Landscape-Renovations-Snoqualmie-WATake your dull, outdated yard to the next level with professional landscape renovations in Snoqualmie, WA. We can create an outdoor space where every moment feels like a vacation. So, if you need landscape renovations in Snoqualmie, your project is in good hands with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

There are various reasons to seek landscape renovations. In some cases, landscape renovations are a necessity, in other cases an aesthetic desire. We have had many clients who wanted landscape renovations because they were looking to extend outdoor living spaces. For clients like them, we built outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and decks. There were also clients who wanted to have more plantings, trees, and shrubs. We helped them by recreating the placement of plants and beautifully scattering them around. You might want landscape renovations to add more features outdoors, such as:

  • Retaining wall
  • Driveway
  • Walkway
  • Pergola
  • Patio
  • Water features

As you can see, there are many reasons to seek landscape renovations. And no matter what your reasons and needs, we will be at your service.

Rejuvenate Your Front Yard Landscaping in Snoqualmie

Front-Yard-Landscaping-Snoqualmie-WAEnhancing your front yard landscaping is one of the most beautiful ways to give a facelift to your outdoor living areas. A well-designed front yard landscaping with well-placed elements will:

  • Increase the curb appeal
  • Welcome visitors
  • Improve property value
  • Complement architecture

We know how to improve your front yard landscaping in Snoqualmie. Our goal is to help you get the most value and enjoyment out of your property today and years from now. Through our quality design, clear communication, and expert installation, we can work with you to rejuvenate your front yard landscaping.

Why Hire us for Your Backyard Makeover Needs in Snoqualmie?

Backyard-Makeover-Snoqualmie-WAWe have a team of landscaping experts available to meet your backyard makeover needs. We will work with you to help give your visions a reality and use our experience and creativity to ensure your backyard makeover seamlessly blends with the design of your property.

Your backyard makeover ideas, no matter how simple or complex, can be brought to life by our skilled and talented team. Rest assured your backyard makeover project will be completed on time and on budget. Below are the reasons why you should choose us for backyard makeover in Snoqualmie:

  • Close attention to detail
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Honest, competitive pricing

Schedule a consultation to discuss your front yard landscaping needs in Snoqualmie. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today at 425-358-2779.

Hydroseeding-Issaquah-WALawn hydroseeding is the process of spraying a mixture of water, seed, hydro-mulch and fertilizer in just one application.  Although the best times for lawn hydroseeding are spring and fall, with the right weather conditions it is possible to hydroseed throughout the year. Hydroseeding is great for:

  • Larger areas
  • Inaccessible areas
  • Areas unsuitable for conventional seeding
  • Areas where fast results are required

Grass hydroseeding is a very cost effective and successful technique to establish new vegetation, regardless of the size of the project. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is your go-to company for lawn hydroseeding in Issaquah, WA. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you can count on us for high quality hydroseeding in Issaquah.

We understand that no two sites are the same. That is why we develop a unique seed mix for every project.

Lawn Hydroseeding Experts Serving Issaquah residents

Lawn-Hydroseeding-Issaquah-WAOur landscaping company can hydroseed your property to the highest workmanship standards. Since our inception in 1995, we have grown to become the most trusted companies to hydroseed homes and commercial properties.

We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time, with no unpleasant surprises. To ensure excellent results, we use only top quality hydro-mulches, fertilizers and grass seed products. We are able to cater for nearly any lawn hydroseeding requirement taking into account various factors such as:

  • Soil type
  • Climate
  • Location

We work closely with our clients to re-establish vegetation and stabilize areas that are vulnerable to erosion.  Let us add value and curb appeal to your property with lawn hydroseeding in Issaquah.

Benefits of Grass Hydroseeding in Issaquah

Grass-Hydroseeding-Issaquah-WAOverall effectiveness, reliability, and flexibility are just some of the reasons why grass hydroseeding is the number one method of choice for seeding. Grass hydroseeding is a quick and cost effective alternative to the traditional method of growing grass. It promotes fast germination and combats soil erosion. When the conditions are optimum, a lush green lawn develops in a very short amount of time. Below are the reasons why you should consider grass hydroseeding in Issaquah:

  • Even distribution of seeds
  • Early plant growth
  • Low cost
  • Speedy application

Count on us for your grass hydroseeding needs, no matter how big or small. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to apply a high quality blend of seeds, mulch and fertilizer and maximize growth all in one step.

For more information on our grass hydroseeding services for Issaquah residents, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

water-gardens-kirkland-waNothing makes more of a solid impression than well designed and installed water gardens in Kirkland, WA. Water gardens are the hottest addition to any landscaping, offering a cool relief from summer's heat. Below are the reasons why you should consider installing water gardens in your property:

  • Attract birds and wildlife
  • Relax or entertain guests
  • Enjoy soothing sounds of running water

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc can design and install unique water gardens in Kirkland. We offer an on-site consultation. So, if you would like some help or expert advice with water gardens, whether it is an existing garden in need of some enhancements or a new installation project that you are planning, give us a call. We pride ourselves in creating low-maintenance water gardens that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape.

Design & Installation Services for Outdoor Fountains in Kirkland

outdoor-fountains-kirkland-waFountains have been around since ancient years. Today outdoor fountains have evolved from functional pieces to decorative structures. Landscaping with outdoor fountains can add a sense of calm and character to your front or backyard. Outdoor fountains also help to:

  • Add beauty
  • Relieve stress
  • Promote relaxation

Rejuvenate your landscape with one of our custom outdoor fountains designed specifically for you. After a long, tiring day, it can be heavenly to enter your backyard and simply enjoy the sounds of running water. Let us add beautiful and relaxing outdoor fountains in your yard. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create one-of-a-kind outdoor fountains in Kirkland. By working closely with you, we help you create outdoor fountains that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Why Choose us to Design & Install Water Features in Kirkland?

water-features-kirkland-waAdding water features adds an amusing dimension to any landscape plan. Water features bring sound and movement into your landscape spaces, allowing you escape to a more tranquil environment.

Over the years, we have created stunning water features in Kirkland. No two water features are the same; design, materials, location, and installation all play an important role in the outcome of the project. We will seamlessly incorporate water features into your current landscape design, ensuring that it integrates with the shapes, colors, and elements already present. Here are the reasons why you should choose us to design and install water features:

  • Innovative designs
  • Hassle-free installations
  • On time, on budget service

For more information on how we can enhance your landscaping with water features in Kirkland, do not hesitate to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc at 425-358-2779.

Hardscape-Snoqualmie-WAAre you wondering what does a hardscape mean? And how does a hardscape differ from similar terms, such as a landscape? Well a hardscape refers to all the hard, non living elements in your yard.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of hardscape systems, such as:

  • Brick
  • Natural stone
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers

When adding a hardscape in Snoqualmie, WA, it is important to carefully design and plan the implementation of these features. From planning out the hardscapes to determining the right types of materials to use, let us be your guide. Whether you need hardscapes for your front yard or backyard, we are excited about the opportunity to help you design and install a hardscape in Snoqualmie.

With a variety of custom hardscape design choices available, we are confident we can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and help prevent problems, such as soil erosion and drainage with beautiful, functional hardscapes. Rest assured all of our hardscapes are tailored to your specific needs and visions.

Hardscape Design Services in Snoqualmie

Hardscape-Design-Snoqualmie-WAAre you looking for the perfect hardscape design for your home or property? Search no more! We specialize in offering creative and custom hardscape design in Snoqualmie. With our professional, innovative hardscape design services, we can make any property the talk of the neighborhood.

By working closely with our clients, from concept to installation, we ensure your hardscape design fits your home perfectly. We offer hardscape design services for a wide range of hardscapes, including:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Water features
  • Retaining walls

Why Choose us to Design and Install Hardscapes in Snoqualmie?

Hardscapes-Snoqualmie-WAWhen planning your next hardscape design project, it is essential to focus on meeting your goals with the space. You not only want your hardscapes to look beautiful, you also want them to be functional.

We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to design and install hardscapes in Snoqualmie. We will work to ensure your hardscapes are designed to your visions and installed in a timely manner. Our expert team of hardscape contractors can easily work within a budget and make recommendations that will not sacrifice your goal of gorgeous hardscapes. Whether it is a flagstone patio, or retaining walls, our hardscapes will:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve curb appeal
  • Impress your friends and visitors

To find out why we are your #1 choice for hardscapes in Snoqualmie, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today at  425-358-2779.

Landscape-Lighting-Black-Diamond-WALandscape lighting will not only improve the curb appeal of your home and property, it will also improve security. With outdoor lights, you can make walkways and paths safer for you and your guests at night. You can expand the amount of space you can use to entertain or relax by adding outdoor lights in your property.  Your outdoor spaces will become alive and become even more gorgeous as the sun sets.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is your premier source for landscape lighting design and installation in Black Diamond, WA. We are experts in landscape lighting, offering an excellent service at affordable prices. Let us show you how we can improve the beauty and safety of your home with landscape lighting in Black Diamond. We can add landscape lighting to:

  • Decks
  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features

Your vision, along with our years of experience is what turns our custom landscape lighting designs into unforgettable experiences.

Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lights in Black Diamond Homes

Outdoor-Lights-Black-Diamond-WAWhen your home is lit properly by outdoor lights, it will showcase a subtle, magical beauty that will "wow" passersby and give you a welcoming feeling every time you return home.  Outdoor lights will also enhance your landscape features in a way you will never get tired of seeing.

We can design and install customized outdoor lights in Black Diamond. Our friendly, knowledgeable designers will assess your property with you, and then create a design plan to achieve desired results. When you work with us, your designer handles the entire project from start to finish. We work hard to ensure that no detail is overlooked during the design and installation of your landscape lights.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Designs that are built to last
  • Fast, hassle-free installation
  • Complete client satisfaction

Transform Your Outdoors with Landscape Lights in Black Diamond

Landscape-Lights-Black-Diamond-WAIf you want to add beauty and value to your home, we can help! We are the go-to company for landscape lights in Black Diamond. Whether you are looking to illuminate your home for entertainment purposes or improve safety and security in your outdoor spaces, our team has you covered. We have the experience and expertise to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, elegant work of art with landscape lights. We design and install landscape lights that match:

  • Individual lifestyle
  • Environment needs
  • Unique needs and visions

To install landscape lights in your Black Diamond home, do not hesitate to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

french-drain-kirkland-waFrench Drain has been around for years used specifically to divert water away from buildings and basements, and avoid excess and costly erosion problems on residential and commercial properties. In fact, there are various benefits of a French drain that can work wonders when it comes to keeping your home or business property free and clear from:

  • Water issues
  • Erosion problems
  • Water-related damage

One of the biggest benefits of a French drain is that it can be installed quickly. For people who need an efficient drainage system, French drain is the answer. Count on Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to install a French drain in your Kirkland, WA property. We will be happy to help you plan your French drain in Kirkland, and perform the installation whenever you are ready.

Catch Basin is a Drainage Solution for Your Kirkland Yard

catch-basin-kirkland-waA catch basin is installed to collect surface water. The collected surface water is then extended underground using a pipe. A catch basin collects excess surface water from:

  • Hardscapes areas
  • Planter beds
  • Turf areas

Our experts can assess your property and determine if a catch basin is the answer to your drainage needs. It takes skills and expertise to install a catch basin in Kirkland. A catch basin needs to be placed correctly and strategically to efficiently collect surface water. Our experts have installed many catch basins, helping property owners prevent costly water damage.

No matter what type of property you have, we can quickly install a catch basin that will resolve your drainage problems. We will determine the best placement for your catch basin so that it works in the most efficient way possible.

Trench Drain Installation in Kirkland Homes & Business Properties

trench-drain-kirkland-waHaving some water problems on your business property? Poor water flow can:

  • Damage hardscapes
  • Cause soggy spots
  • Damage foundation

A trench drain diverts excess water away from the surface. A trench drain is sloped to take advantage of gravity. It is great for managing excess storm water or rain water in concrete areas, such as driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. A trench drain in also popular around swimming pool, since it captures water that dripping off of swimmers and redirects it to another location.

Our experts can diagnose water flow on your property and help you manage it with a trench drain in Kirkland.

For more information on our trench drain installation services in Kirkland, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today at 425-4325277.

landscape-renovations-redmond-waLandscape renovations in Redmond, WA are a fantastic opportunity to improve the appearance of your property without building a new landscape from the scratch. Landscape renovations are great if:

  • Giving a facelift to your property
  • Tastes have changed over time
  • Planning to sell home in the near future

Landscape renovations are our specialty. Whether your needs are big or small, Cedar County, Landscaping Inc. will transform your yard and outdoor living space with high quality landscape renovations in Redmond. Our team will meet with you to determine your unique requirements. Then, we will perform an on-site analysis to understand the unique features and characteristics of your landscape. Rest assured we will design a beautiful, functional landscape that matches your lifestyle. Our goal is to offer landscape renovations that our clients can be proud of.

Upgrade Your Front Yard Landscaping in Redmond

front-yard-landscaping-redmond-waFront yard landscaping is typically the first thing that people notice when they visit a home. Does your home lack curb appeal? Ensure a solid first impression by upgrading your front yard landscaping in Redmond. Give your front yard landscaping its own unique look by adding plants and décor that reflect your personal style and visions.

Here are some front yard landscaping ideas for improving curb appeal and making your front yard look attractive:

  • Add a rock garden
  • Incorporate water features
  • Get creative with paving
  • Create a lush green lawn

Let us make your front yard landscaping a bit more interesting and visually appealing. With our front yard landscaping design and installation services, we can make your front yard envy of the neighborhood.

Why Choose us for Backyard Makeover in Redmond?

backyard-makeover-redmond-waWe have a lot of expectations from our backyards. We want to use them to relax, entertain and create memorable moments.  However, sometimes time is our enemy, and while we want to make our backyards beautiful and functional, there are often other things to do.

That is where we step in. Need a backyard makeover in Redmond? We can help. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide a backyard makeover that reflects your unique needs and visions. Do not wait any longer.  Get started with backyard makeover today. We offer a full range of backyard makeover services, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor fountains
  • Pergolas

To know more about our backyard makeover services for Redmond residents, feel free to call Cedar County, Landscaping Inc. at 425-358-2779 today.

Yard-Clean-Up-Federal-Way-WAWe realize that regular lawn maintenance can be a quite tedious task. That is why Cedar County Landscape, Inc. offers professional spring and fall yard clean up services to Federal Way, WA residents. Every season demands a specific type of lawn maintenance routine and our experts are well-versed with both spring and fall yard clean ups. No matter how big or small your yard, we will thorough clean it using our cutting edge equipment.

We specialize in:

  • Leaf raking
  • Hand weeding
  • De-thatching

So, if you are searching for fall or spring yard clean up in Federal Way, your search ends here. We offer our professional yard cleaning services to both home and business property owners. Our team has the skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done to the highest workmanship standards. From start to finish, you will enjoy a smooth and hassle free service.

Quality Spring Yard Clean Up in Federal Way

Spring-Yard-Clean-Up-Federal-Way-WAIf you neglect the necessary spring yard clean up following a harsh winter, your property could suffer negative consequences. Old man winter leaves behind debris which can damage your grass and plants, causing brown patches to develop. Count on us for quality spring yard clean up in Federal Way. Below are the benefits of our spring yard cleaning services:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Save time, money and hassles
  • Keep your turf healthy

Why Choose us for Fall Yard Clean Up in Federal Way?

Fall-Yard-Clean-Up-Federal-Way-WAIt is important to prepare your lawn for coming winter. If you lack the time, knowledge or resources to perform necessary lawn maintenance tasks, let us help. With our fall yard clean up services, you can to keep your yard protected all winter long.

We provide a comprehensive range of fall yard clean up services to residential and commercial clients. Our team is trained to treat your yard like their own, completing the work to your satisfaction. And, we always keep our fall yard cleaning rates as honest and competitive as possible. During fall yard clean up in Federal Way, we will:

  • Carefully prune shrubs and trees
  • Thoroughly clean turf and planting beds
  • Install winter protection around shrubs and trees

Let us help you keep your yard clean and orderly with our yard cleaning services. We get the job done right, first time.

To know more about our fall and spring yard clean up services for Federal Way residents, feel free to call Cedar County Landscape, Inc. on 425-358-2779.

stamped-concrete-federal-way-waIf you are looking to enhance your landscape without spending time and money, consider stamped concrete in Federal Way, WA. Stamped concrete, also known as decorate concrete can mimic the look of:

  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Slate

Stamped concrete surfaces are also low maintenance and easy to clean. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc has stamped concrete that can create a look of different materials. This allows us to create a truly unique and customized look for your landscape. Our team will help you choose the right color and texture for your stamped concrete in Federal Way. We are dedicated to providing our clients with stunning stamped concrete designs for their patios, driveways and walkways.

Beautiful Flagstone Patios for Federal Way Properties

Flagstone-Federal-Way-WALeave your flagstone patio needs in the hands of our experts. We offer top-of-the-line design and installation services for flagstone in Federal Way. We have years of experience offering beautiful flagstone patios at competitive prices and we continue to be best in what we do.

Flagstone is increasing becoming popular among property owners looking for a unique finish and texture in their surfaces. Another benefit of flagstone is that it can resist heavy foot traffic. Flagstone can also perfectly blend with the rest of your landscape. A flagstone patio can add beauty and function to your yard, without costing too much. Not only patios, flagstone is also a versatile material for driveways and fences.

When it comes to flagstone patio design and installation, we always put our best foot forward, getting the job done to your complete satisfaction. Let us make your new flagstone patio envy of the neighborhood.

Our features:

  • Custom design
  • Quality materials
  • Expert installation

Why Choose us to Install Brick Pavers in Federal Way?

brick-pavers-federal-way-waWe specialize in installing brick pavers in both commercial and residential properties. We can install brick pavers in:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Pool decks

Whether you are looking to replace an existing structure, or you need a brand new design and installation, we can install beautiful, elegant brick pavers that you can be proud of. With brick pavers, you can achieve a classic brick look in a fast and affordable manner.

Let us enhance the curb appeal as well as the value of your property with brick pavers in Federal Way. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in brick pavers, and they will help you design the perfect brick patio, driveway, or walkway.

If you are looking to add stamped concrete or flagstone in your Federal Way property, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

water-gardens-black-diamond-waThere is nothing quite like introducing water into a landscape design to add dynamism, yet tranquility to the yard! Installation of water features can transform the landscaping, making a delightful sanctuary out of an ordinary garden.

From reflection pools to koi ponds to outdoor fountains to sheer descent waterfalls, there are many water features that can be installed to create mesmerizing water gardens in Black Diamond, WA properties. At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we specialize in enhancing the charm of landscaped yards with installation of beautifully-designed water gardens in them.

We can cater to all types of demands for water gardens in Black Diamond. Our technicians have the expertise, experience and resources to ensure great success every time they install water gardens of our clients, whether:

  • In a residential property or commercial
  • To create a modern water feature or a traditional, oriental one
  • For a huge yard or one with limited space

Accentuate Your Black Diamond Property With Outdoor Fountains

outdoor-fountains-black-diamond-waProbably one of the most common water features found in both residential and commercial landscapes, outdoor fountains can add an elegant artistic element to the yard. Outdoor fountains look great and serve as wonderful focal points wherever these are installed.

We can be hired to install gorgeous outdoor fountains in Black Diamond properties in strategic places, including:

  • In the middle of the lawn
  • On the patio
  • In the swimming pool
  • At the entrance to the garden

Our landscaping professionals have extensive experience in installing water gardens and are skilled at working with different types of outdoor fountains. Bubbling urns, wall fountains, jet fountains – we can install these and more.

Ready to Install Water Features in Your Black Diamond Yard? Call Us!

water-features-black-diamond-waIf you are thinking about adding water features to your outdoor living space, call us now! The best way to start with such a project is to contact professionals with in-depth knowledge about which important factors should be considered.

In business since 1995, our landscaping company has installed countless outdoor water features in Black Diamond homes and commercial properties. All the waterfalls, foundations and ponds, etc. for our clients have designed and installed with due thought to their:

  • Styling and appearance
  • Function
  • Maintenance and upkeep

We make sure that water gardens we install give our clients immense pleasure for years to come.

Look no further than Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. when you need to get outdoor fountains and other water features installed in your Black Diamond yard. Call 425-358-2779.