Lawn-Aeration-Enumclaw-WAThere are many different ways to achieve that beautiful lawn you have always envisioned for your home or property. One of those steps is lawn aeration.  Lawn aeration is crucial for a healthy root system.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is a landscaping company offering a wide range of lawn care services, including lawn aeration in Enumclaw. We offer lawn aeration services for Enumclaw, WA lawns of all shapes and sizes.

Below are the signs that your lawn could benefits from regular lawn aeration:

  • Grass clippings fall back onto the lawn
  • Heavy use from children or pets
  • Lawn seems to dry out easily

Our team takes pride in the work we do and we listen to the needs of each one of our clients as no two properties are the same. You can count on us for high quality lawn aeration services.

Benefits of Lawn Dethatching in Enumclaw

Lawn-Thatching-Enumclaw-WALawn dethatching is one of the most important lawn maintenance services. It should be performed every other year. If you have a thatch build up, healthy root growth is not impossible – and, unhealthy roots will never let your grass become full, thick and green.

Lawn dethatching can help circulate air deep down into the roots. Not only does lawn dethatching stimulate existing roots, it also promotes new growth. Below are the other benefits of lawn dethatching in Enumclaw:

  • Makes Fertilizer Work for Your Lawn
  • Remove Summer-Damaged Grass
  • Ensures Effective Draining

If you are thinking of lawn dethatching, hire a professional landscaper to ensure the job gets done properly. We specialize in lawn dethatching. We have the skills, knowledge and equipment to dethatch both residential and commercial lawns.

Why Choose Us for Your Lawn Maintenance Needs in Enumclaw?

Lawn-Maintenance-Enumclaw-WAIf you need someone to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, our lawn maintenance services can help. Do not let your yard suffer if you do not have the time or energy to keep it looking its best. Call us for professional lawn maintenance in Enumclaw.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Trimming & Edging
  • Raking Leaves and/or Blowing Sidewalks
  • Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups

We can customize our lawn maintenance programs to suit the specific needs of your property. When you choose us for landscape maintenance needs, you choose a friendly, punctual team that gets the job done to your complete satisfaction.

To know more about our lawn maintenance services in Enumclaw, feel free to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779. We would love to speak to you!

New-Landscape-Lakeland-Hills-WAProfessionally designed and installed landscaping can add beauty, quality and value to any home or commercial property. If you are looking to increase your enjoyment and use of your outdoor living space with a new landscape, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help.

With careful planning and attention to detail, we ensure your new landscape project is done right the first time. You can depend on our team to make your outdoors as unique and beautiful as your indoors.

First, we will meet with you to understand your new landscape needs and goals in Lakeland Hills, WA. Then we will prepare a landscape design plan for your property. Customer satisfaction is our number one first priority. Rest assured you will enjoy a smooth, hassle-free service from start to finish. Below are a few more reasons why you should choose us to design and install new landscape in Lakeland Hills:

  • Designing and installing new landscapes since 1995
  • Cutting edge equipment and materials
  • A highly personalized service

Landscape Construction Services for Lakeland Hills Homes & Businesses

Landscape-Construction-Lakeland-Hills-WAWe are your go-to company for residential and commercial landscape construction in Lakeland Hills. Our team brings an excellent workmanship and expertise that clients continue to enjoy for years to come. We have transformed many yards into beautiful outdoor living spaces with our professional landscape construction services.

Our landscape construction:

  • Is fully customized
  • Requires less water
  • Has low maintenance needs
  • Is environmentally friendly

We have a passion for creating outdoor living spaces that push the limits of design and give our clients a truly one-of-a-king product. Our goal is to be honest to our clients from concept through to design and landscape construction.

 On-Time, On-Budget Landscape Installation in Lakeland Hills

Landscape-Installation-Lakeland-Hills-WAWe can do everything from landscape designs, simple plantings to new landscape installation in Lakeland Hills. No project is too big or too small for us. We have the skills, knowledge and resources to meet all kinds of landscape installation needs.

Our landscape installation services include:

  • Flagstone patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Plantings
  • Arbors & Trellises
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces
  • Landscape Lighting

So, if you are looking for a team that can complete the landscape installation project on time and on budget, look no further. Our landscape installation team will make the most of your yard and garden to improve the year-round enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.

For landscape construction in Lakeland Hills, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the name to remember. For any questions or appointments, call us at 425-358-2779.

Artificial-Grass-Lakeland-Hills-WAMany property owners are looking to explore different options when it comes to landscaping their property. One of these options is the implementation of artificial grass to replace natural grass.

The primary benefit of artificial grass is the fact that it never has to be watered, mowed or fertilized. This is huge in terms of time, cost and energy savings. Artificial grass also has a significant “green” benefit as it helps to conserve precious resources such as water. Only minimal maintenance is required with synthetic grass.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides the highest quality artificial grass available in Lakeland Hills, WA. Not only does it add beauty and value to your home it also feels soft underfoot, all without the heavy maintenance needs. So, if you are looking for artificial grass in Lakeland Hills, look no further. Below are a few more reasons to consider artificial turf:

  • No worrying about your lawn when you travel
  • Throw away those toxic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Free up time to relax instead of worrying about your lawn

Artificial Turf Installation in Lakeland Hills

Artificial-Turf-Lakeland-Hills-WAWant a lush green lawn for your home or property, but do not want to waste time and money on grass that will just die in summer months? Artificial turf can ensure you have beautiful lawn that can be enjoyed every season.

Artificial turf can be customized to match anyone’s specific needs as to its possible use and function. Also, artificial turf can perfectly mimic natural grass and can be designed to look just like the grass of any surrounding area.

We have transformed many residential and commercial properties with artificial grass installation. Now, we want to help you add beauty and value to your property with artificial grass in Lakeland Hills.

Our artificial turf:

  • Feels and looks great all year round
  • Reduces allergy triggering pollens
  • Is pet and kid friendly
  • Is easy to clean

Why Choose Us for Your Synthetic Grass Needs in Lakeland Hills?

Synthetic-Grass-Lakeland-Hills-WAWhen you choose us for your synthetic grass needs, you choose a highly personalized service. We take the time to get to know you so that we can help you determine the right synthetic grass product for your lifestyle. We believe that a high quality synthetic grass is the key to a perfect finish project. That is why we offer only high quality synthetic grass in Lakeland Hills.

Reasons to hire us:

  • Friendly, courteous team
  • Outstanding customer service
  • FREE estimates

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 to install synthetic grass in your Lakeland Hills property.

outdoor-kitchens-lakeland-hills-waExtending your outdoor living spaces is a great way to improving the form and function of your property.  Outdoor kitchens provide a focal gathering point and improve the function and value of your outdoor living space. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has years of experience in designing and installing outdoor kitchens in Lakeland Hills, WA and the surrounding areas.

Outdoor kitchens are not only functional, but they are also fun and add significance curb appeal to your property. We can design fully customized outdoor kitchens in Lakeland Hills. Our professionals bring their in-depth industry knowledge to customize your outdoor kitchens to extend your existing landscape or incorporate a new design.

We can work with a wide range of materials, including:

  • Pavers
  • Brick
  • Natural stone

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Fireplace in Your Lakeland Hills property

outdoor-fireplace-lakeland-hills-waThere is nothing better than sitting around the fire on chilly evenings. An outdoor fireplace provides a fantastic gathering space for you and your family to enjoy and make memories. Whether you are just sitting around and talking or roasting marshmallows, an outdoor fireplace can give a great reason to enjoy the outdoors.

If you plan to sell your property in the future, adding an outdoor fireplace now will benefit you later when you put your property on the market.

Below are a few more reasons why you should consider adding an outdoor fireplace:

  • Alternative cooking option
  • Yea-round outdoor entertaining
  • Easy to install and maintain

We can design and install your dream outdoor fireplace in Lakeland Hills. No matter how big or small your needs, you can count on us to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Us to Extend Outdoor Living Spaces in Lakeland Hills?

outdoor-living-spaces-lakeland-hills-waWe can ensure your outdoor living spaces are distinctly upscale yet functional while improving the beauty and value of your property. Our team can create easy to maintain outdoor living spaces that will retain their value for years to come.

There are a wide range of options when considering outdoor living spaces in Lakeland Hills. During a consultation, our design expert will learn what you want to achieve from your outdoor living spaces and will offer ideas that can include the following:

  • Water gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Patio
  • Walkways
  • Pergolas

Rest assured our expert will design a plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 to design and build outdoor living spaces in Lakeland Hills.