Installation of Landscape Lighting Will Earn You Full Boasting Rights!


You’ve completed all of your landscaping and hardscapes – some of it by the sweat of your brow - but that beauty is visible only during daylight hours because you have no landscape lighting!

To earn full boasting rights, call in the landscape lights team to showcase the beauty of your efforts. Here are some landscape lighting options:

  • Patio or deck lighting
  • Pathway highlighting from overhead
  • Exterior home uplighting
  • Outdoor lights for lighting special specimen trees and focal points

And remember that outdoor security lights provide a simple but essential safety element.

We’re professionals at Cedar County Landscaping who know how to provide landscape lights that emphasize the beauty of the landscapes in Snoqualmie.

Outdoor Lights That Are Light Years Ahead of Your Neighbors!


With the right selection of outdoor lights and smart placement of amazing landscape lights, you can enjoy your backyard well into the evening hours.

It’s like having an additional room!

If you want to highlight focal points in your yard, such as garden ponds or fountains, outdoor lights can transform your yard into a beautiful paradise.

These are some ways of drawing attention to your landscaping features or creating spectacular evening ambiance with specific types of landscape lighting:

  • Flood lights for lighting large areas like decks and patios
  • Spotlights and landscape lights to accent water features and sculptures
  • Recessed outdoor lights mounted into walkway, patio and driveway surfaces

As professionals, we understand the importance of placing the focus what is being seen with landscape lighting, not on the actual lights.

Well Chosen Landscape Lights Help Avoid Pathway Stumbles


Careful choices and professional installation of landscape lights on pathways may be one of the wisest decisions you can make.

Landscape lighting is essential for directing people safely along pathways, gardens, patios and pools at night.

Lighting effects are frequently overlooked, but provide a significant effect on landscape design, such as:

  • Highlighting focal points
  • Safety and security enhancement
  • Creating a beautiful outdoor entertaining atmosphere

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