artificial-grass-issaquah-waFor years after the introduction of artificial turf, the product was used primarily only in the sports arena. Gradually, with advancement in the quality of synthetic grass being produced, its use in residential and commercial properties also became popular.

Artificial grass offers Issaquah, WA property owners an excellent alternative to natural grass for their lawns and other turf areas. The key feature of artificial turf that works in its favor is that it is not affected by the vagaries of the weather and is not susceptible to barren spots. Actually, installation of artificial grass in Issaquah properties offers many more benefits, personal, environmental and monetary. These include:

  • Turf always looks lush green and well-manicured
  • Preservation of water, with no irrigation required
  • No need for pesticides or fertilizers
  • Pet-friendly
  • Minimal efforts needed for turf maintenance

Here at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we offer synthetic grass installation services for diverse applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Factors that Affect Installation of Artificial Turf in Issaquah

artificial-turf-issaquah-waProper preparation is the key to creating a great-looking lawn with artificial grass. Installation of artificial turf is a significant and valuable investment into the property. To ensure optimum returns from it and to enjoy years of use of the turf, it is important for the property owner to get the synthetic grass installation done by professionals like us who know what all goes into completing the job to the highest standards.

We have exceptionally skilled technicians to install artificial turf in Issaquah properties. Our experts take into consideration all the factors that impact successful artificial turf installation, including:

  • Ground stabilization
  • Quality of artificial grass product
  • Drainage requirements
  • Perfect edge finish
  • Exposure to wear & tear

Hire Us for Synthetic Grass Installation in Issaquah

synthetic-grass-issaquah-waAt our company, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the best sources of professional services for installation of synthetic grass in Issaquah. We come to every job with extensive experience in laying artificial grass to create, among other things:

  • Lawns
  • Kids play areas
  • Pet areas
  • School playgrounds
  • Turf around swimming pools

We work with high quality artificial grass products that replicate the look and feel of real grass. Our technicians work diligently to cut the synthetic grass borders with 100% precision, align artificial turf rolls accurately, glue the seams firmly together and hide them well.

Dial 425-358-2779 to learn more about the services offered by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for installing synthetic grass in Issaquah properties.