abundance greenery.

Our lawn hydroseeding service will surely improve the time taken for germination in your Sammamish garden. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced.

You can trust us to provide you top quality and well-tested mix of turf.

Depending on the needs and climate of your area, we use a specific mix of seeds. Factors taken into consideration are:

  • Soil type
  • Terrain
  • Sunlight received
  • If you have pets or children

Grass Hydroseeding works best for Large Areas of your Sammamish properties

Grass-Hydroseeding-SammamishIf you have been trying to grow grass over a large area then our grass hydroseeding service in the Sammamish area can be of help for you.

Grass hydroseeding in Sammamish takes way less time than sodding and manual seeding.

Our company owns modern tools and machines to provide you first class grass hydroseeding service in the area of Sammamish.

Our experts of grass hydroseeding are:

  • Well trained
  • Never late
  • Finish each project on time

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. renders impeccable grass hydroseeding and lawn hydroseeding service. Call 425-432-5277 to employ our expert serving Sammamish.

French-Drain-Enumclaw-WAAre you looking for a professional service to install French drain in your house in Enumclaw, WA? Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides top quality service of installing French drain in Enumclaw properties.

A French drain in Enumclaw property can ensure a proper system of drainage. If you do not have a French drain in your Enumclaw property, you could end up destroying your lawn and flower beds as water will keep standing there, making them go brown.

Not only is the problem of standing water messy but it is also harmful for your property. Hence, our company offers various solutions, besides French drain, to avoid this problem like:

  • Catch basin
  • Trench drain
  • Dry creek bed

However, this method is the most simple and practical of the lot. It is so because it directs excess water at ground level only.

Another Possible Drainage Solution- Catch Basin in Enumclaw Property

Catch-Basin-EnumclawBuilding a catch basin in Enumclaw is also a very useful solution of drainage. By installing a catch basin at a low spot in your Enumclaw property, you can make sure that no amount of water stands there.

We build the catch basin in the Enumclaw region in such a way that the water being discharged is directly collected in a safe area.

Our experts who build catch basin in the Enumclaw region are:

  • Thoroughly professional
  • Known to possess extensive knowledge
  • Never late for their appointment

Water from your downspouts, planter area and particular areas of landscape can be collected in a catch basin. Our product is available in various sizes.

Taking into account your need and requirements, we can suggest you the one best suitable for you. If you choose us, you get peace of mind, guaranteed!

Trench Drain Gets rid of Drainage Problems in Enumclaw

Trench-Drain-EnumclawThe method of constructing a trench drain can also be very effective in the Enumclaw area. A long-floor type drain that is very narrow is what we call a trench drain in Enumclaw.

Trench drain in the Enumclaw properties is not built underground and has surface grates. It is these grates that make the trench drain look pleasing to the eyes.

It can be built through:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Certain parts of the landscape

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. renders first class services of installing a French drain and catch basin. Call 425-432-5277 to employ our expert of trench drain serving Enumclaw.

Yard-Clean-Up-Black-Diamond-WACleaning up the lawn and gardens in your home and business, and preparing them to face the season changes is crucial to maintaining their beauty, health as well as safety.

Hiring a professional company for spring and fall yard clean up in Black Diamond, WA can simplify your exterior maintenance tasks, and save you a good amount of time and effort.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is fully equipped to handle your fall and spring yard clean up needs in Black Diamond efficiently and safely.

We can complete fall and spring yard clean up tasks in Black Diamond in a prompt and reliable manner, and offer a number of services that property owners may lack the skills or equipment to complete efficiently.

We offer:

  • Experienced technicians
  • Highest quality work
  • Unparalleled customer service

Prepare for the Growing Season With Spring Yard Clean Up in Black Diamond

Spring-Yard-Clean-Up-Black-DiamondOur spring yard clean up professionals in Black Diamond work to clear out debris which the harsh winter has left behind. Not only this, we also ensure your yard is in tip top condition.

We get it in pristine shape to promote the growth of lush green grass and beautiful flowers. Our spring yard clean up services offer:

  • Removal of dead leaves and debris
  • Garden and lawn preparation for spring planting
  • Removal of twigs and branches

We have the experience, training, and professionalism to offer a superior level of spring yard clean up in Black Diamond.

Home and business owners can rely on us for services which will keep them coming back for more.

Get Ready for the Winter Months  for Black Diamond Properties

Fall-Yard-Clean-Up-Black-DiamondYou know that it is crucial to prepare your yard for the winter, but you do not have the time or effort to complete lawn maintenance tasks.

With our fall yard clean up in Black Diamond, you can rest easy knowing that your landscape will be well protected throughout the winters.

Our fall yard clean up professionals in Black Diamond will quickly assess your needs and determine the best way to get the desired results.

Customers choose us for their fall yard clean up needs in Black Diamond because:

  • We keep our customers’ needs first
  • No job is too big or too small for us
  • We treat your property with respect

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277. We can complete fall yard clean up tasks in Black Diamond in much less time than property owners typically need to complete the same work.

Water-Gardens-Enumclaw-WAWater gardens and ponds in Enumclaw, WA are typically designed and installed for those interested in the calming sounds that a waterfall creates.

Waterfalls and trickling streams can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere after a long and tiring day at work. Similar to other types of landscaping, water gardens will help to improve the value of your investment.

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., the goal of our landscaping team is to create water gardens in Enumclaw that are unique to the client’s needs.

Our landscaping team will build your new dream escape by taking your ideas and turning them into extraordinary designs to produce low maintenance water gardens in Enumclaw.

Customers choose us because:

  • We love to invest time to understand what exactly our clients want
  • Our design team thoughtfully reviews the property of our clients
  • We treat our clients and their properties with utmost respect
  • Our installers ensure the water gardens blend seamlessly into its surroundings

Outdoor Fountains in Enumclaw are a Perfect Addition to any Landscape

Outdoor-Fountains-EnumclawOutdoor fountains in Enumclaw are not only beautiful to look at, they also provide a great place to relax, making them great accessories for both residential and commercial properties.

Many home and business owners install outdoor fountains in Enumclaw to create a focal point and dress up their property.

Our company has an extensive experience in installing unique outdoor fountains. No job is too big or too small for our landscaping experts.

We offer installation services for:

  • Bubbling/cascading fountains
  • Spilling outdoor fountains
  • Jet outdoor fountains

Water Features in Enumclaw to Add Serenity to Any Landscape

Water-Features-EnumclawWe can make your landscape design stand out from the crowd by incorporating water features. When installed properly, water features in Enumclaw improve the beauty as well as the sound of your landscape.

We can add different types of water features in your Enumclaw landscape, including:

  • Ponds
  • Water falls
  • Landscape streams

If you have design ideas that you would like to discuss, or need help in installing water features in Enumclaw, our professionals will assist with the design and installation of your water gardens and will address any questions or concerns you may have.

We want to give you a garden that becomes envy of the neighborhood!

Feel free to contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277 to discuss more about how we can incorporate water features in your Enumclaw landscape. We look forward to serving you.

Landscape-Renovation-Newcastle-WALandscape renovation projects in Newcastle, WA can involve replacing a single plant or making an extensive change.

Landscape renovation is a proven and effective way to make a significant impact in terms of:

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Health of the lawn
  • Value of the property

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers landscape renovation services in the Newcastle area. Working with many property managers and owners, we have successfully completed many projects involving landscape renovation in Newcastle.

The outcomes have been stunning and have helped many residential and commercial properties look fresh and new again.

Get in touch with our landscape renovation services in Newcastle if are looking to refresh or renew your landscape.

From Lawn Renovations to Complete Makeovers in Newcastle – We do it all

 Lawn-Renovations-NewcastleDoes your landscape need one or two upgrades? Do you need a complete makeover or a brand new design? We are professionals you can turn to for lawn renovations in Newcastle.

We can improve the beauty and health of your lawn with our lawn renovations in Newcastle. We will come out and assess your needs and walk you through all the options available.

Our lawn renovations in Newcastle can be done in different ways, depending upon various factors, such as:

  • Initial condition of the lawn
  • Desired outcome
  • Unique budget

Landscaping Design and Installation Services for Newcastle Property Owners

Landscaping-NewcastleOur innovation design, attention to detail and our skilled and experienced landscaping team in Newcastle ensures the highest quality results for each project – no matter how big or small it is.

We offer a variety of landscaping design and installation services to Newcastle homes and businesses.

We can involve ourselves in individual elements of your project or as most property owners and managers prefer, handle the entire process from design, to all aspects of installation and ongoing maintenance.

Our experts will work with you to factor in colors, and textures to ensure your complete satisfaction. Customers choose us for lawn renovations because:

  • Our prices are very reasonable
  • We treat your property as if it were own
  • Our customer service is unparalleled

Our company believes that lawn renovations involve more than just plants and trees – they should incorporate a sense of originality, passion and beauty.

We are your go-to landscaping specialists working to integrate all these elements into the design and installation.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277 to discuss your landscaping needs in Newcastle. Let us help you create a beautiful outdoor space. Rest assured you have come to the right place!

Irrigation-Sprinklers-Installation-Lakeland-Hills-WAIrrigation sprinklers installation is one of the best investments that Lakeland Hills, WA residents can make.

An irrigation sprinkler provides you with a beautiful and healthy landscape as well as helps you save money and time.

Trust Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. with all your irrigation sprinklers installation needs in Lakeland Hills.

We have an extensive experience in providing prompt and reliable irrigation sprinklers installation in Lakeland Hills. Each site, no matter big or small, has its own specific set of challenges, including:

  • Water source
  • Water quality
  • Utilities
  • Existing landscaping and utilities

Our irrigation sprinklers installation experts are capable of handling these challenges effectively with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

With our irrigation sprinklers installation services in Lakeland Hills, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will be green and beautiful, and your gardens will be properly and evenly watered.

Benefits of Irrigation Sprinkler to the Lakeland Hills Homeowner

Irrigation-Sprinkler-Lakeland-HillsMost homeowners use significant amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape fresh and healthy, costing them a great deal of money.

An irrigation sprinkler in Lakeland Hills is an effective watering system, putting the exact amount of water, in the exact areas, only when they need it.

An irrigation sprinkler gives homeowners the balance and consistency that hoses and moveable sprinklers cannot provide.

Your lawn plays a crucial role in the overall curb appeal of your home, so invest in an irrigation sprinkler for your Lakeland Hills home, and give your lawn what it deserves.

Benefits of irrigation sprinkler include:

  • Efficiency due to even water distribution
  • Improved water conservation
  • Ease and even application of fertilizers and pesticides 
  • Maintenance of soil moisture at an optimum level

Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services for Irrigation System in Lakeland Hills

Irrigation-System-Lakeland-HillsIf your existing irrigation system in Lakeland Hills is in need of repair or if you are looking to install a new irrigation system in your property, we are the company you should turn to.

We can install, maintain and repair your irrigation system in Lakeland Hills to ensure it keeps your landscape looking lush, green and healthy all year round.

Here are the reasons why should choose us for installation, maintenance and repair services for your irrigation system in Lakeland Hills:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable installers
  • Cost-effective and practical solutions
  • Close attention to detail
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277 to install a new irrigation system in Lakeland Hills, or repair an existing one.

Outdoor-Kitchens-Black-Diamond-WAWith your family relaxing in the yard, how would you like to be stuck indoors cooking? But then, you might feel you do not have an option as you do have to rustle up a meal for everyone.

Outdoor kitchens offer the perfect solution for the people like you in Black Diamond, WA facing this dilemma.

Custom-built outdoor kitchens in Black Diamond properties make outdoor living spaces truly an extension of the home.

These kitchens in the open redefine casual dining and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens offer Black Diamond properties owners many benefits –

  • Help them get the pleasure of fine dining without spending on restaurant meals
  • Let them enjoy the weather and their leisure time to the maximum
  • Increase the value of their property

We, at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can design and install outdoor kitchens for Black Diamond residents who want private cooking & dining areas in their backyard.

Beat the Chill in Black Diamond with an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor-Fireplace-Black-DiamondOur landscaping company also installs outdoor fireplace. The wonderful lunch parties made possible in the winters with outdoor kitchens need not get over when the sun sets!

The outdoor fireplace in Black Diamond properties that we build offers the warmth necessary to beat the winter chill.

None of your family members or guests would want to leave the party as the evening progresses after we install an outdoor fireplace in your Black Diamond property.

Our outdoor fireplace can enhance the enjoyment of your loved ones in many ways. The outdoor fireplace offers something for everyone. For instance, the:

  • Kids can roast marshmallows
  • Elders can grill kebabs
  • Youngsters can snuggle up to share their stories

Hire Experts to Expand Your Outdoor Living Spaces in Black Diamond

Outdoor-Living-SpacesYour yard and your idea of outdoor living spaces are unlike anyone else’s. You should hire professionals who understand this difference for installing your outdoor living spaces in Black Diamond.

Call us. We know how to create beautiful outdoor living spaces for you but more importantly, we know that our focus must be on bringing your vision to life.

We put up ideal outdoor living spaces in your Black Diamond property that are:

  • Designed to suit your aesthetic preferences and outdoor living needs
  • Built to last long
  • Created quickly in an efficient, professional and hassle-free manner
  • Installed as per all applicable codes

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277 for installation of outdoor living spaces in Black Diamond properties, complete with outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplace.

Landscape-Design-Newcastle-WAPlanning to get your property in Newcastle, WA landscaped? You sure must be hoping for a landscaping that shows off your property to maximum advantage and wows your neighbors & guests?

You must want a landscape that increases your pride in the property and makes you love it even more.

Well, such wonderful landscapes result only when the landscape design plans for Newcastle properties are innovative and inspired.

And, this happens when Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is hired for planning the landscape design in Newcastle properties.

With our vast experience as a landscape designer, we can be trusted for landscape design plans that ensure a well-balanced mix of different design elements, including:

  • Plantings
  • Hardscape installations
  • Garden art

Why Must Newcastle Residents Hire the Right Landscape Designer?

Landscape-Designer-NewcastleLandscaping the property demands a considerable financial commitment from you. But then, a well-thought-out landscaping investment can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.

The ingenuity with which your garden or outdoor living spaces have been designed has a major impact on the pleasure you get from daily living. It also affects the resale value of your property.

All these facts highlight the need to hire right landscape designer for your Newcastle property. Place your trust in our landscaping company.

Yards planned by our landscape designer in Newcastle properties allow the property owners to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

We are committed to helping you get full worth for every cent you spend on landscaping. When we are the landscape designer working on your Newcastle property, you get a yard that:

  • Is a delight to behold
  • Reflects your refined tastes and lifestyle
  • Makes an unmatched addition to your property

Custom Landscape Design Plans for Newcastle Properties

 Landscape-Design-Plans-NewcastlWe put all our creativity and knowledge into creating unique landscape design plans in Newcastle properties.

We believe that to create dream landscapes, a landscape designer should not only be imaginative and resourceful, but must also make sure to work closely with customers.

That is why we create custom landscape design plans for Newcastle residents only after:

  • Clearly understanding the landscaping desires of the client
  • Knowing his/her landscaping budget and expected project time-frame
  • Assessing the site carefully considering all factors like soil and climatic conditions

Working within the available space, time and money, we strive to come up with the finest possible landscape design plans for our Newcastle customers.

Give the perfect start to your landscaping project in Newcastle. Hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. as your landscape designer. Call 425-432-5277.