Retaining-Wall-Installation-Newcastle-WAQuite often, landscape construction on a property has to include retaining wall installation. This is required typically in yards that have a significant elevation change. Retaining wall installation in Newcastle, WA properties helps in terracing or contouring the landscape and holding back soil to prevent its erosion.

Though retaining walls are primarily installed for functional reasons, they can be made into attractive landscaping features by an innovative landscaper like Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. The creative designers and installers at our company help our customers get the most out of their investment in retaining wall installation in Newcastle by building walls that do not just provide a protective ascent to the landscaping but also:

  • Add unique structure, texture and character to the yard
  • Increase the usable yard space
  • Provide inviting and comfortable spots to sit on

Patio Installation Expands Outdoor Living Spaces in Newcastle Properties

patio-installation-newcastle-waAnother wonderful hardscape feature that we can install is the patio. Patio installation is an excellent way of converting the existing outdoor space in homes as well as business properties into a more elegant, serviceable and enjoyable area.

We offer comprehensive services for patio installation in Newcastle, including:

  • Designing the patio
  • Assistance in making the best selection of patio material
  • Building the patio

Our company is staffed by trained and experienced technicians who can be trusted to perform seamless patio installation that adds lasting beauty, style and value to your outdoors. We offer patio installation in several options like stamped concrete, paver stones and flagstone so that you can have the perfect patio that reflects your aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle.

Hardscape Installation in Newcastle Properties with Paver Stones

Paver-Stones-Newcastle-WAWe do a lot of our patio and retaining wall installation work with paver stones. When property owners go in for hardscape installation, they want the structures to be:

  • Neat and beautiful
  • Sturdy
  • Hard-wearing
  • Easy to maintain

By installing hardscapes with paver stones in Newcastle properties, we strive to give our customers just the landscape structures they want. Paver stones are stronger than many other hardscape building materials, retain their elegant appearance forever and are even eco-friendly. Is it any wonder that these are a popular choice for constructing hardscape elements that help in creating extremely functional, durable and impressive outdoor living spaces.

Hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for retaining wall installation or patio installation in Newcastle. We offer hardscape installations in paver stones, concrete, flagstone and more. Call 425-358-2779 today!

yard-clean-up-issaquah-waThere is no use investing in landscaping of your yard if you are negligent in its clean up. Yards with simple landscape design can give your pleasure than ones that may be artistically designed but are littered and ill-kempt.

Typically, thorough clean up of yards is required twice a year – in the spring and in the fall. Spring and fall yard clean up in Issaquah, WA properties are important landscape maintenance services. These include a number of tasks done to prepare the landscape for the approaching season and help it survive through the changing weather conditions throughout the year.

The benefits accruing from fall and spring yard clean up in Issaquah properties include:

  • Preventing weather damage to the foliage
  • Protecting the plantings from pests and decaying mulch
  • Promoting healthy growth of the turf and plants

Let Us Do Spring Yard Clean Up in Your Issaquah Property

spring-yard-clean-up-issaquah-waGive your painstakingly installed landscape the excellent care and upkeep it need by hiring the services of Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for spring yard clean up in Issaquah.

It is important to prep your yard for the growing season ahead if you want the landscape to bloom at its best during the summers. This calls for intensive, tedious and time-consuming spring yard clean up work. However, you do not have to worry yourself about it when we are here to do the job.

We get your yard cleaned up by technicians who are:

  • Extremely knowledgeable about what spring yard clean up entails
  • Very hard-working
  • Thoroughly professional, sincere and dependable

From pruning dead/damaged tree branches to cleaning, edging and turning out flower beds spraying fertilizers to seeding damaged lawn portions to removing debris, our technicians do everything to revive your landscape after the harsh winters.

We Deliver Thorough Fall Yard Clean Up Services in Issaquah

Fall-Yard-Clean-Up-Issaquah-WAOur professionals are equally diligent and thorough in performing fall yard clean up in Issaquah properties. We understand that the frigid winter season will do irreparable damage to your lawn and landscape if we are negligent in any way with your fall yard clean up job.

We cannot let that happen!  Our technicians work attentively and do all the fall yard clean up required to:

  • Safeguard the health of your lawn and shrubbery
  • Help your landscape survive through the frosty conditions
  • Keep your investment protected

Rely on Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for your fall yard clean up and spring yard clean up needs in Issaquah.  Dial 425-358-2779 to talk to our experts.

artificial-grass-issaquah-waFor years after the introduction of artificial turf, the product was used primarily only in the sports arena. Gradually, with advancement in the quality of synthetic grass being produced, its use in residential and commercial properties also became popular.

Artificial grass offers Issaquah, WA property owners an excellent alternative to natural grass for their lawns and other turf areas. The key feature of artificial turf that works in its favor is that it is not affected by the vagaries of the weather and is not susceptible to barren spots. Actually, installation of artificial grass in Issaquah properties offers many more benefits, personal, environmental and monetary. These include:

  • Turf always looks lush green and well-manicured
  • Preservation of water, with no irrigation required
  • No need for pesticides or fertilizers
  • Pet-friendly
  • Minimal efforts needed for turf maintenance

Here at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we offer synthetic grass installation services for diverse applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Factors that Affect Installation of Artificial Turf in Issaquah

artificial-turf-issaquah-waProper preparation is the key to creating a great-looking lawn with artificial grass. Installation of artificial turf is a significant and valuable investment into the property. To ensure optimum returns from it and to enjoy years of use of the turf, it is important for the property owner to get the synthetic grass installation done by professionals like us who know what all goes into completing the job to the highest standards.

We have exceptionally skilled technicians to install artificial turf in Issaquah properties. Our experts take into consideration all the factors that impact successful artificial turf installation, including:

  • Ground stabilization
  • Quality of artificial grass product
  • Drainage requirements
  • Perfect edge finish
  • Exposure to wear & tear

Hire Us for Synthetic Grass Installation in Issaquah

synthetic-grass-issaquah-waAt our company, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the best sources of professional services for installation of synthetic grass in Issaquah. We come to every job with extensive experience in laying artificial grass to create, among other things:

  • Lawns
  • Kids play areas
  • Pet areas
  • School playgrounds
  • Turf around swimming pools

We work with high quality artificial grass products that replicate the look and feel of real grass. Our technicians work diligently to cut the synthetic grass borders with 100% precision, align artificial turf rolls accurately, glue the seams firmly together and hide them well.

Dial 425-358-2779 to learn more about the services offered by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for installing synthetic grass in Issaquah properties.

outdoor-kitchens-issaquah-waThe concept of outdoor kitchens has been around for ages. The early humans cooked in the open. Long after civilization brought the hearth inside homes, people are again realizing the benefits and fun in cooking outside. Most dream homes these days include a second kitchen – out in the yard.

Indeed, outdoor kitchens in Issaquah, WA homes offer much that makes their installation a good investment. Outdoor kitchens:   

  • Increase the usability of outdoor living spaces
  • Reduce energy bills by keeping heat-producing activities out and homes cool
  • Keep homes smelling fresh by keeping out fumes from cooking
  • Make interesting places for entertaining
  • Boost resale value of the properties

People who have outdoor kitchens in Issaquah even tend to save money as for them ‘eating out’ means more of going to the yard than a restaurant!  

Enjoy Your Yard in Issaquah on Chilly Nights with an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor-Fireplace-Issaquah-WACedar County Landscaping, Inc. is glad to provide specialized services for designing and installing outdoor kitchens so that people derive more pleasure from the ordinary activity of having a meal. In fact, we can do much more to help homeowners make optimum utilization of their outdoor living spaces.

One of the things we specialize in is creating an outdoor fireplace in Issaquah homes. There is nothing quite like an elegant outdoor fireplace to add comfort, luxury and a dreamy, romantic touch to the patio.  Moreover, having an outdoor fireplace makes sure that your yard is not out-of-bounds on those pleasant, but chilly nights!

We can help you enjoy a cozy fire in the yard by:

  • Designing a right-sized outdoor fireplace
  • Installing it with quality materials
  • Adding suitable seating around it

Hire Us to Create Wonderful Outdoor Living Spaces in Issaquah

outdoor-living-spaces-issaquah-waYour quality of life is significantly impacted by the way you keep your yard. Intelligently-created outdoor living spaces in Issaquah homes can become a seamless extension of the indoors and add a great deal of ease and enjoyment to daily life of the family.

Hire us to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that are perfect for your personal needs and lifestyle requirements. We put all our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience into creating outdoor living spaces that are:

  • Designed to make all the elements work harmoniously
  • Easy to move about in, clean and maintain
  • Built in compliance with the local codes

For outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplace and other installations in the yard, Issaquah homeowners should call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

Irrigation-System-Repairs-Newcastle-WASufficient and regular watering is a must for keeping a landscape healthy and flourishing. All property owners who wish their yards to remain hydrated generally invest in a well-designed irrigation system. Doing so allows them to save valuable time, effort and money while sustaining the vitality of their landscape.

It is quite natural for these property owners to occasionally need professional help with irrigation system repairs. In Newcastle, WA, such assistance can be had from the sprinkler system repair specialists at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Our company offers expert services for all kinds of irrigation system repairs in Newcastle that people may need to keep their systems working at peak efficiency. We:

  • Offer residential as well as commercial irrigation system repairs
  • Handle any simple or complex sprinkler repair job
  • Provide sprinkler system repair to fix both plumbing & electrical components

Sprinkler System Repair in Newcastle by Trained Professionals

sprinkler-system-repair-newcastle-waDelivering the finest possible sprinkler system repair services to each of its customers is the #1 priority of our company. We believe that caught as it is in their hectic lives, our customers should have the least of worries concerning the functioning of their sprinkler system or the health of their landscape.

Whenever we are called upon for sprinkler system repair in Newcastle, we send over seasoned technicians who are vigorously trained in irrigation system repairs and are proven pros. Our professionals:

  • Give personalized attention to every sprinkler repair job
  • Work diligently and never cut corners
  • Strive for accurate irrigation system repairs, the first time around

We provide sprinkler repair services with a commitment to getting the systems of our customers running at the earliest and keeping them functioning for a long time to come.

Signs That You May Need Sprinkler Repair Services in Newcastle

sprinkler-repair-newcastle-waTimely sprinkler repair in Newcastle properties goes a long way in preventing lawns and landscapes from drying out.

However, you hardly give your irrigation system any thought after having it installed and set to function as per the watering needs of your landscape. This is not advisable! You must keep a keen eye out for signs indicating irrigation system malfunctioning and call us for sprinkler repair before it is too late. These symptoms include:

  • Fading color of the grass
  • Thinning of turf or bare patches in the lawn
  • Wilted and folded plant leaves
  • Dry and crumbly soil in the grounds

To schedule sprinkler system repair in your Newcastle property, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

Lawn-Care-Enumclaw-WALawns are the most prominent and eye-catching landscaping features. A littered, ill-kempt lawn can mar the beauty of even the most creatively designed landscape. No matter how fine a grass variety you have used to grow your lawn, there is always some amount of mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, fertilizing, etc. to be done to keep the turf looking great.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is happy to provide comprehensive services for lawn maintenance and lawn care in Enumclaw, WA so that properties here flaunt lawns that are:

  • Healthy
  • Well-manicured
  • Neat
  • Impressive

We provide lawn service through vigorously trained technicians with vast experience in all kinds of lawn care work. Our company can provide lawn maintenance and lawn care services in the Enumclaw area on an as-required basis as well as with on-going programs.

Lawn Service to Help Enumclaw Residents Take Care of Their Yard

lawn-service-enumclaw-waOur lawn care experts pride themselves on their ability to make yards look their best. The average lawn maintenance includes a number of tasks and our lawn service crew is trained to do them all with precision.

Proper lawn service in Enumclaw properties can keep the turf, and surrounding flowers and shrubs looking as beautiful and fresh as the day they had been planted. That is precisely what we strive to accomplish in every property where we go over to provide lawn service.

We understand that the lawn care needs in different properties with differently landscaped yards at different times of the year will vary. That is why we offer:

  • Customized programs tailored for specific lawn maintenance needs
  • Specialized lawn service all through the different seasons
  • Continuous services to preserve the lawn and yard health

Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Experts to Hire in Enumclaw

lawn-maintenance-enumclaw-waFor most home and business owners, taking care of lawns is a big tedious chore. Some people who do take pleasure in pottering around the garden might not be able to spare the time for maintaining their lawn and landscape. Therefore, hiring professional lawn care services is the best option for one and all.

When it comes to landscape and lawn maintenance in Enumclaw, our company is one of the finest there is! On all the big and small lawn maintenance jobs that we take up, we make sure to:

  • Put knowledgeable and experienced technicians on the job
  • Use cutting-edge equipment
  • Adopt environment-friendly solutions

For landscape and lawn service in Enumclaw that exceed your expectations, contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

Hydroseeding-Enumclaw-WAAmong the several decisions that property owners have to make when they plan a project to grow a lawn, grassy pet area, playground, golf course, pasture, etc. is about which seeding method to use. Many of them opt for grass hydroseeding. Introduced in the 1950s, grass or lawn hydroseeding has emerged as the most popular method of seeding turf areas.

The use of grass hydroseeding process in Enumclaw, WA properties involves spraying a uniform layer of a slurry made of grass seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch and a tackifier on the ground.  Though lawn hydroseeding in Enumclaw can be utilized to grow grass in any big or small area, the technique works especially well for seeding:

  • Large tracts of land
  • Difficult-to-access areas
  • Places susceptible to soil erosion
  • Areas not suitable for conventional seeding methods

Benefits of Lawn Hydroseeding for Creating Turf Areas in Enumclaw

Lawn-Hydroseeding-Enumclaw-WAAt Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we offer our expert services for lawn hydroseeding in Enumclaw so that the property owners here can take full advantage of this superior seeding technique. The technique offers a number of benefits over the traditional methods of sodding and broadcast seeding. It has proven to:

  • Be more effective
  • Yield quick results
  • Deliver an even distribution of seed
  • Be more cost-efficient
  • Produce healthy grass with a strong hold in the soil

Lawn hydroseeding invariably results in quick and successful germination of the grass seed. While the fertilizer in the slurry provides nutrients to the seed, the mulch helps in moisture retention and gives protective cover. Meanwhile, the tackifier holds everything together and prevents seed washout. The lawn hydroseeding slurry also includes a dye which helps in ensuring 100% coverage of the area being sprayed on.

Why Choose Us for Grass Hydroseeding Services in Enumclaw?

grass-hydroseeding-enumclaw-waWhen going in for grass hydroseeding in Enumclaw, property owners should remember not all seeding service providers are equal. To be sure of the great-looking turf that they expect, they should hand their seeding job to the right professionals.

We are proud to be one of the most trusted sources for grass hydroseeding services in this community. There are not many companies around here that can match us in:

  • Level of skill and experience
  • Dedication to excellence in all work
  • Attention to customer service

Our investment in highly knowledgeable technicians and state-of-the-art equipment has made us the hydroseeder of choice of both home and business owners.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 for grass hydroseeding services in Enumclaw.

Planting-Grass-Seed-Auburn-WANothing heightens the beauty of a yard quite like a luxuriant and well-manicured lawn.  However, growing and maintaining such a lawn is easier said than done. One of the secrets to doing this is timely and proper lawn seeding.

There are several factors to be kept in mind while planting grass seed. Desired success from planting grass seed in any Auburn, WA property is possible only if the planting is done:

  • At the right time of the year
  • Using seed of the right grass variety
  • With the right prep work

This is where Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. comes in. A leading full-service landscaping company, we know all there is to know about planting grass seed in Auburn properties. Whether we are hired for planting grass seed to grow a completely new lawn to revive a damaged one, we make sure that the job is done seamlessly.

Overseeding Helps Auburn Residents Enjoy Healthy Lawns

Overseeding-Auburn-WAWe specialize in overseeding lawn areas. Overseeding is a technique for repairing thinning lawns to a lush, healthy condition. It involves planting grass seed in the thinned or barren patches.  The practice of overseeding lawn is especially beneficial in case the turf is made from cool season grasses such as ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. Overseeding is an excellent option for lawns that may have damaged due to insects, disease or drought.

Our company offers specialized services for overseeding in Auburn properties. We ensure outstanding results from this proven technique by ensuring that our overseeding jobs are carried out only by experienced technicians. Those who hire us for overseeding lawn can soon start enjoying a healthy turf that is:

  • Lush green
  • Thick and robust
  • Capable of resisting pests and disease

Hire Our Professionals for Overseeding Lawn in Auburn

Overseeding-Lawn-Auburn-WAIt might seem quite simple, but the process of overseeding has a little science to it. It will result a significant improvement in the density and appearance of the turf only if the professionals doing the overseeding lawn in Auburn know:

  • When is the best time to do it?
  • How much seed is to be used?
  • What can be done to aid seed germination?

Give us a call if you are concerned about your turf health and wish to go in for overseeding lawn.  We will send over thorough professionals that you can trust for an error-free, successful job.

To learn more about how Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help rejuvenate the lawn through overseeding, Auburn residents should call 425-358-2779.