A New Landscape Installation to Launch a New Season in Enumclaw


So you’re ready to take the plunge this fall with a new landscape installation and seasonal bursts of color but you don’t want a hodgepodge.

Here are some basic landscaping necessities, ideas and strategies with the integration of some “nice to haves”:

  • It all starts with landscape construction from the ground up
  • Installation of irrigation system
  • Installation of natural grass or synthetic turf
  • Yard plantings of floral plants, shrubs and trees
  • Breathtaking outdoor living spaces
  • Swimming pool, fountains and hardscapes that make it extraordinary

Sounds complicated? Call Cedar County Landscaping to create the essence of a perfect landscape oasis around your home.

Landscape Construction is so Much More than Mow, Blow and Go!


The term “landscape” finds its origin in 17th Century Dutch painting terms meaning land or region. A later German interpretation came into common usage in the mid 1880’s meaning a tract of land with its distinguishing characteristics.

We like to refer to landscape construction very simply as an enhancement of the natural environment that goes far beyond “mow, blow and go”!

As professional contractors, we are interested in framing the entire new landscape installation starting with landscape construction. Some of what we do includes:

  • Installing a beautiful lawn
  • Providing proper drainage
  • Installing an irrigation system
  • Creating a natural screen with trees, plants, hedges and shrubbery

And our entire new landscape installation is done while keeping one eye on the preservation and maintenance of the natural pristine beauty because we learned early on not to mess with Mother Nature!

A Professional Landscape Installation Spells Extraordinary!

Flagstone Pathway Around Pond

Every new landscape installation from perfectly manicured to wild and natural is a joie de’vivre experience for us!

So what exactly is it? Basically, it includes such installations as:

  • New floral bed preparations
  • Shrubs, hedges and even specimen trees
  • Top-dressing with hardwood mulch
  • Hardscapes such as boulders, water features and retaining walls
  • Decks and patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor living spaces

Our goal for new landscape construction and installation is to ensure that every aspect is complimentary to other structures and installations, and providing added curb appeal.

Call Cedar County Landscaping for landscape construction services and an extraordinary installation in Enumclaw. 425-432-5277