Planting-Grass-Seed-Newcastle-WAA healthy, dense, lush green lawn is the crowning glory of any yard. However, as most property owners have discovered after repeated attempts, growing and maintaining a robust lawn is easier said than done. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers specialized services for overseeding lawn in Newcastle, WA to help the homes and commercial properties here flaunt beautiful turf areas.

Overseeding means planting grass seed to fill up a lawn that is thinning or has barren soil patches. Many lawns dry out from time to time and the common reasons behind this are:

  • Weed or pest infestation
  • Disease pressure
  • Inadequate watering
  • Poor fertilization

We can come for overseeding lawn and planting grass seed in Newcastle properties to rejuvenate such turf areas. Our company is staffed by highly trained technicians who are highly experienced in planting grass seed.

Whether our services are hired for overseeding an existing lawn or planting grass seed to grow lawn in a new construction, the job is assured to be seamless and successful!

Overseeding Expert Serving the Newcastle Area

Overseeding-Newcastle-WAWhile overseeding works wonders for reviving unhealthy lawns, even well-conditioned lawns can benefit a lot from annual overseeding. Continually planting new grass seed ensures timely replacement of the old, tired grass so that the turf always looks full and robust.

To make the most of your investment in overseeding lawn, you must take care to hire the most competent professionals available in your community to do the job. We are one of the bets people to call for overseeding in Newcastle. Our technicians have in-depth information about all that goes into fruitful overseeding, such as:

  • Best times for planting grass seed
  • Right grass variety and quality
  • Proper soil preparation
  • Correct watering schedule

Interested in Overseeding Lawn in Newcastle? Call Us!

Overseeding-Lawn-Newcastle-WAIf you want your property to have a lawn the sight of which fills you with pleasure and your neighbors with envy, hire none other than us for overseeding lawn in Newcastle. With our highly knowledgeable technicians on the overseeding job, you can look forward to a lawn full of grass that is:

  • A vibrant green in color
  • Resistant to weeds, pests and disease
  • Spread all over, without any bare spots

While overseeding lawn in your property, we work as diligently as we would while growing turf in our home.

Dial 425-358-2779 to hire the services of Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for planting grass seed in your Newcastle property.

planting-grass-seed-redmond-waContrary to what most property owners believe, simply planting grass seed of premium quality does not guarantee a lush, robust lawn. It is no less important to make sure that the grass seed is planted by trained experts who have considerable experience in planting grass seed with success. They should:

  • Know the right time and conditions for planting grass seed
  • Be aware of which turf variety and seed quality should be used
  • Know about the precautions to be taken after planting grass seed

Hire the skilled technicians at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for planting grass seed in Redmond, WA. Whether you need to grow a new lawn or want to get the existing thinned-out or patchy turf areas filled with grass, we have you covered.

Overseeding is a Great Option to Revive Lawns in Redmond Properties

overseeding-redmond-waWe specialize in overseeding services. Overseeding lawn is a wonderful option for reviving lawns that look dull or have bare patches. Lawn installation services do not always result in thick and lush green turfs. Or else, healthy lawns sometimes get diseased or damaged and dry up due to varied reasons, such as:

  • Unsuitable weather conditions
  • Pest or weed infestation
  • Distress from excessive traffic
  • Poor maintenance

We carry out overseeding in Redmond properties to restore such damaged lawns. Our technique of overseeding lawn involves planting grass seed to fill up the dried out or damaged turf areas. Overseeding not only helps the lawn become denser, but also increase the disease resistance capability of the grass. More vibrant green color of the turf is another outcome of overseeding.

To assure the best possible results from overseeding for our Redmond customers, we have the job conducted only by knowledgeable and diligent technicians.

Key Elements for Overseeding Lawn in Redmond Yards Successfully

overseeding-lawn-redmond-waOur technicians never cut corners at the jobs they take up for overseeding lawn in Redmond yards. They work diligently, keeping in mind all the critical factors that affect the success of an overseeding job.  They make sure that the:

  • Soil is properly prepared to receive the seed
  • Temperature and moisture level of the soil is correct
  • Overseeding is done at a time that is right for the chosen turf type
  • Seed gets sufficient watering, etc. to germinate and get established

Not surprisingly, our jobs for overseeding lawn in homes and commercial properties show an impressive success rate!

When it is time for overseeding lawn in your Redmond property, rely only on Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Call 425-358-2779.

planting-grass-seed-black-diamond-waIf you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, you have to start with planting grass seed in your Black Diamond, WA lawn. Planting grass seed is necessary to replenish grass that has been damaged a result of drought, heat stress, or disease.

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc, we are the leaders in planting grass seed. We take planting grass seed very seriously. By planting grass seed, we will help the grass at your home or business to look its very best. Let us increase turf density and improve the overall look and appearance of your yard by planting grass seed in Black Diamond.

We offer:

  • FREE estimates
  • Unmatched lawn care expertise
  • Outstanding customer service

What is Overseeding? How does it Help Black Diamond Lawns?

overseeding-black-diamond-waOverseeding in Black Diamond plays an important role in building and thickening your lawn. Overseeding is the process of adding a new layer of seeds to a lawn. Adding new seeds will keep your lawn looking young and fresh.  Our overseeding service will help to thicken your turf with the finest quality grass seed available.

We carefully choose the types of seed that is best suited for overseeding lawn based on its environment, traffic and other factors. Let our overseeding service thicken up those areas in your yard that are really thin and looking unsightly. Overseeding is ideal for:

  • Lawns which are not as thick as their potential
  • Bare spots caused by lawn diseases or high traffic
  • Property owners who desire a thicker lawn

We recommend combining overseeding with our core aeration services for best results. Overseeding on a freshly aerated lawn will enable the seeds to penetrate into the small holes created during the aeration process.

Should I Hire a Professional for An Overseeding Lawn in Black Diamond?

overseeding-lawn-black-diamond-waOverseeding lawn is a time consuming and labor intensive task. In some cases, it is cheaper and easier to hire a professional for overseeding lawn in Black Diamond. Hiring a professional for overseeding lawn also reduces the chances that you will damage your property and lawn with a DIY attempt.

We offer professional, affordable overseeding services to residential and commercial clients. Here are the reasons why you choose us for overseeding lawn:

  • Thick lawns are naturally resistant to weeds
  • Reduce previous damage and unsightly bare spots
  • The result is a thicker lawn –Sooner!

Learn more about how Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help you improve your lawn with overseeding services in Black Diamond. You can reach us at 425-358-2779.


A beautiful, healthy lawn starts with planting grass seed on your property. If you are thinking of planting grass seed on your Sammamish, WA residential or commercial property, contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc today. We offer professional guidance in choosing the right grass seed mixture for your unique lawn, ensure your lawn is properly prepped for planting grass seed, and apply your grass seed using latest equipment and methods. Our services help to:

  • Develop strong roots
  • Ensure thick, beautiful turf
  • Promote long-term health

We are the go-to lawn care company for planting grass seed in Sammamish. By planting grass seed, we can help your lawn become the envy of the neighborhood. Let our professionals properly assess your lawn and provide you with customized recommendations and programs for planting grass seed.

Benefits of Overseeding Your Sammamish Lawn

overseeding-sammamish-waOverseeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf, without the need to tear up the turf. Overseeding is one of the easiest ways to:

  • Fill in bare spots
  • Improve turf density
  • Enhance lawn color
  • Ensure resistance to disease

If a lawn looks old, or simply “worn out,” or is prone to diseases, overseeding can help. By overseeding lawn, you can improve its overall appearance and health. The new turfgrass will be able to resist damage from drought, diseases and lawn damaging insects.

If you need lawn overseeding in Sammamish, we can help! After a detailed analysis of your lawn, our professionals will design an overseeding technique to improve health and look of your lawn.

Why Choose us for Overseeding Lawn in Sammamish?

overseeding-lawn-sammamish-waWe highly recommend overseeding lawn on an annual basis. By overseeding lawn in Sammamish, property owners can add new grass seed to an existing turf, ensuring it stays healthy and robust. Overseeding lawn helps to resolve a wide range of lawn problems, such as:

  • Poor soil condition
  • Insufficient water
  • Poor air circulation
  • Improper drainage
  • Excess thatch
  • Insufficient sunlight

Overseeding lawn with newer, improved turfgrass is a great way to thicken the lawn and enhance its beauty. We can combine core aeration with lawn overseeding to ensure optimal performance of both lawn care services.

When you choose us for overseeding lawn, you choose a team of professionals who truly care about customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality lawn overseeding services at competitive prices.

For more information on benefits of overseeding lawn in Sammamish, feel free to contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. You can reach us at 425-358-2779.


Planting-Grass-Seed-Issaquah-WAA beautiful lawn enhances any Issaquah, WA property, residential or commercial. Many people believe that growing a lawn is quite simple; just plant the grass seed and Nature does the rest!

However, growing a beautiful lawn is not as easy as planting grass seed in your Issaquah yard. Actually, you will be successful at planting grass seed only if:

  • The soil is prepared well
  • Right grass variety is chosen
  • Adequate watering is provided
  • Planting is done in the right season

Do not waste time in do-it-yourself attempts at planting grass seed in Issaquah. Hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for the job and guarantee a lush lawn in your yard.

When Should Issaquah Residents Consider Overseeding Lawn?

Overseeding-Issaquah-WAFrustrated to have a lack-luster lawn with several bare patches even after planting grass seed of the finest quality? Envy the luxuriant lawn in the neighboring property? Relax! You should consider calling us for overseeding lawn in your Issaquah property.

Overseeding is a technique for thickening the lawn. New grass seed is placed at the bare spots so that grass grows to fill them up. Overseeding in Issaquah is the perfect option when lawns have beautiful, thick grass at some places, but are barren at some other. The uneven growth of grass can be due to varied reasons, including:

  • Disease or pest attack
  • Soil compaction
  • Low soil fertility
  • Summer stress

Our technicians are highly trained at overseeding. After hiring us for overseeding lawn in your Issaquah property, you can look forward to enjoying a flourishing, dense turf area within no time.

Hire Seasoned Experts for Overseeding Lawn in Issaquah

Overseeding-Lawn-Issaquah-WATo get wonderful results that are possible with overseeding lawn in any Issaquah property, it is important that the work be done trained and experienced professionals like us. We have helped numerous home and business owners in the region have their lawns restored through overseeding.

Our technicians know how to ensure excellent outcomes from overseeding lawn in Issaquah properties. They know that planting grass seed at the right time and in the right conditions is critical for its germination and growth. While overseeding lawn in Issaquah, our experts make sure that the:

  • Soil temperature is correct
  • Seed gets correct amount of moisture
  • Weather is such that allows the seed to take root and grow

Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to know if overseeding is the right option to give your Issaquah property an attractive and robust lawn. Call 425-358-2779.

Planting-Grass-Seed-Federal-Way-WAJust like any other living plant, grass becomes weak as it ages. Don’t worry! You can easily revive your lawn by planting grass seed in it. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc is a leading choice for planting grass seed in the Federal Way, WA area.

We offer a wide range of options for planting grass seed in Federal Way properties. These include:

  • Aeration
  • Sodding
  • Overseeding

After evaluating the existing conditions of your property, our lawn care professional will make recommendations to create the best program for planting grass seed in Federal Way. We use high-quality seeds and fertilizer along with the best practices to ensure optimum results after planting grass seed on your Federal Way property.

Importance of Overseeding Your Federal Way Lawn

Overseeding-Federal-Way-WAIt can be quite frustrating when your efforts to grow a healthy, green lawn do not give desired results. That is when our overseeding service steps in. Overseeding is so much more than simply sprinkling seeds across your lawn. Successful overseeding in Federal Way requires knowledge, equipment and follow-through.

Our overseeding program includes all of this and much more. By using cutting-edge equipment, materials, and techniques, we ensure the best possible results from our overseeding services in the Federal Way area.

Benefits of our lawn overseeding service include:

  • Thickens thin lawns
  • Fills in areas of damaged turf
  • Improves overall lawn health

Why Choose us for Overseeding Lawn in Federal Way?

Overseeding-Lawn-Federal-Way-WAOverseeding lawn in Federal Way is one of the best ways to restore it back to a tiptop condition. Overseeding lawn is the process of planting grass seed to fill in bald spots in your turf and to improve the density of your lawn.

The process of overseeding lawn in Federal Way may seem simple, but there is actually a good amount of science to it.

  • When is the best time to do it?
  • How much seed should be used?
  • What kind of turfgrass seed should be used?

When you hire us for overseeding lawn in Federal Way, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is in safe and professional hands. With our professional programs for overseeding lawn in Federal Way, you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, and add continuous value to your property.

To know more about our overseeding services for Federal Way properties, feel free to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Planting-Grass-Seed-North-Bend.When you decide planting grass seed in your North Bend, WA property, there are various questions you may want to consider.

It is important to let a lawn care professional assist in determining the current conditions on your property and making recommendations to design the best suitable program.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., a professional lawn care company, recommends taking advantage of planting grass seed on your North Bend residential and commercial properties.

Being successful at promoting a lush, green lawn takes skills, knowledge and experience. Planting grass seed in North Bend is not as easy as throwing a handful of seed down and expecting them to grow into a thick lawn.

We take the job of planting grass seed very seriously. We maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn year round by practicing following methods for planting grass seed in North Bend:

  • Using only the Highest Quality Seed
  • Incorporating the Seed Intothe Soil
  • Providing the Seedlings a Nutritional Boost

Benefits of Overseeding to North Bend Property Owners

Overseeding-North-Bend.Overseeding lawn in North Bend brings plenty of advantages to both homeowners and property managers. With overseeding in North Bend, you can enjoy:

  • Increase in the density of thin lawns
  • Improved appearance of the lawn
  • Enhancement in the lawn’s ability to fight against diseases

After a detailed analysis of your property, our specialist can recommend the right technique to improve the overall health and beauty of your lawn.

Ideal Time for Overseeding Lawn in North Bend

  • Overseeding-Lawn-North-BendWhen is the best time for overseeding lawn in North Bend?
  • How long does it take for the grass seed to germinate?
  • Are there any maintenance requirements following overseeding lawn?

Our lawn care professional can guide you through all of these factors and give useful tips to restore your current lawn or establish a new one.

With a professionally designed maintenance program for your lawn, you can ensure it keeps on looking healthy and attractive, adding constant value to your residential or commercial property.

Consider our services for overseeding lawn in North Bend to help your lawn become the talk of the town.

Our professionals will select an ideal seed for your unique landscape conditions and design a comprehensive maintenance programs tailored to suit the needs of your property.

If you would like more information about overseeding lawn in North Bend, please feel free to contact a professional at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. by calling 425-432-5277. We look forward to serving your needs.