New-Landscape-Issaquah-WAThe professionals at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc have the knowledge and experience to ensure your new landscape design caters to your Issaquah, WA property needs.

  • Want to create your dream garden?
  • Have exciting ideas for your yard? 
  • Need help with shaping your yard?  

A consultation is perfect for this kind of situation. It is also a great starting point towards a new landscape project. Let our designer bring your ideas to life. Whether your new landscape design needs are small or big, we have a service just for you.

We strongly believe in the power of design and we love inspiring our customers to create one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces. A new landscape in Issaquah can prove invaluable and we have the expertise to create an outside space just for you.

Landscape Construction in Issaquah, Completed On-Time & On-Budget

Landscape-Construction-Issaquah-WAWe offer a full service under one roof, from design to landscape construction and even maintenance. We work closely with residential and commercial property owners to ensure a smooth and hassle-free landscape construction in Issaquah. Our landscape construction services include:

  • Excavation
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Retaining Walls
  • Decking
  • Lighting

We have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete landscape construction job. By combining the highest quality materials with an excellent workmanship, we ensure complete client satisfaction.

No matter the project size or complexity, we have the skills and training to complete landscape construction projects. Our dedication to outstanding customer service quality has enabled us to establish strong relationships with all of our clients.

Why Choose Our Landscape Installation Services in Issaquah?

landscape-installation-issaquah-waWe offer landscape installation services that you can trust. Rest assured our knowledgeable team will install your dream outdoor space to the highest professional standards.

Our landscape installation services are available to both homeowners and business property owners. With landscape installation in Issaquah, you can add a WOW factor to your property.

From concept to completion, our team will work with you in a collaborative approach as your visions are given a reality. We will explain every part of our landscape installation process so you understand what will be done on your property. Here are some more reasons to choose us for your landscape installation needs:

  • Thorough property assessment
  • Professional designs
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Minimal disruption to your life

Let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. help you create an outdoor living space of your dreams. Give us a call today at 425-358-2779 for new landscape installation in Issaquah.

Lawn-Aeration-Federal-Way-WAIf you have a lawn in your property, you will definitely want to spend time in it. But environmental changes and heavy traffic can cause your lawn to weaken over time.

With lawn aeration you can rejuvenate your Federal Way, WA lawn without causing more damage.

Lawn aeration involves breaking through the thatch and removing small plugs of soil and depositing them on the surface. Lawn aeration allows your Federal Way lawn to breathe and restore its health without losing any of its existing nutrients.

The lawn aeration services from Cedar County Landscaping, Inc take the burden of thickening and rejuvenating your lawn off your shoulders. You will get services from an expert technician who is trained to maximize the lawn aeration treatment.

We utilize proper techniques along with the most favorable conditions for lawn aeration in Federal Way. Let us help you:

  • Improve nutrient flow to the soil
  • Promote strong roots
  • Strengthen grass' defense against diseases

Lawn Dethatching Services in Federal Way

Lawn-Dethatching-Federal-Way-WALawn dethatching involves removal of the layer of dead turfgrass tissue known as "thatch." This thatch is not good for your grass, as it prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass root? Is your lawn spongy or bouncy underfoot? That often mean it has a thick layer of thatch.

Part of our complete lawn maintenance service for Federal Way homes and businesses include lawn dethatching. Lawn dethatching in Federal Way can help improve the health and growth of your lawn.

As experienced lawn maintenance professionals, we can help you decide if your property would benefit from lawn dethatching and help you determine the best time for lawn dethatching in Federal Way. With lawn dethatching, you can enjoy:

  • Healthy Root Growth in Your Grass
  • Improved Water Penetration
  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Making Fertilizer Work for Your Lawn

Why Choose Us for Lawn Maintenance in Federal Way?

Lawn-Maintenance-Federal-Way-WAWe offer a comprehensive lawn maintenance service to Federal Way residents. Once our arborists thoroughly assess your property, they will customize a lawn maintenance program necessary to preserve the health and beauty of your lawn. Some benefits of choosing us for lawn maintenance in Federal Way include:

  • Regular service throughout the changing seasons
  • Multiple applications customized to your lawn’s unique needs
  • Expert technicians to oversee your lawn maintenance program

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779 to find out more about our lawn maintenance services in the Federal Way area.

Landscape-Maintenance-Sammamish-WAThe trees and bed plantings on your property reflect significant beauty and interest in the landscape. But, it can be very daunting and time consuming to manage weeds and plantings.

Each tree, flower and shrub has a unique trimming, mulching and pruning needs to ensure proper growth.

This is why our landscape maintenance team offers worry free services to Sammamish, WA residents.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has landscape maintenance programs that help Sammamish property owners retain and improve the aesthetic and monetary value of their property. Our regular landscape maintenance programs:

  • Promote Growth
  • Control weeds
  • Prevent diseases

Our highly-trained crews are ready to offer high quality landscape maintenance in Sammamish. Get in touch with us to know more about our landscape maintenance programs.

Get Well-Manicured Landscape Design With Lawn Care Services in Sammamish

Lawn-Care-Services-SammamishProtect and enhance your landscape with our lawn care services in Sammamish. Enjoy cost-effective lawn care services in Sammamish while receiving a superior level of solutions from skilled and friendly crews.

After thoroughly assessing your landscape, we will design our lawn care services to best suit your unique needs.

We are fully aware about how the climatic and environmental factors in your area effect the growth of trees and shrubs.

We use our knowledge and experience to offer customized lawn care services for your Sammamish property.

Benefits of our lawn care services include:

  • Implementing the right schedule of lawn maintenance
  • Identifying and treating pests and diseases
  • Using Professional Grade Tools and Equipment
  • Prompt and Consistent Service, Every Time

Regular Lawn Maintenance Services for Sammamish Homes & Businesses

Lawn-Maintenance-SammamishOur regular lawn maintenance in Sammamish are all you need to keep your landscape look meticulous all year round. We know what should be removed, pruned, trimmed or left as it is.

We strive to provide excellent lawn maintenance in Sammamish at reasonable prices. Our professional staff will make sure that we meet and exceed your expectations with each job we perform.

Customers choose our regular lawn maintenance programs for their Sammamish residential or commercial properties because of the following reasons:

  • Customized Programs
  • Safe and Effective Methods
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Extensive Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction

Are you looking for lawn maintenance services in Sammamish? Look no further. We can give you a healthy, green, turf. Give Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. a call at 425-432-5277, and we will be glad to address all of your questions or concerns.