Landscape-Design-Enumclaw-WAA well-designed, flourishing landscape is a priceless addition to any property. It enhances the beauty and value of the property, even as it improves the quality of life for people living or working there.

Landscape installation is generally an extensive project and once installed, landscapes are expected to last long and give years of enjoyment.

What this means is that the people of Enumclaw, WA must ensure that landscaping of their properties is done around well-thought-out landscape design plans. Landscape designing is a highly customized job.

It calls for the skills of a professional landscape designer who understands that factors that influence landscape design in Enumclaw properties.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is one such competent landscape designer you can hire. We realize that every property needs and deserves a unique landscaping design. So, we make sure our landscapers draw up landscape design plans for Enumclaw properties with an eye on all important aspects, including:

  • Landscaping visions and budget of customer
  • Yard size
  • Soil type, water availability and sun/shade orientation on the site

Get an Experienced Landscape Designer to Work for You in Enumclaw

Landscape-Designer-Enumclaw-WAHiring an experienced landscape designer is important for Enumclaw property owners who want to make the most of their landscaping investment. We appreciate the time, money and effort that go into landscaping a property.

To make sure that everything is put to good use, we focus on creating innovative, yet practical landscape design plans around which all the landscape installations are done later on.

The primary objective of our seasoned landscape designer in Enumclaw is to give the property a landscape that is:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Functional
  • Sustainable

Our experienced landscape designer works hard to give your Enumclaw property a yard that always looks great and stays healthy.

Perfect Landscape Design Plans for Enumclaw Properties

Landscape-Design-Plans-Enumclaw-WACarefully drawn landscape design plans in Enumclaw properties lay the foundation for successful landscaping projects. While it is not wrong to have ambitious ideas for the landscaping of your property, you must have practical design plans in place before any attempt is made to bring your dream landscape to life.

This is where our knowledge, expertise and experience come in handy. We use all these to create the perfect landscape design plans for your Enumclaw property. Our design plans lead to a landscape that:

  • Fulfills your aspirations
  • Reflects your aesthetic sensibilities
  • Suits your lifestyle
  • Becomes an extension of your property

Enumclaw residents should dial 425-358-2779 to talk to the expert landscape designer at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Landscape-Design-Black-Diamond-WACreating an aesthetically appealing lawn is an important part of reflecting your uniqueness and individuality in the neighborhood.  With professional landscape design in Black Diamond, WA, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc transforms landscapes into distinctive places that reflect personal style and needs of our clients.

We have years of experiencing in creating beautiful and environmentally sustainable landscapes for residential and commercial clients.

Our design process begins with thoroughly listening to your needs and carefully crafting landscape design plans unique to your Black Diamond property.

We also offer our landscape design plans for Black Diamond properties that need renovation and restoration. These services help to:

  • Enhance an outdated landscape
  • Address overgrown plants
  • Create new garden beds

No matter what your needs or desires, our landscape designer will work with you to create beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy.

Professional Landscape Designer in Black Diamond 

Landscape-Designer-Black-Diamond-WAAre you ready to discover the potential in your landscape? Then you are ready to meet with our landscape designer in Black Diamond. We have a highly skilled and experienced landscape designer ready to help you create a unique, relaxing and enjoyable addition to your property.

Let our designer draw landscape design plans that address a specific landscape requirement or integrate all your landscape ideas.

Our landscape designer in Black Diamond will schedule a time to meet with you at your convenience. Our designer will ask you few questions to better understand your needs, goals, and the scope of what you want to achieve.

Our landscape designer in Black Diamond will also provide you with a free estimate. Our landscape designer is known for:

  • Quick response
  • Professionalism
  • Thorough analysis
  • Honest recommendations

Customized Landscape Design Plans for Black Diamond Properties      

  • Landscape-Design-Plans-Black-Diamond-WAHave exciting ideas for your yard?
  • Looking to renovate your landscape?
  • Need help choosing the perfect plants for a garden?

A consultation is right for this type of situation. Our professional designers provide a full range of landscaping services from making plant suggestions to creating customized landscape design plans for Black Diamond property owners.

We craft unique landscape design plans in Black Diamond that not only satisfy your personal needs but also are best suited for your specific environment. Let us create outdoor spaces where you can enjoy all year round.

To schedule a consultation with our landscape designer in Black Diamond, please contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Give us a call on 425-358-2779.

Irrigation-Sprinklers-Installation-Black-Diamond-WALandscape installation calls for investment of considerable time, money and effort. It all comes to naught if adequate arrangements are not made to keep the landscape hydrated.

Therefore, no landscape installation project in Black Diamond, WA can be deemed complete until an irrigation system too is installed.

Automated irrigation sprinkler systems are a wonderful alternative to the tedious and time-consuming task of hand-watering a landscape.

Irrigation sprinklers installation in Black Diamond properties allow property owners to have their yard watered effortlessly. Having the irrigation system in place frees them from lugging heavy hosepipes around.

With irrigation sprinklers installation, Black Diamond residents can also be sure that:

  • Water does not go waste at all
  • The lawn and plantings get uniform, timely and regular watering
  • They comply with municipal watering restrictions without endangering the foliage

We at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offer our expert services for irrigation sprinklers installation in Black Diamond properties.

Hire Us to Install Irrigation Sprinkler Systems in Black Diamond Homes

Irrigation-Sprinkler-Black-Diamond-WAThe services of our company are available for installing new irrigation sprinkler systems as well as for expanding the already installed ones. Either way, we put only trained and experienced technicians on the job for installing irrigation sprinkler in Black Diamond homes.

The thing that sets us apart from the other companies offering irrigation sprinkler system installation in the area is that our professionals combine their exceptional technical skills with a service-oriented approach.

Those who call us to install the irrigation sprinkler system in their Black Diamond homes can rest assured that our technicians will:

  • Assist them in picking up good quality products
  • Ensure flawless irrigation sprinklers installation
  • Guide them in making proper use of their irrigation system

Call Us for Irrigation System Maintenance or Repair in Black Diamond

Irrigation-System-Black-Diamond-WABesides installation of automatic irrigation sprinklers, we also excel at their maintenance and repair.  Sometimes, the irrigation system in Black Diamond properties can start malfunctioning, as a result of which the lawn or landscape may:

  • Stop getting watered
  • Get over-watered
  • Receive insufficient water

All these situations spell doom for the vegetation. Our professional services for irrigation system maintenance and repair helps Black Diamond residents keep their sprinklers working at peak efficiency.

Our technicians are well-versed with the working of irrigation systems and can fix any simple or complex sprinkler problem quickly and effectively.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 to know more about the services it offers for irrigation sprinklers installation, maintenance and repair in Black Diamond.

Irrigation-Sprinklers-Installation-Enumclaw-WAOne of the wisest investments that Enumclaw, WA property owners can make is irrigation sprinklers installation. An irrigation system comes with a range of benefits.

It not only promotes a beautiful, healthy landscape, it also saves you time and money. Some reasons to consider irrigation sprinklers installation:

  • Your system will do all the watering
  • An automatic system utilizes less water
  • Enjoy lower water bills

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers professional irrigation sprinklers installation in Enumclaw. We have many years of experience in providing fast, efficient irrigation sprinklers installation in the Enumclaw area.

No matter how large or complex the site, we can install an irrigation sprinkler to a superior workmanship. After our irrigation sprinklers installation in Enumclaw is complete, property owners can enjoy a lush, beautiful garden without having to worry about its watering needs.

Why Install an Irrigation Sprinkler in Your Enumclaw Property

Irrigation-Sprinkler-Enumclaw-WAMost property owners use good amounts of water to keep their landscape healthy and fresh, which in turn costs them plenty of money on water bills. An irrigation sprinkler in Enumclaw is a landscaping watering system that puts the required amount of water in the required areas, when required.

An irrigation sprinkler in Enumclaw provides the kind of consistency that hoses cannot.

Your landscaping plays an important role in improving the aesthetic value of your property, so invest in an irrigation sprinkler in Enumclaw, and give your lawn an even and proper watering. An irrigation sprinkler helps to:

  • Promote plant, lawn & flower growth
  • Save plenty of time and money
  • Increase the property value
  • Enjoy a peace of mind

Irrigation System Installation & Repair Services in Enumclaw

Irrigation-System-Enumclaw-WAIs your current irrigation system in Enumclaw needs a repair? Are you looking to install a new irrigation system in your property? If yes, you have come to the right place. We offer a full range of services for irrigation system in Enumclaw, from installation, repair to maintenance.

The goal of our irrigation system services is to keep your Enumclaw landscape looking beautiful and healthy all year round. Below are some reasons why you should hire us to install or repair your irrigation system:

  • Experienced installers
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Complete satisfaction

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. on 425-358-2779 to find out more about our irrigation system services in Enumclaw. We look forward to speaking with you.

Hydroseeding-North-Bend-WAEvery property owner in North Bend, WA would love to have a dense and lush green lawn in his/her home or business property. But, growing a robust lawn can be a back-breaking task.

Introduction of lawn hydroseeding has made the job much easier for North Bend residents. The process of lawn or grass hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry of seed and mulch in the lawn area. It has proven to be much quicker and more effective than the conventional methods of manual sodding or broadcast sowing.

The outstanding results from grass hydroseeding in North Bend properties come largely due to the bright green fiber mulch included in the mixture. The mulch:

  • Maintains the moisture level in seedlings
  • Is wash-resistant and wind-proof
  • Can resist pests

This keeps the grass seed protected and ensures that lawn hydroseeding application in any North Bend property leads to a high rate of seed germination.  

Grow Attractive Turf Areas in North Bend with Lawn Hydroseeding  

Lawn-Hydroseeding-North-BendHere at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. we offer lawn hydroseeding services for North Bend property owners who are eager to grow a thick, attractive turf.

Quick and assured results are the key features of lawn hydroseeding, but only when the work is done with the right hydroseed mix and at the right time of the year. Proper watering is also important for successful germination of grass seeds.

We provide top quality services for lawn hydroseeding in North Bend. To make sure that our services lead to the growth of healthy turfs, we perform lawn hydroseeding with a special blend of seed that is chosen after considering certain landscaping conditions at the jobsite, such as:

  • Terrain
  • Soil type
  • Sun/shade availability
  • Presence of kids and pets

Hire Us for Grass Hydroseeding in North Bend

Grass-Hydroseeding-North-Bend-WAGrowing grass on large tracts of lands is a lot more challenging than installing a lawn. We bring a lot of ease into this taxing task with our expert services for grass hydroseeding in North Bend.  Working with a commitment to quality workmanship, we:

  • Put knowledgeable and trained technicians on the grass hydroseeding job
  • Use tested and certified hydroseed mixture
  • Get the job done thoroughly, covering the entire area where grass is needed

Whether your yard is a flat expanse of land or full of slopes, our grass hydroseeding application on your North Bend property is sure to cover it with luxuriant grass.

North Bend residents who want to know more about lawn or grass hydroseeding can contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

Hardscape-Enumclaw-WAHardscapes are the backbone of any landscape. The hardscape features are lifeless structures, but still, they bring the landscape to life. Hardscape elements in any Enumclaw, WA property:

  • Add continuity between the building and its outdoors
  • Define spaces through the landscape
  • Lay down the parameters for plantings and other softscape details

As a full-service landscaping company, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers hardscape design and installation services for Enumclaw residents. There are a number of hardscapes that can be incorporated into the landscape.

We install custom-designed hardscape in Enumclaw properties, guided by the size of the yard as well as the requirements of our customer.

From arbors to patios to decks to fire pits to pathways to sitting walls to retaining walls and more, we can construct any hardscapes that our customers ask us to.

Hire Our Hardscape Design Services in Enumclaw  

Hardscape-Design-Enumclaw-WAThe right hardscape design in any Enumclaw property can take its landscaping to another level; especially, when innovative designing is followed up with impeccable installations. That is why we are some of the best people to hire for design and installation of hardscapes in this community.

Our jobs for hardscape design in Enumclaw properties are handled by technicians having:

  • Boundless creativity
  • Exceptional skills
  • Extensive experience
  • Great passion for their work

Meanwhile, we make sure that the installations are done by equally capable and seasoned professionals.

We Install Hardscapes to Create Stunning Yards in Enumclaw

Hardscapes-Enumclaw-WAThe beauty of a landscape is generally associated with lush lawns, swaying trees, flourishing plants and blooming flowers. However, the role of hardscapes in creating stunning yards simply cannot be ignored.

Strategic placement of expertly constructed hardscapes in Enumclaw homes or commercial properties helps:

  • Give clarity and character to the landscape
  • Emphasize its key features
  • Increase the functionality of the back/front yard

At our company, we understand the importance of hardscapes in enhancing the beauty and efficiency of outdoor living areas. We put all our imagination and expertise into installing eye-catching, yet practical hardscapes in Enumclaw properties of our customers.

Our hardscape design experts work closely with the customers to know how they want to use their yards. With the insight thus gained, we plan and install the perfect hardscapes to help our Enumclaw customers have attractive yards that they can enjoy to the full.

Dial 425-358-2779 to know more about the hardscape design and installation services offered by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for the residents of Enumclaw.

Hardscape-Black-Diamond-WAA typical hardscape service involves the design, construction and installation of "hard" features such as:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fireplaces

These hardscape features form the heart of your outdoor living areas, and their design and function are as important as the interior layout. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc is experienced in providing hardscape design and installation to Black Diamond, WA residential and commercial clients.

Prior to installing hardscape in Black Diamond, we will create plans for your property with our professional designers.  Our hardscape designers can help our clients determine where and how to plan for their hardscapes.

We have the knowledge and equipment to seamlessly integrate hardscapes into landscape designs. We always design and build our hardscapes to face the harsh weather conditions in Black Diamond.

Custom Hardscape Design Unique to Black Diamond Property

Hardscape-Design-Black-Diamond-WALooking to create or enhance your outdoor spaces? A hardscape design is the best way to begin with. When planning a hardscape design in Black Diamond, it is important to focus on meeting your goals with the available space. You do not just want your hardscapes to look amazing, you also want them to be functional.

Hardscape design is our specialty.  By combining innovate hardscape design ideas with long-lasting stone and materials; we wow our customers every time they set foot outside their property.  We offer:

  • High workmanship standards
  • On-time, within budget completion
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Why Choose us for Hardscapes in Black Diamond?

Hardscapes-Black-Diamond-WAWe work closely with our clients to understand their dream hardscapes. We offer a wide range of choices to ensure each client is pleased with the finished hardscape project in Black Diamond. When it comes to hardscapes in Black Diamond, we offer a full suite of services, including:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Upkeep

We strive to make our hardscapes in Black Diamond look as natural and picturesque as possible. We have provided residential and commercial customers with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail with all of our hardscapes in the Black Diamond area.

You won’t regret hiring us for designing and installing hardscapes in your home or business. We have the resources, manpower and equipment to handle any size hardscapes from start to finish.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779 to find out how we can transform your property with our hardscapes in Black Diamond. If you can dream it, we can build it!

French-Drain-Auburn-WAIf you are researching French drain, you are very likely experiencing some drainage issues and looking to find out more about what kinds of problems a French drain can solve in your Auburn, WA property.

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench that has a perforated pipe which directs surface or ground water away from specific areas. A French drain in Auburn can help solve drainage problems from:

  • Home foundations
  • Basements
  • Lawns
  • Retaining walls
  • Hardscapes

Need to install a French drain on your Auburn property? Cedar County Landscaping, Inc has a team of experienced technicians providing French drain installation in the Auburn area.

Importance of a Proper Catch Basin Installation in Auburn

Catch-Basin-Auburn-WAA catch basin serves as a collection reservoir for rainwater and channels excess water to the sewer system. When installed strategically, a catch basic helps to eliminate debris, foul odors and drainage issues after a rainstorm.

Without a proper catch basin installation, Auburn homes and businesses can experience severe and costly water damage. This damage can affect building’s foundation, surrounding landscape and hardscape.

We have the team and the equipment to ensure the highest quality catch basin installation in Auburn. Some benefits of professional catch basin installation include:

  • Your basement will remain dry
  • Water from rains will not get into your home
  • Water pressure in your foundation will be relieved

Do not let improper drainage can costly water damage to your residential or commercial property. No matter the size of the project, we can install catch basin in Auburn to a superior workmanship.

Trench Drain For Your Auburn Home or Business

Trench-Drain-Auburn-WAA trench drain is a floor drain with a channel-shaped body. A trench drain in Auburn is used for the quick evacuation of surface water. A trench drain will

  • Effectively capture surface water
  • Level with the surrounding surface
  • Have an unobtrusive appearance

Need reliable trench drain installation in Auburn? We have the skills and knowledge to professionally install a trench drain in your Auburn home or business. Our drainage specialists will go out of their way to ensure a high quality job and complete customer satisfaction.

We show up on time, handle the trench drain project quickly and efficiently, and providing you with the most competitive prices possible.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779 to know more about our trench drain installation services in the Auburn area.

Stamped concrete is a concrete which is “stamped” with a specific design or pattern in order to give it a textured appearance.  Stamped concrete is most often stamped to resemble materials, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Tile Stamped-Concrete-North-Bend-WA
  • Wood
  • Marble

Stamped concrete is a more cost effective option over materials that concrete is stamped to resemble. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc can help you improve the appearance and value of your property with stamped concrete in North Bend, WA.

Whether you want stamped concrete for your North Bend driveway, pool deck or backyard patio, trust our professionals to get the job done right, the first time.

Why Add Flagstone to Your North Bend Property?

Flagstone-North-Bend-WAFlagstone is sedimentary sandstone that is available in different colors depending on the material that binds it. Flagstone is a durable, affordable choice for North Bend walkways, patios and areas with heavy foot traffic. When installed properly, flagstone in North Bend can last for many years to come.

We love flagstone because it has various colors, textures, and edges, making flagstone an interesting visual element to any outdoor feature. Other features of flagstone include:

  • Highly versatile
  • Unique and timeless look
  • Blends perfectly with natural rock walls
  • Ideal for construction where a "natural look" is desired

If you are looking to incorporate flagstone in your North Bend property, make sure that you have the right flagstone for the project, as the qualities can differ. You need a professional help to choose the right flagstone for the job, and we are here to do just that.

We work with our clients in North Bend to help them choose and install the right flagstone that will last for years to come.

Why Choose us for Brick Pavers in North Bend?

 Brick-Pavers-North-Bend-WAWe specialize in installing brick pavers in North Bend. We have installed many brick pavers in the North Bend area, and have the experience in working with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Homeowners
  • General contractors
  • Commercial property owners

We meet with our clients to assess the job site and take into consideration all the factors that impact the project and what it will cost to install brick pavers in North Bend.

When you choose us for brick pavers in North Bend, you can rest assured the work will be completed to a superior workmanship.

If you want to transform your property with flagstone and brick pavers in North Bend, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.


Before beginning landscape installation on any property in North Bend, WA, it is necessary to cleanup and prepare the site. Generally, site preparation calls for land clearing and ground leveling. At times, some amount of demolition work may also be required. All this can be done through bulldozing.

The bulldozer work done on your North Bend property can impact the outcome of your upcoming landscape construction project. Therefore, you should make sure to choose the right bulldozing experts for the site preparation and land clearing job.

Let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. do your bulldozer work in North Bend. Our full-service landscaping company is fully equipped to perform bulldozer work and can be trusted to complete it:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently
  • Safely

Our bulldozer work on your North bend property will leave the yard perfectly leveled, cleared of any rubble or obstruction that may hamper your landscape installation project.

Need Land Clearing and Ground Leveling Services in North Bend?  

Land-Clearing-North-Bend-WAGround leveling and land clearing are not simple tasks that North Bend property owners can manage on their own. Getting rid of unwanted trees, foliage, overgrown grass and boulders can be tiring and time-consuming.

Moreover, all this is impossible to do manually and involves bulldozer work. And, operating bulldozers can be tricky.

Why tire yourself out or take chances with DIY bulldozer work when we are here to meet all your needs for land clearing in North Bend?  Just place a quick call to us; we will promptly send over trained, experienced and diligent technicians who make sure that your land clearing job is done:

  • Thoroughly
  • In a safe and responsible way
  • With minimal soil disturbance
  • Without damaging your yard

Our experts also remove all debris before leaving.

Ensure Proper Site Preparation for Landscaping Your North Bend Property

Site-Preparation-North-Bend-WAGot the perfect landscape design to create the enchanting yard that you had dreamed of? Before rushing into meetings with landscape installers or shopping for landscaping materials, you must focus on proper site preparation so that your North Bend property gets accurate and sustainable landscaping.

Call us for site preparation in North Bend.  The technicians we put on your job:

  • Have years of experience in handling site preparation jobs
  • Know how to grade a site to ensure proper drainage and planting conditions
  • Are expert at operating the cutting-edge machines that we have invested in

Looking for bulldozer work experts for land clearing and site preparation services in the North Bend area? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.