Lawn-Aeration-Federal-Way-WAIf you have a lawn in your property, you will definitely want to spend time in it. But environmental changes and heavy traffic can cause your lawn to weaken over time.

With lawn aeration you can rejuvenate your Federal Way, WA lawn without causing more damage.

Lawn aeration involves breaking through the thatch and removing small plugs of soil and depositing them on the surface. Lawn aeration allows your Federal Way lawn to breathe and restore its health without losing any of its existing nutrients.

The lawn aeration services from Cedar County Landscaping, Inc take the burden of thickening and rejuvenating your lawn off your shoulders. You will get services from an expert technician who is trained to maximize the lawn aeration treatment.

We utilize proper techniques along with the most favorable conditions for lawn aeration in Federal Way. Let us help you:

  • Improve nutrient flow to the soil
  • Promote strong roots
  • Strengthen grass' defense against diseases

Lawn Dethatching Services in Federal Way

Lawn-Dethatching-Federal-Way-WALawn dethatching involves removal of the layer of dead turfgrass tissue known as "thatch." This thatch is not good for your grass, as it prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass root? Is your lawn spongy or bouncy underfoot? That often mean it has a thick layer of thatch.

Part of our complete lawn maintenance service for Federal Way homes and businesses include lawn dethatching. Lawn dethatching in Federal Way can help improve the health and growth of your lawn.

As experienced lawn maintenance professionals, we can help you decide if your property would benefit from lawn dethatching and help you determine the best time for lawn dethatching in Federal Way. With lawn dethatching, you can enjoy:

  • Healthy Root Growth in Your Grass
  • Improved Water Penetration
  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Making Fertilizer Work for Your Lawn

Why Choose Us for Lawn Maintenance in Federal Way?

Lawn-Maintenance-Federal-Way-WAWe offer a comprehensive lawn maintenance service to Federal Way residents. Once our arborists thoroughly assess your property, they will customize a lawn maintenance program necessary to preserve the health and beauty of your lawn. Some benefits of choosing us for lawn maintenance in Federal Way include:

  • Regular service throughout the changing seasons
  • Multiple applications customized to your lawn’s unique needs
  • Expert technicians to oversee your lawn maintenance program

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779 to find out more about our lawn maintenance services in the Federal Way area.

Water-Gardens-Auburn-WAWater gardens and ponds create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Just like other kinds of landscaping, water gardens and ponds in Auburn, WA improve the aesthetic appeal as well as the value of your property.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc specializes in installing water gardens and ponds in the Auburn area. Our water gardens in Auburn are designed to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Our installation team is trained to seamlessly blend water gardens and ponds with your landscaping. Discuss your visions with us, and we will give them a reality. Some reasons to choose us for water gardens and ponds in the Auburn area include:

  • Carefully listen to our clients needs
  • Thoroughly assess the property
  • Determine the most cost effective solution
  • Complete project on time, within budget

Outdoor Fountains in an Auburn Landscape

Outdoor-Fountains-Auburn-WAOutdoor fountains in Auburn do not just beautify your landscape; they also provide an awesome place to relax, making them a great addition to both homes and commercial properties. If you are a property owners looking to create a focal point and enhance the curb appeal of your landscape, consider installing outdoor fountains in Auburn.

We have many years of experience installing one-of-a-kind outdoor fountains in the Auburn area. No matter what the size or scope of the project, we will install outdoor fountains to your complete satisfaction. Benefits of installing outdoor fountains include:

  • Stress Relief & Relaxation
  • Drinking Source for Pets
  • Drown out Unwanted Noises

Benefits of Installing a Water Features in Auburn

Water-Features-Auburn-WAHave you ever considered incorporating a water feature to your Auburn landscaping? Water features can add serenity in a landscape.

In addition, water features in Auburn provide a unique backdrop for entertaining friends and family while improving aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Water features have the potential to add class and value to even the simplest looking homes.

Our water features can make your Auburn landscape become the talk of the neighborhood. We can install a wide range of water features in your Auburn home or commercial property. These include:

  • Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Water gardens

Let us help you enjoy the calming sounds of nature, and fill your outdoor area with a low-maintenance, unique element.

If you have design ideas in mind, or need help installing water features in Auburn, do not hesitate to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Tree-Trimming-Federal-Way-WATree trimming and pruning are the key to a successful tree care program in Federal Way, WA. It is important to hire a professional tree trimming service because if you try trimming your trees yourself, you could end up doing the job incorrectly, causing more harm than good.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc provides a wide range of tree care services, such as tree pruning and tree trimming in Federal Way.

Hiring our tree trimming service for your Federal Way property whether it is residential or commercial can save you time and money as well as help to prevent the liability from any unwanted hazards associated with an improperly maintained yard. Some more benefits of our tree trimming services include:

  • Stimulate tree growth
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tree
  • Keep the tree healthy for the next season

Benefits of Tree Pruning in Federal Way

Tree-Pruning-Federal-Way-WATree pruning involves the removal of dead or living parts of the tree.  Tree pruning in Federal Way is usually done to achieve a wide range of aims and objectives, such as structural integrity of the tree, aesthetic value and the safety of people and property.

No matter what the reason, it is important to hire an expert do the job, as improper tree pruning in Federal Way can cause the trees to become:

  • Unsightly
  • Diseased and damaged
  • Potentially dangerous

Let our tree pruning experts in Federal Way ensure healthy trees that will improve the appearance of your outdoor area.

Why Choose Our Tree Care Services in Federal Way?

Tree-Care-Federal-Way-WAWe provide the highest quality tree care services in the Federal Way area. With expert knowledge, experienced technicians and a commitment to environmentally safe practices, we preserve the integrity of trees with tree care in Federal Way.

You can rest assured our team is trained to meet all your tree care needs in a prompt and professional manner.

More reasons to work with us:

  • No job is too big or too small for us
  • We serve both residential and commercial clients
  • Our team is trained to treat your trees like our own
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

To find out more about our tree care services in Federal Way, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779. We are dedicated to an excellent customer service and look forward to speaking with you.

Summer-Lawn-Care-Issaquah-WAEver wonder how your neighbors have thick, vibrant lawn all year round or how they keep their lawns healthy as temperatures increase throughout the summer months? The answer is simple: summer lawn care.

During summers people enjoy their outdoor spaces the most, so it is important these areas in a good condition. With professional summer lawn care in Issaquah, WA, the preparation for the cooler weather becomes easier.

Summers in Issaquah can cause a great deal of stress for your lawn. Summer lawn care in Issaquah helps to preserve the health and appearance of our lawn even when temperatures are at their peak.

The summer lawn care services from Cedar County Landscaping, Inc prepare the lawns to withstand the summer heat. Our summer lawn care programs include:

  • Deep Watering
  • Lawn De-thatching
  • Lawn Mowing

Lawn Care Tips for Issaquah Property Owners

Lawn-Care-Tips-Issaquah-WAAs the days become longer and warmer, the excess heat can cause damage to your lawn. Get your lawn to thrive during the summer with our lawn care tips in Issaquah. With professional lawn care tips, you can keep your yard healthy and prevent diseases, weeds and pests all summer long.

Looking after and maintaining a lawn is one of the most rewarding experiences. Our lawn care tips for Issaquah clients are customized to suit their unique property needs.  Below are some of our our basic summer lawn care tips:

  • Do not over fertilize
  • Tackle weeds
  • Mow at the right height
  • Avoid parking on the grass

Why Choose Our Lawn Services in Issaquah?

Lawn-Services-Issaquah-WAChoosing the right lawn services in Issaquah can mean the difference between having a beautiful, healthy lawn you can spend your time in, and struggling with lawn-related problems that continue to crop up.

There are many reasons to choose our lawn services in Issaquah, but one of the most compelling is our ability to handle to handle jobs regardless of their size or complexity. We offer the highest quality lawn services in the Issaquah area.

We are seasoned professionals who respect clients and their properties. Our team has years of experience providing absolutely unmatched workmanship to both residential and commercial clients. More reasons to choose our lawn services:

  • Skilled lawn technicians
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customized lawn services
  • Free estimates

For summer lawn care tips in Issaquah, please feel free to call County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Lawn-Sprinkler-System-Issaquah-WAHaving an automatic lawn sprinkler system installed in their property offers the residents of Issaquah, WA a number of benefits. It frees them from lugging around heavy hosepipes and keeping track of time to know when the water supply should be turned off.

Moreover, by pre-setting the operation of their lawn sprinkler system, Issaquah property owners can have their turf areas watered even when they are out.

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we install lawn sprinkler system in Issaquah properties so that property owners do not have to depend on conventional lawn watering methods. Our sprinkler system installation helps:

  • Minimize watering hassles for our customers
  • Save them money by eliminating water wastage
  • Keep their lawn remains protected from over or under watering

We also specialize in sprinkler repair. Our quick and efficient repair services allow our customers to enjoy uninterrupted use of lawn sprinkler system in their Issaquah property.

Sprinkler System Installation Services in Issaquah  

Sprinkler-System-Installation-Issaquah-WAAre you looking for sprinkler system installation experts to set up a new lawn sprinkler system in your Issaquah property? Do you wish to hire technicians who can extend the existing sprinkler system to cover additional turf area? We are here to serve you!

Our company is equipped to take up any big or small job for sprinkler system installation in Issaquah. We are committed to completing all our sprinkler system installation jobs with a high degree of precision, ensuring that our customers make hassle-free use of their sprinklers for years to come.

After hiring us for sprinkler system installation in your Issaquah property, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the job will be done by technicians who are:

  • Very knowledgeable
  • Suitably trained
  • Highly experienced

Leave All Your Sprinkler Repair Needs in Issaquah to Us!

Sprinkler-Repair-Issaquah-WAA defective lawn sprinkler system can destroy a painstakingly grown turf if the necessary sprinkler repair is delayed.

Keep your lawn protected by calling us for sprinkler repair in Issaquah the instant you observe malfunctioning in your irrigation system. Our skilled sprinkler repair experts will have the system up and running within no time.

We offer a multitude of sprinkler repair services for Issaquah residents. Some of the common sprinkler problems you can call us to fix include:

  • Clogged nozzles
  • Damaged sprinkler heads
  • Defective sprinkler controls
  • Leaky water pipe
  • Broken sprinkler valve

To hire the expert technicians at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for sprinkler system installation or sprinkler repair, Issaquah residents should call 425-358-2779.

Planting-Grass-Seed-Federal-Way-WAJust like any other living plant, grass becomes weak as it ages. Don’t worry! You can easily revive your lawn by planting grass seed in it. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc is a leading choice for planting grass seed in the Federal Way, WA area.

We offer a wide range of options for planting grass seed in Federal Way properties. These include:

  • Aeration
  • Sodding
  • Overseeding

After evaluating the existing conditions of your property, our lawn care professional will make recommendations to create the best program for planting grass seed in Federal Way. We use high-quality seeds and fertilizer along with the best practices to ensure optimum results after planting grass seed on your Federal Way property.

Importance of Overseeding Your Federal Way Lawn

Overseeding-Federal-Way-WAIt can be quite frustrating when your efforts to grow a healthy, green lawn do not give desired results. That is when our overseeding service steps in. Overseeding is so much more than simply sprinkling seeds across your lawn. Successful overseeding in Federal Way requires knowledge, equipment and follow-through.

Our overseeding program includes all of this and much more. By using cutting-edge equipment, materials, and techniques, we ensure the best possible results from our overseeding services in the Federal Way area.

Benefits of our lawn overseeding service include:

  • Thickens thin lawns
  • Fills in areas of damaged turf
  • Improves overall lawn health

Why Choose us for Overseeding Lawn in Federal Way?

Overseeding-Lawn-Federal-Way-WAOverseeding lawn in Federal Way is one of the best ways to restore it back to a tiptop condition. Overseeding lawn is the process of planting grass seed to fill in bald spots in your turf and to improve the density of your lawn.

The process of overseeding lawn in Federal Way may seem simple, but there is actually a good amount of science to it.

  • When is the best time to do it?
  • How much seed should be used?
  • What kind of turfgrass seed should be used?

When you hire us for overseeding lawn in Federal Way, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is in safe and professional hands. With our professional programs for overseeding lawn in Federal Way, you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, and add continuous value to your property.

To know more about our overseeding services for Federal Way properties, feel free to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Landscape-Lighting-Repair-Issaquah-WAInstallation of landscape lights at important and strategic places can transform your landscaped yard in Issaquah, WA into a captivating outdoor living area at nightfall. More importantly, having landscape lights ensures that you can use and enjoy your outdoor spaces long after sundown.

Besides investing in landscape lighting installation, you should also make sure that all the lights keep working properly.

The need for landscape lighting repair in Issaquah properties can crop up occasionally when the lights develop a snag. It can happen due to several reasons – weather damage, overgrown tree branches, aging, etc.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. if you observe any malfunctioning in your outdoor lights. We are one of the leading landscape lighting repair experts in the Issaquah area and can fix all sorts of issues with outdoor lights, including:

  • Broken or fused bulbs
  • Severed wiring
  • Dead photocells and timers
  • Defective switches

Efficient Landscape Lights Increase Beauty and Security of Issaquah Homes

Landscape-Lights-Issaquah-WAAfter getting a dream landscape installed in your home, you do not want to be denied its pleasing view and enjoyable use at night!

Relax; we provide quick and effective services for repairing faculty landscape lights in your Issaquah home so that you can take pleasure in your beautiful outdoors at all times.

We appreciate that efficient landscape lights in Issaquah homes are critical not just to accentuate their exterior beauty at night, but also to deter trespassers and burglars.

That is why we respond to all calls for repair of landscape lights in Issaquah with due urgency. We make sure to:

  • Schedule the repair jobs as soon as possible
  • Send trained technicians with proper tools & supplies to fix the landscape lights
  • Get the landscape lighting repair done right, the first time

Get Lighting Repair and Replacement in Issaquah Done By Experts

Lightning-Repair-issaquah-WABeing a highly specialized job, landscape lighting repair or replacement in Issaquah properties must be done only by knowledgeable and experienced professionals like us. The technicians employed by our company are thoroughly trained in installation, maintenance and repair of landscape lighting.

They are equipped to resolves any minor or complex issue with outdoor lights. Their work for landscape lighting repair in Issaquah properties is marked by:

  • Detailed inspection
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Efficient and enduring repairs

Property owners can also rest assured that our professionals will never recommend replacement of wiring or fixtures if these can be repaired effectively.

Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today to know more about its landscape lighting repair services in Issaquah. Call 425-358-2779!

Landscape-Renovations-Enumclaw-WAPeople get their properties remodeled as their needs and tastes change. The same goes for the landscaping. Though the residents of Enumclaw, WA go in for landscaping installation with the objective of getting years of enjoyment from the investment, there are times when they feel the need for landscape renovation.

Landscape renovation in Enumclaw properties can be done at several scales. It can involve complete redesign of the existing landscaping, just lawn renovations or installation of additional landscape features. The purpose of landscape renovation is primarily to:

  • Rejuvenate a lackluster or dying landscape
  • Increase the outdoor beauty; or
  • Make better use of the back or front yard

No matter why you want landscape renovation in your Enumclaw home or business place, let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. handle the project.

Hire Proven Experts to Change Front Yard Landscaping in Enumclaw  


We are proven pros at renovating landscapes. Whether you need full landscaping renovation, backyard makeover or a change in front yard landscaping that give your Enumclaw property an impressive curb appeal, we are the experts to hire.

A dull, sparse lawn can mar the beauty of your elegant property and its innovatively designed landscaping. But, instead of stressing about your shoddy lawn, call us for renovating your front yard landscaping in Enumclaw. Our highly trained technicians will make sure that you get the flourishing and inviting yard that you dream of.

Being an ethical, customer-centric landscaping company, we strive to minimize your expenses on front yard landscaping renovation in your Enumclaw property.

Our professionals:

  • Do not recommend extensive changes that are not really necessary
  • Try to salvage maximum area and incorporate existing design elements
  • Educate you so that you take better care of your yard in future

Give Your Enumclaw Property a Fresh Look with Backyard Makeover


Like front yard landscaping renovations, backyard makeover can breathe new life into your property and enhance your quality of life. Backyard makeover in Enumclaw properties helps the inhabitants get greater enjoyment from their outdoors. More so, when the landscape renovation work is done by experts like us!

We have proven our skills amply over numerous backyard makeover projects in Enumclaw. We work with the goal of giving our customers backyards they love spending time in. While doing backyard makeover of your Enumclaw property, we:

  • Listen carefully to your ideas and needs
  • Design the new landscape accordingly
  • Make the suggested changes only if you approve

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for landscape renovation in Enumclaw. Dial 425-358-2779.

Landscape-Renovations-Black-Diamond-WALandscaping is so much more than plants, trees and turf. It should incorporate a sense of uniqueness, passion, warmth and beauty. We strive to incorporate all these elements into our landscape renovation services for Black Diamond, WA property owners.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc has years of experience in the landscaping industry.  We offer landscape renovation in Black Diamond for landscaping projects both big and small.

Our designers have extensive landscaping knowledge, and will take out time to literally draw up a custom landscape renovation design to suit the needs of your Black Diamond property.

Working with many homeowners and property managers, we have designed and installed many landscape renovation projects in the Black Diamond area. The results have helped to give many properties an updated, fresh look. Other advantages of a landscape renovation include:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Improved Property Value
  • Added Functionality

Backyard Makeover in Black Diamond


Does your property need a backyard makeover? Our backyard makeover services can breathe new life into your Black Diamond backyard.

Whether your backyard was damaged by disease, drought or neglect, our backyard makeover services can add beauty and functionality to your backyard. With a backyard makeover in Black Diamond, you can enjoy:

  • Better soil quality
  • Improved thatch breakdown
  • More nutrient absorption
  • Increased disease resistance
  • Thick, healthy turf

Any backyard can benefit from our backyard makeover services, though this service is specifically designed for backyards needing repair.

Why Choose Our Front Yard Landscaping Services in Black Diamond?


Even with good care, front yard landscaping can become outdated. For instance, hardscapes can get damaged by wear and tear or harsh weather conditions and need renovation. Also, irrigation technology has advanced, and you may need better sprinklers. Older drainage systems may not be working efficiently and may need an update as well.

We work with property owners to design and construct front yard landscaping that leaves their Black Diamond property looking revitalized. Front yard landscaping in Black Diamond can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a property and its surrounding areas.

Whether your front lawn needs a quick facelift, you would like to install a water feature, or light up your front yard landscaping with low voltage lighting, we can help.

We offer:

  • Customized landscaping design
  • High-quality materials
  • Professional installation
  • FREE estimates

To find out more about our front yard landscaping services for Black Diamond properties, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Landscape-Lighting-Auburn-WAOutdoor lights are an essential element of a landscaping project in Auburn, WA. Landscape lighting is indispensable because without it your outdoor living areas would become out of bounds when it get dark.

However, landscape lights can also be used as a decorative landscaping element. Strategically installed landscape lighting in Auburn properties can be very effective in:

  • Creating interesting, intriguing shadows
  • Producing artistic visual effects
  • Highlighting prominent landscaping features

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we can design and install landscape lighting on your Auburn property. We install energy-efficient fixtures and ensure their innovative placement to help you make the most efficient and cost-effective use of landscape lights.

Outdoor Lights Help Auburn Residents Make Full Use of their Yards

Outdoor-Lights-Auburn-WAYou do not want to restrict the enjoyment of your yard to the day time. Right? Well, nobody does! That is why they call us to install outdoor lights in their Auburn properties.

Our experts can put up landscape lighting as per the exact requirements of customers. By installing outdoor lights in Auburn properties, we make sure that the property owners:

  • Can make optimal use of their yard, as and when they want
  • Do not have to wrap up outdoor parties after sunset
  • Are able to keep their property looking good and inviting even at night

Have you neglected to get landscape lights installed until now, want to get the defective landscape lighting fixtures replaced or wish to get additional outdoor lights installed in your Auburn property? Give us a call right away.

We Install Landscape Lights to Make Auburn Properties Safer

Landscape-Lights-Auburn-WAAnother significant benefit of our landscape lighting installation services is enhanced safety in the outdoors at night. We can install landscape lights in Auburn properties to illuminate:

  • Decks and patios
  • Lawns and gardens
  • Walkways
  • Driveways

Doing so makes the outdoor spaces a lot safer to be in after sundown. Landscape lights in your Auburn property helps you avoid tripping as you take leisurely walks in the garden or pathways at night.

The facility of outdoor lights also makes it easy to drive in or out at night-time. Often, late afternoon parties can get extended. When you have organized one in your yard, the extended time presents no problem if you have landscape lights on your Auburn property.

Most importantly, getting outdoor lights installed by us helps you keep burglars and trespassers at bay.

Trust Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. with all your landscape lighting needs in Auburn. Reach us at 425-358-2779.