Irrigation Sprinklers Installation - Answer to Fixing Dead Spots and Burned Grass


Are you coming to a close of the warm season with those ugly dead or brown patches in your lawn? Or do you have an unreliable irrigation sprinkler system that spits and spurts or sends a geyser 10 feet into the air?

It’s time! Your vintage irrigation system may be ready for replacement or repair, or you may be ready to expand your existing irrigation sprinkler to compensate for spray pattern imperfections, or you’ve had it with dragging hoses around and are ready for a new irrigation sprinklers installation.

When we install an irrigation system you can expect:

  • Proper hydration without over-watering
  • Maximum irrigation sprinkler coverage with no dead spots
  • Professional technician installation
  • Follow-on expert irrigation system repair

Call Cedar County Landscaping for irrigation sprinklers installation, maintenance and timely repair service in North Bend.

An Irrigation Sprinkler Can Be One of Your Best Friends!


Even if others question your best friends, we know better!

There are many benefits related to an irrigation sprinklers installation for landscapes, such as:

  • Water conservation
  • Cost and time savings
  • Preservation of soil structure and nutrients

As we wind down from a warm summer, this is a perfect time to call us for an irrigation sprinklers installation. Or if you have an irrigation sprinkler that is giving you trouble at every turn, we have professionally trained irrigation system technicians who can make those repairs spot-on without further aggravation on your part.

Irrigation System – New Installation, Repair Service or Expansion?


We have all bases covered for homeowners in North Bend with an irrigation system. What are your needs?

This is an excellent time for a new irrigation sprinklers installation or expansion of your existing irrigation sprinkler system to prepare your yard for the frigid months ahead.

The rule of thumb for thinking about winterizing is when the beautiful green leaves on your tress have started to turn to vibrant red, orange or yellow. If you are asking why you should winterize, consider that:

  • System maintenance is essential in keeping it operational
  • Failure to winterize brings those pesky cracks and breaks in the lines
  • Improper winterization can create back flow failure

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