Hydroseeding-Federal-Way-WAGrowing a robust turf area is not easy. Grass hydroseeding is the easiest, fastest and most economical method of creating a lush lawn. In lawn hydroseeding, the grass seed, mulch, fertilizer tackifier and water are sprayed together on the soil surface in one quick step. Thereon, the slurry results within no time in germination of seed.

Grass hydroseeding in Federal Way, WA has proven to be much more efficient and successful than dry seeding or broadcasting. Moreover, it offers the benefit of getting a sod-quality lawn at a fraction of the cost of sodding.

The other factors that make lawn hydroseeding in Federal Way residential and commercial properties a good choice include:

  • Application is completed very quickly
  • Lawn gets established in a short time
  • Grass seed is pest-resistant
  • Seed is not washed away by water or wind  

It helps that the bright green slurry does not stain the walkways and other surfaces it might get sprayed on accidently.

Lawn Hydroseeding Services in Federal Way

Lawn-Hydroseeding-Federal-Way-WACedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the expert to call when you need top-notch services for lawn hydroseeding in Federal Way. Home and business owners in the community can engage the services of our hydroseeding experts for:

  • Installing new lawns
  • Re-turfing existing ill-grown lawns
  • Growing lawns with custom seed blends
  • Turfing a sloped land parcel

We can carry out lawn hydroseeding in any big or small area to create an attractive and healthy turf there.  Our landscaping company is staffed by technicians who are trained and experienced in grass hydroseeding. We provide them with all the necessary equipment including truck/trailer mounted tank to enable them to perform lawn hydroseeding rapidly, smoothly and efficiently.

We Ensure Great Results From Grass Hydroseeding in Federal Way

Grass-Hydroseeding-Federal-Way-WABeing highly experienced landscapers, we know all that goes into growing a beautiful, thick, luxuriant and vibrant turf from grass hydroseeding in Federal Way properties. Our technicians ensure successful results on the jobs they take up by taking care to:

  • Prepare the soil well for receiving the hydroseed mulch
  • Use top-grade turf mix
  • Consider all relevant factors like soil type, terrain, sun/shade conditions, etc.

We also make sure to educate our customers about the correct watering and other upkeep requirements depending on the time of the year and the climatic conditions when the grass hydroseeding is done.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 to know more about the lawn hydroseeding services we offer for Federal Way residents.