Yard-Clean-Up-Redmond-WAThe optimal enjoyment of a landscape comes when the yard is clean and pristine. But, that means a lot of work! With the hectic lives that home and business owners of Redmond, WA lead, finding the time and energy for cleaning up the yard is almost impossible.

Not to mention that they are also likely to lack the skills and tools the job needs.

Thankfully, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can make things easy for them. We offer specialized services for spring and fall yard clean up in Redmond homes and commercial properties.

We ensure regular, timely and flawless fall and spring yard clean up to help Redmond residents enjoy landscapes that always look:

  • Neat and tidy
  • Attractive
  • Well-maintained and cared-for

Prepare for the Growing Season in Redmond with Spring Yard Clean Up 

Spring-Yard-Clean-Up-RedmondNo matter how well the yard was cleaned up before the winters, a lot of spring yard clean up work is required in Redmond properties as the growing season draws near.

However, property owners need not worry.

They can call us in, and then simply sit back and relax as our technicians go about with the spring yard clean up in Redmond properties to revitalize the landscape, eliminating the impact made by the harsh winters.

The spring yard clean up tasks carried out by our professionals include:

  • Pruning damaged and dead branches
  • Cleaning, turning out and edging flower and plant beds
  • Tidying up hardscape surfaces
  • Collecting and hauling away debris
  • Preparing damaged lawn portions for spring seeding
  • Laying down fertilizers

Fall Yard Clean Up in Redmond Properties is a Must When Winter Approaches

 Fall-Yard-Clean-Up-RedmondDropping temperatures can cause a lot of damage to the landscaping unless proper fall yard clean up is done in the Redmond property.

This is where we come in. A quick call to us brings over our skilled technicians who prepare your lawn and landscaping for surviving through the long, cold winter ahead.

Our services for fall yard clean up in Redmond properties include:

  • Removing all debris deposited on the landscape during summers
  • Cleaning out weeds and old annuals
  • Cutting back perennials
  • Mulching flower beds and turf
  • Draining out and storing hoses
  • Installing protection wraps around trees/shrubs

Our fall yard clean up experts do everything necessary in Redmond properties to ready the landscaping fully for the approaching winters.

For top-class spring yard clean up and fall yard clean up services in Redmond, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277.

Water-Gardens-Snoqualmie-WAAn increasing number of people in Snoqualmie, WA are opting to include water gardens in the landscaping of their properties. And, it is not really difficult to understand why.

After all, who can resist the tranquil sound of running water or the stunning sight of colorful fish, water lilies and other delicate foliage.

The typical water features installed to create water gardens in Snoqualmie properties include:

  • Fountains
  • Ponds with/without selective aquatic life
  • Waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfalls

Those who wish to add the beauty of water gardens to their Snoqualmie homes or commercial properties should get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Our landscaping company is staffed by extremely imaginative landscapers who can design and install striking water gardens for Snoqualmie residents.

Our water gardens with stylish, strategically located water features can enrich and enliven any big or small property.

Outdoor Fountains Options Snoqualmie Residents Can Choose From   

 Outdoor-Fountains-SnoqualmieNothing can rival the charm of outdoor fountains. For all those who like being in the outdoors and love the bubbly sound of water, outdoor fountains in their Snoqualmie property are a must-have.

We offer a number of options in outdoor fountains so that these water features can be easily incorporated in any landscape, whatever the size or layout of the property.

We install many different types of outdoor fountains in Snoqualmie properties and these include:

  • Bubbling urns
  • Jet fountains
  • Spilling fountains
  • Spitters

Moreover, we can install outdoor fountains made from different materials. We strive to provide perfect outdoor fountains in Snoqualmie that complement the property and are in harmony with the landscaping theme.

Add Soothing Water Features to Your Yard in Snoqualmie

Water-Features-SnoqualmieCreatively-designed and impeccable installed water gardens enhance the landscape beauty and become the centerpiece of the front or back yard.

Another unmatched addition that water features make to any Snoqualmie property is that they help in fostering a quiet and soothing ambience in the outdoors.

The installation of landscape water features in Snoqualmie properties transform the yards into the private sanctuaries they should ideally be.

Creating an oasis for relaxation and recreation in the yard, the water features:

  • Shut out the noise from neighbors and traffic
  • Provide a great place for unwinding after a hectic day
  • Offer a way of reconnecting with Nature
  • Make an attractive backdrop for outdoor parties

Enhance your outdoor living spaces by getting water gardens designed and installed by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Snoqualmie residents can call us at 425-432-5277.

Landscape-Renovation-Federal-Way-WAOne of the best ways of adding beauty and value to an existing property in Federal Way, WA is by carrying out landscape renovation.

Landscaping is an investment into the property and renovating it gives the entire property a fresh, updated look without making the earlier investment go waste.

Landscape renovation in Federal Way properties can involve just making lawn renovations or making extensive changes in the landscaping.

The main reasons for going in for landscape renovation in any Federal Way property are:

  • Making the available outdoor space more functional
  • Improving the curb appeal of the property
  • Correcting the oversights made while landscaping the property earlier

As a full-service landscaping company, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. does a lot of landscape renovation work for Federal Way residents.

If you want to rejuvenate and beautify the yard of your property, call us for landscape or lawn renovations today!

Get Lawn Renovations or Total Landscaping Makeover in Federal Way 

 Lawn-Renovations-Federal-WayWe can handle landscape renovation project of any size or complexity.

Whether property owners need a complete landscaping makeover or are just interested in affecting lawn renovations in their Federal Way home or business place, we have them covered.

Luxuriant green lawns are the mainstay of a beautiful landscape and often lawn renovations in Federal Way properties are enough to breathe life into a dull and tired-looking yard.

We can carry out any lawn renovations that may be necessary to help our clients experience the pleasure that comes from having a lush, well-manicured lawn.

Our services for lawn renovations in Federal Way properties include:

  • Reinstalling the lawn
  • Replacing natural grass lawn with artificial turf
  • Fixing the dried out, diseased or bare patches on the lawn
  • Installing flower beds or pavers to edge lawns and highlight the turf area

Reliable Services for Installing Redesigned Landscaping in Federal Way

LandscapingWe measure our landscape renovation expertise by the level of satisfaction our clients express after we are done with overhauling their landscaping.

While transforming the landscaping in Federal Way properties, our focus is on creating a dream landscape of the property owner.

Our technicians take a customer-centric, quality-oriented approach to all their landscaping renovation jobs in Federal Way. They make sure to:

  • Understand the vision of clients for their redesigned landscaping
  • Give top priority to seamless workmanship all through the job
  • Use advanced tools and high-grade materials for landscape installation

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the expert to hire for landscape renovation and lawn renovations in Federal Way. Call 425-432-5277.

Yard-Clean-Up-Kirkland-WAA beautiful yard instantly enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of any residential or commercial property

  • Do you have grass taller than 3 feet?
  • Are the bushes out of control? 
  • Is your yard is constantly collecting debris?
  • Do the trees shed an enormous amount of leaves?

If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘yes,’ then you need fall and spring yard clean up services for your Kirkland, WA property.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction with spring and fall yard clean up services.

We can help you restore the yard with our fall and spring yard clean up in Kirkland.

We offer spring and fall yard clean up services for homeowners and property managers who do not have an access to time or effort to clean out their yards on a regular basis.

Spring Yard Clean Up for Kirkland Residential and Commercial Properties

Spring-Yard-Clean-Up-KirklandWhen the winter is over and spring has arrived, our spring yard clean up professionals in Kirkland “spring” into action to prepare your lawn ready for a bright, healthy and beautiful summer season.

We will perform the following tasks to ensure the highest quality spring yard clean up in Kirkland:

  • Prune away lifeless branches
  • Clean-up around beds and plants
  • Prepare damaged lawn areas for seeding
  • Remove any early weeds.
  • Add some safe and healthy fertilizer

And, if your lawn needs more, we are ready to roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

We have the right tools, equipment and supplies to make our spring yard clean up task faster and efficient.

Fall Yard Clean Up in Kirkland to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Fall-Yard-Clean-UpAlright, summer is over and fall has covered your yard with leaves. Our fall yard clean up services in Kirkland will remove any leaves, weed and debris in a prompt and reliable manner.

Our team will work to remove the unmanageable piles of leaves and ensure that your yard is neat and tidy. As winter is fast approaching, we will stay ahead of the freezing cold weather by maintaining your beautiful lawn and preparing it for winter.

Our fall yard clean up in Kirkland involves performing the following tasks:

  • Raking up and disposing of leaves
  • Cleaning out old annuals and weeds
  • Removing dead and damaged branches
  • Pulling out any pesky weeds

To learn more about our fall yard clean up services in Kirkland, do not hesitate to give Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. a call at 425-432-5277.

Landscape-Renovation-Kirkland-WAA landscape renovation is different from installation. The installation process needs to be executed from the scratch and therefore, requires a more tedious preparation.

On the other hand, landscape renovation services in Kirkland, WA work to rejuvenate the existing landscape. Landscape renovation uses the existing area and transforms it into the space you desire.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has an entire team dedicated to landscape renovation in Kirkland. It is always our goal to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of projects.

Our landscape renovation team in Kirkland takes great pride in presenting innovative ideas to improve your landscape and maximize its:

  • Appearance
  • Functionality
  • Efficiency

Remodel Your Yard with Our Lawn Renovations for Kirkland Property Owners

Lawn-Renovations-KirklandGetting a new view does not always have to be a costly affair. Often, we can work with existing elements in the lawn on your residential or commercial property.

We keep the good, remove the bad and incorporate other design elements to complete the lawn renovations in Kirkland.

With lawn renovations you can get your garden in good shape if periodic maintenance has not been able to restore its grace.

We usually recommend lawn renovations to Kirkland property owners with overgrown yards. Lawn renovations are a cost-effective alternative to re-landscaping when the original lawn to a certain extent is still there.

We perform lawn renovations in Kirkland with:

  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Attention to detail

Landscaping Design and Installation Services for Kirkland Home and Businesses

LandscapingWe are a full service, landscaping design and installation company serving the Kirkland community since 1995. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our enhancement crews are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized personnel to ensure quality landscaping in Kirkland.

We have designers and installers who will work closely with you to guarantee stunning results. Below is our typical landscaping design and installation process for Kirkland property owners:

  • We will meet you for an initial consultation
  • A dedicated consultant will listen to your needs
  • We will present you with a concept
  • Upon approval, we can determine a quote 
  • Our expert crews will now begin the work
  • Upon completion, we will make a final walkthrough 

Let’s start from step one. Schedule a consultation with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. by giving a call at 425-432-5277. Our landscaping team in Kirkland looks forward to turns your ideas into a reality. We serve both residential and commercial property owners.

Landscape-Design-Federal-Way-WAIt is amazing the difference planned landscaping can make to your home or commercial property, taking its character and appearance to the next level.

With professional landscape design plans for your Federal Way, WA garden or outdoor space, you can rest assured your landscaping will serve you for years to come.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc can help make this difference, with a wide variety of beautiful products, together with our innovative range of design services

We can provide expert landscape design plans to Federal Way residents to help them turn their visions into a reality. No matter how complex or simple the landscape design in Federal Way is, we have the expertise to accommodate your needs.

Below is the typical process we follow to create landscape design plans in Federal Way:

  • A landscape designer will discuss your property needs
  • We will help you choose plant material and the style you prefer
  • Recommendations will be made fit your short and long term goals

Experienced Landscape Designer Serving Federal Way Homes and Businesses

Landscape Designer Federal WayLet our experienced landscape designer in Federal Way create a design to address a specific landscaping need or an entire plan that incorporates all your ideas.

Going through the design phase with our landscape designer in Federal Way is a cost effective way to improve the value of your residential or commercial property – whether we install the landscape or you prefer the DIY approach.

Our landscape designer will provide creative, customized solutions to:

  • Meet your unique challenges
  • Best suit your climate
  • Adapt soil and site conditions

Our landscape designer in Federal Way will work with you to create your ideal plan. We offer advice and solutions that are designed to meet your aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs.

Thorough Landscape Design Plans for Your Federal Way Landscaping Projects

Landscape-Design-Plans-Federal-WayOur team of trained professionals can create landscape design plans in Federal Way to help you enjoy a unique and relaxing addition to your property. Customers choose us because:

  • Our response times are prompt and reliable
  • We have an extensive experience in this industry
  • Our attention to detail is unparalleled
  • We treat our clients and their properties with respect
  • Our estimates are FREE
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc has a range of landscape design plans that will help Federal Way residents create their perfect paradise. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 425-432-5277.

Artificial-Grass-Auburn-WAA luxuriant and well-manicured lawn takes the aesthetics of any property in Auburn, WA to the next level.

It also improves the quality of life of the inhabitants, along with ensuring a better market value for the property.

That is why more and more home and business owners are going in for artificial grass installation in their Auburn properties.

Artificial turf offers the appearance and performance of natural grass, but without the challenges that accompany it. Artificial grass in Auburn properties ensures well-maintained lawns that do not need to be:

  • Mowed
  • Watered
  • Fertilized
  • Weeded

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we offer artificial grass installation to give Auburn properties great-looking turf areas.

With Artificial Turf Auburn Properties Get Forever Green Lawns

Artificial-Turf-AuburnMaintaining a lush lawn all year long can be extremely tough.

Even with the best of lawn care, heavy traffic and changing climates do take a toll on the turf leaving it with bare or brown patches here and there.

Having us install artificial turf in Auburn homes or business places is the best way property owners can enjoy healthy green lawns throughout the year.

The artificial grass that we install is made using advanced technologies. Its soft, fine-blade fiber has precise green color and spring-back quality that makes the synthetic grass look and feel like the real thing.

Our artificial turf allows Auburn properties to flaunt green lawns forever, even:

  • With extensive usage
  • During extreme weather conditions
  • Without much maintenance

If you wish to experience the pleasure of a consistently beautiful lawn, get our artificial turf installed in your property today!

Skilled Synthetic Grass Installers Serving the Auburn Area

Synthetic-Grass-AuburnPrecision in artificial grass installation is crucial to create an impressive lawn. Moreover, cutting of the artificial turf has to be done accurately to avoid waste.

We realize this and make sure to supplement the superior-quality synthetic grass offered to Auburn residents with equally fine turf installation services.

We put highly skilled technicians on the job of installing synthetic grass in Auburn properties. Our experts make sure that the:

  • Rolls of synthetic grass are aligned correctly
  • Borders of artificial turf are cut precisely as per the shape of garden
  • Edges are consistent
  • Seams are glued strongly and hidden carefully

You can sit back and relax as our experienced synthetic grass installers enrich your Auburn property with a beautiful, realistic and durable turf area.

Ensure constant lush green turf in your Auburn property. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-432-5277 for artificial grass installation.

New-Landscape-Auburn-WANew landscape installation and design for your Auburn, WA property involves more than determining the number of plants to buy or the color of flowers to use.

Although these things are a part of the design process, a professional design must consider other crucial factors too.

By choosing Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to create your new landscape in Auburn, you will be receiving the highest quality services from professional designers and installers in this field.

With an extensive design experience and knowledge in new landscape installation, you will be impressed with the stunning results.

Below is our typical process to design and install new landscape in Auburn:

  • An initial consultation will be scheduled to review your unique requirements
  • A design presentation will review the plants and materials selection for the project
  • Your project manager will then be in touch with you decide the project start date
  • Upon completion of your project, we will schedule a final walk through

Complete Landscape Construction Services for Auburn Property Owners

Landscape-Construction-AuburnAre you looking for a landscape construction company serving the Auburn area? You have landed just the right place. We take great pride in the equipment we use to get the landscape construction job done right, the first time.

We firmly believe in assuring your complete satisfaction with our landscape construction in Auburn and delivering an unparalleled level of performance, reliability and customer service.

Your entire landscape construction experience in Auburn will be as smooth and seamless as possible. Customers choose our landscape construction services in Auburn because we offer:

  • Fully integrated turn-key service from concept to completion
  • Detailed estimates based on a thorough assessment of your site
  • Complete project management – no matter the shape, size and budget

Landscape Installation in Auburn – Create an Outdoor Space you Envision

Landscape-Installation-AuburnOur landscape installation expertise ensures our customers receive both beauty and value. Whether it is a new landscape, a complete redesign of an existing one, we will help create the perfect outdoor living space for you to enjoy for years to come.

Our landscape installation in Auburn will help you:

  • Significantly increase the value of your property
  • Enjoy and entertain in the great outdoors
  • Create a peaceful and pleasant place to live
  • Reflect your unique lifestyle

Our landscape installation team in Auburn will work with you to design the plan that best meets your needs and turns your dream yard into a reality. Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today at 425-432-5277.