Planting-Grass-Seed-Auburn-WANothing heightens the beauty of a yard quite like a luxuriant and well-manicured lawn.  However, growing and maintaining such a lawn is easier said than done. One of the secrets to doing this is timely and proper lawn seeding.

There are several factors to be kept in mind while planting grass seed. Desired success from planting grass seed in any Auburn, WA property is possible only if the planting is done:

  • At the right time of the year
  • Using seed of the right grass variety
  • With the right prep work

This is where Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. comes in. A leading full-service landscaping company, we know all there is to know about planting grass seed in Auburn properties. Whether we are hired for planting grass seed to grow a completely new lawn to revive a damaged one, we make sure that the job is done seamlessly.

Overseeding Helps Auburn Residents Enjoy Healthy Lawns

Overseeding-Auburn-WAWe specialize in overseeding lawn areas. Overseeding is a technique for repairing thinning lawns to a lush, healthy condition. It involves planting grass seed in the thinned or barren patches.  The practice of overseeding lawn is especially beneficial in case the turf is made from cool season grasses such as ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. Overseeding is an excellent option for lawns that may have damaged due to insects, disease or drought.

Our company offers specialized services for overseeding in Auburn properties. We ensure outstanding results from this proven technique by ensuring that our overseeding jobs are carried out only by experienced technicians. Those who hire us for overseeding lawn can soon start enjoying a healthy turf that is:

  • Lush green
  • Thick and robust
  • Capable of resisting pests and disease

Hire Our Professionals for Overseeding Lawn in Auburn

Overseeding-Lawn-Auburn-WAIt might seem quite simple, but the process of overseeding has a little science to it. It will result a significant improvement in the density and appearance of the turf only if the professionals doing the overseeding lawn in Auburn know:

  • When is the best time to do it?
  • How much seed is to be used?
  • What can be done to aid seed germination?

Give us a call if you are concerned about your turf health and wish to go in for overseeding lawn.  We will send over thorough professionals that you can trust for an error-free, successful job.

To learn more about how Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help rejuvenate the lawn through overseeding, Auburn residents should call 425-358-2779.