stamped-concrete-federal-way-waIf you are looking to enhance your landscape without spending time and money, consider stamped concrete in Federal Way, WA. Stamped concrete, also known as decorate concrete can mimic the look of:

  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Slate

Stamped concrete surfaces are also low maintenance and easy to clean. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc has stamped concrete that can create a look of different materials. This allows us to create a truly unique and customized look for your landscape. Our team will help you choose the right color and texture for your stamped concrete in Federal Way. We are dedicated to providing our clients with stunning stamped concrete designs for their patios, driveways and walkways.

Beautiful Flagstone Patios for Federal Way Properties

Flagstone-Federal-Way-WALeave your flagstone patio needs in the hands of our experts. We offer top-of-the-line design and installation services for flagstone in Federal Way. We have years of experience offering beautiful flagstone patios at competitive prices and we continue to be best in what we do.

Flagstone is increasing becoming popular among property owners looking for a unique finish and texture in their surfaces. Another benefit of flagstone is that it can resist heavy foot traffic. Flagstone can also perfectly blend with the rest of your landscape. A flagstone patio can add beauty and function to your yard, without costing too much. Not only patios, flagstone is also a versatile material for driveways and fences.

When it comes to flagstone patio design and installation, we always put our best foot forward, getting the job done to your complete satisfaction. Let us make your new flagstone patio envy of the neighborhood.

Our features:

  • Custom design
  • Quality materials
  • Expert installation

Why Choose us to Install Brick Pavers in Federal Way?

brick-pavers-federal-way-waWe specialize in installing brick pavers in both commercial and residential properties. We can install brick pavers in:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Pool decks

Whether you are looking to replace an existing structure, or you need a brand new design and installation, we can install beautiful, elegant brick pavers that you can be proud of. With brick pavers, you can achieve a classic brick look in a fast and affordable manner.

Let us enhance the curb appeal as well as the value of your property with brick pavers in Federal Way. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in brick pavers, and they will help you design the perfect brick patio, driveway, or walkway.

If you are looking to add stamped concrete or flagstone in your Federal Way property, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.

Stamped-Concrete-Newcastle-WAWalkways, driveways and patios are important elements of the landscape in Newcastle, WA properties. These landscaping features can be made from a number of materials, such as:

  • Poured concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Brick pavers

Installation of stamped concrete in Newcastle properties is quite popular because of its exceptional strength and versatility. A delightful mix of beauty and economy are the other features of stamped concrete installations that Newcastle property owners appreciate.

Walkways, driveways, patios, etc, look extremely elegant when made in stamped concrete.  The textured appeal of such structures tends to give a strong character to the landscaping and takes its aesthetics to the next level.

If you dream of a an imposing landscape that leaves you guests and neighbors awe-struck, engage the services of Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for stamped concrete installations in your Newcastle property.

Get A Beautiful Flagstone Patio in Your Newcastle Property

Flagstone-Newcastle-WAIf a stamped concrete patio does not get you excited, you could consider getting a flagstone patio constructed in your Newcastle property. Use of flagstone is the ideal choice if you want a patio that is:

  • Attractive
  • Relaxed and welcoming
  • Neat, non-slippery
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Using flagstone in Newcastle properties for constructing patios guarantees distinctive-looking space for relaxing or entertaining out in the open. A flagstone patio can become the centerpiece of your outdoor living area. Especially, when it installed by skilled professionals like us!

We can help you pick the flagstone for your Newcastle property in the most suitable color. Our technicians can create an innovative patio design. You can also count on them to ensure that the installation is done carefully and seamlessly.

Beautify Your Newcastle Landscape with Walkways in Brick Pavers

Brick-Pavers-Newcastle-WABrick pavers are another option Newcastle property owners can use for their hardscape installations. Walkways and paths made from brick pavers look great. Their understated, natural appearance can take the aesthetics of the yard to another level altogether.

In fact, the use of brick pavers in Newcastle properties is ideal not just for making walkways and sidewalks but also for creating patios and driveways. Whichever surface we install with brick pavers in your Newcastle property, you can rest assured that it will turn to be:

  • Extremely elegant
  • Very durable
  • Most practical and usable

When you want walkways, driveways and patios that enhance the beauty and functionality of your Newcastle property, get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Reach us at 425-358-2779.

Stamped concrete is a concrete which is “stamped” with a specific design or pattern in order to give it a textured appearance.  Stamped concrete is most often stamped to resemble materials, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Tile Stamped-Concrete-North-Bend-WA
  • Wood
  • Marble

Stamped concrete is a more cost effective option over materials that concrete is stamped to resemble. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc can help you improve the appearance and value of your property with stamped concrete in North Bend, WA.

Whether you want stamped concrete for your North Bend driveway, pool deck or backyard patio, trust our professionals to get the job done right, the first time.

Why Add Flagstone to Your North Bend Property?

Flagstone-North-Bend-WAFlagstone is sedimentary sandstone that is available in different colors depending on the material that binds it. Flagstone is a durable, affordable choice for North Bend walkways, patios and areas with heavy foot traffic. When installed properly, flagstone in North Bend can last for many years to come.

We love flagstone because it has various colors, textures, and edges, making flagstone an interesting visual element to any outdoor feature. Other features of flagstone include:

  • Highly versatile
  • Unique and timeless look
  • Blends perfectly with natural rock walls
  • Ideal for construction where a "natural look" is desired

If you are looking to incorporate flagstone in your North Bend property, make sure that you have the right flagstone for the project, as the qualities can differ. You need a professional help to choose the right flagstone for the job, and we are here to do just that.

We work with our clients in North Bend to help them choose and install the right flagstone that will last for years to come.

Why Choose us for Brick Pavers in North Bend?

 Brick-Pavers-North-Bend-WAWe specialize in installing brick pavers in North Bend. We have installed many brick pavers in the North Bend area, and have the experience in working with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Homeowners
  • General contractors
  • Commercial property owners

We meet with our clients to assess the job site and take into consideration all the factors that impact the project and what it will cost to install brick pavers in North Bend.

When you choose us for brick pavers in North Bend, you can rest assured the work will be completed to a superior workmanship.

If you want to transform your property with flagstone and brick pavers in North Bend, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc on 425-358-2779.

Landscape-Mulch-Sammamish-WAStamped concrete, also known as imprinted concrete or textured concrete allows many different types of patterns which convincingly mimic other popular building materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Slate

With diverse range of patterns and colors possible, stamped concrete is a versatile material for outdoor areas. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.  uses stamped concrete to help Sammamish, WA residents enhance their exterior living spaces.

We offer stamped concrete in Sammamish in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patters to improve the curb appeal of your home as well as increase its value.

Let our landscaping company transform your outdoor living space using stamped concrete.

A Flagstone Patio in Sammamish to Mimic the Beauty of Natural Stone

Landscape-Bark-SammamishA flagstone patio for your Sammamish property can improve its value and make it much more fun to live in. Make sure it is installed right, the first time so that you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Flagstone installation in Sammamish just got a whole lot easier. We have an extensive experience in installing flagstone patio for Sammamish homeowners that mimics the beauty and elegance of natural stone at a much affordable price.

Our installers have perfected their techniques and take great pride in their workmanship. We guide our customers from the material selection process through to the installation of flagstone in Sammamish.

Benefits of flagstone include:

  • Natural stone look lasting for years to come
  • Very high durability
  • Rich color with natural variation

Brick Pavers for Walkways, Driveways and Patios in Sammamish

Beauty-Bark-SammamishChoosing an installer is the most crucial decision you will make for your new brick pavers project in Sammamish. We are confident that you will find our installation services for brick pavers along with our close attention to detail to be unparalleled in this industry.

We offer a wide range of brick pavers in Sammamish in multiple sizes and designs to suit your unique style and needs. We use only the best equipment and products when installing pavers for our customers.  We install:

  • Driveways- give an elegant first impression of your property
  • Patios- make your patio picture perfect with brick pavers
  • Walkways- showcase your landscaping with brick pavers in walkways

For more information about our brick pavers in Sammamish, please give Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.  a call today at 425-432-5277. We are looking forward to working with you and helping you design and transform the outdoor space of your residential or commercial property.