Underground water line leak in any Burien, WA home can be a costly plumbing problem for the homeowner. A whole lot of problems can crop up due to leaking water mains. Inside the house, the leakage can result in ruined wood floors, carpeting, wall surfaces and furnishings.

The quantity and quality of potable water supply may also be adversely affected. Outdoors, a leaky water service line can lead to yard or landscape damage.

Needless to say, there is no time to waste in getting the necessary underground water line repair done. The best way to ensure timely underground water line repair in Burien homes is by recognizing the common indicators of water line leak or damage. These include:   

  • Discoloration in drinkable water
  • Decreased water pressure all over the house
  • Rumbling/hissing sounds from where water line from street enters the home
  • Increased water bills
  • Unexplained wet spots in the lawn/yard
  • Moisture in the basement

Underground Water Line Repair Burien

It is no good taking timely action to fix leaking or busted water service line if the right people are not called in for making the repairs. Accurate, effective, lasting and reliable underground water line repair in Burien homes is possible only when the technicians who are entrusted with the job:

  • Plan the work carefully
  • Know how to locate the exact source of water line leak
  • Have advanced tools and technologies to make the repairs
  • Use top-grade piping and other plumbing supplies
  • Are aware of the local plumbing codes

If you need underground water line repair services and are looking for accomplished technicians that you can rely on, place a call to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Burien Water Line Leak

Our company specializes in residential water line leak repairs. Whether your water service line has a leaky joint or a crack that could lead to pipe rupture in some time, we are the underground water line repair specialists to call.

We realize that water line leak in Burien homes should never be taken lightly. While it is your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that signs of leakage are not ignored, we do all that we can possibly do to minimize the havoc created by water line leak. We:

  • Respond fast to calls for repairs
  • Send skilled crew to detect and fix the leakage
  • Make repairs that stand the test of time

For the finest in residential underground water line repair services in the Burien area, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

Some properties feature sharp gradient changes. These create difficulties in landscape installation since surface runoffs and soil erosion is a common issue in such yards. However, landscapers have found an excellent solution to this. They construct retaining walls that provide support to the soil and act as a buffer to landslides.

The basic role of a retaining wall in any Burien, WA property is to hold back soil and provide a flat area that can be landscaped. However, there are several other functions that retaining walls can perform in the yard. A retaining wall can be used for:

  • Creating an eye-catching focal point in the yard
  • Providing extra seating in the outdoors
  • Giving a distinctive terraced look to the landscape
  • Providing privacy to the property

There are many materials that can be used for constructing retaining wall in Burien properties. Retaining walls can be made with timber, natural stone, brick, concrete blocks, rocks or boulders.

Rock Garden Burien

Besides slope issues, another topography feature that makes landscaping a yard difficult is a stony terrain. A great idea for working around this problem is construction of a rock garden. Actually, a rockery or rock garden adds such a unique aesthetic element to the landscape that many property owners get it constructed even if their yard has normal, fertile soil.

Addition of a rock garden in Burien properties increases yard beauty by giving the place a unique, natural and rugged character. It also brings the benefits of conservation of water and reduced yard maintenance hassles.

We at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. specialize in rock garden design and installation. Our landscapers can strategically arrange boulders of different sizes and shapes to create a beautiful rock garden. They can also incorporate into the rock garden:

  • Vibrant flowers
  • Hardy plants
  • Innovatively placed lightning

Burien Retaining Walls

We also have the knowledge, skills and experience to install retaining walls that are:

  • Attractive
  • Sturdy, straight and stable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable

Our technicians take a detail-oriented approach to all jobs that come our way for construction of retaining walls in Burien homes or commercial properties. Whether our clients go in for retaining wall installation to avoid soil erosion or for improving the visual appeal of their outdoor living area, we assure them of top-notch services.

We get the retaining wall installation done as per local codes and use high-grade materials for making the retaining walls.

Call 425-358-2779 to hire the experts at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for retaining wall or rock garden construction in Burien.

Retaining-Wall-Ravensdale-WARetaining wall is one of the hardscape elements that are installed in a yard to increase its visual appeal as well as functionality.

Installation of retaining walls in Ravensdale, WA properties is generally planned if the yard is sloped and presents soil erosion issues. However, it need not always be so. A retaining wall is an extremely versatile structure and can be used for a number of applications.

Besides resolving grading problems and increasing the usable yard space, construction of retaining wall in Ravensdale properties can be done for:

  • Creating a unique-looking terraced landscape
  • Giving a casual, rustic look to the place
  • Defining specific sections of the yard
  • Providing extra sitting space in the outdoor living areas

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. specializes in retaining wall design and installation. We can create retaining walls to meet all sorts of needs. Our expertise includes making retaining walls with wood, rocks, and interlocking blocks.


Want a Rock Garden in Your Ravensdale Property? Call Us!

Rock-Garden-Ravensdale-WAYet another hardscape feature we are expert at installing is a rock garden. Building a rockery or rock garden is a fantastic way of adding unique texture, depth, color and character to the landscape.

You can have your rock garden in Ravensdale made solely with innovative arrangement of boulders, stones and pebbles or get one created with delicate plantings and vibrant flowers peeking out of the rocks.

We can construct a custom-designed rock garden in your yard. Depending on the available yard space and your budget, we can make a miniature rockery in a container or an elaborate rock garden. Whatever the case, you can count on us for an installation that is:

  • Eye-catching
  • Seamless
  • Build to last long


Hire Us for Constructing Solid Retaining Walls in Ravensdale Yards

Retaining-Walls-Ravensdale-WAConstruction of retaining walls is a job for experienced professionals. Hiring a technician who does not recognize that retaining walls are unlike an ordinary wall can be a big mistake.

Improper construction of retaining walls in Ravensdale properties invariably results in significant landscaping damage after collapse of retaining wall.

We understand the science behind retaining wall construction and can be trusted to build solid, durable and reliable retaining walls. Our skilled technicians:

  • Follow the local zoning codes for retaining wall construction
  • Incorporate suitable drainage system to manage water run-off
  • Use top-grade materials for building retaining walls
  • Never rush through the construction

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the #1 choice for rock garden and retaining wall installation in Ravensdale properties. Call (425) 358-2779.

Retaining-Wall-Federal-Way-WADo you have a sloped or elevated yard in your property? If yes, then consider installing a retaining wall in your Federal Way, WA property. A retaining wall allows you make these sloped yards a focal point in a visually appealing way.

When designed and installed properly, a retaining wall can help to:

  • Hold back soil
  • Control soil erosion
  • Improve site drainage

If you are considering a retaining wall in Federal Way, let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. help. There is no need to worry how retaining walls would complement the style of your yard or landscaping. We can design and build retaining walls using many different types of materials.

We want to give you a retaining wall that not only improves your property’s functionality, but that also blends with the surroundings.


Add Beauty to Your Landscaping with a Rock Garden in Federal Way

Rock-Garden-Federal-Way-WAA rock garden can bring a natural beauty to any landscaping. Other advantages of a rock garden include:

  • Adds a visual interest to a garden
  • Makes landscape look bigger
  • Looks great throughout the year
  • Can tolerate extreme weather conditions

Another great benefit of installing a rock garden to your landscape is improved aesthetics and property value. We have the knowledge and expertise to create a gorgeous rock garden in Federal Way.

Whether you need a rock garden for a small or large space, we are ready for the job. We help both commercial and residential clients with their rock garden needs. Our designers work closely with each one of our clients to make sure the finished product matches their exact visions and specifications.


Why Choose Us for Retaining Walls in Federal Way?

Retaining-Walls-Federal-Way-WARetaining walls involve plenty of work. That is why it is essential to hire a landscaping company with the knowledge, experience and equipment to build retaining walls that are:

  • Sturdy
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting

That is where we come in. When you choose us for retaining walls in Federal Way, you choose years of industry knowledge and experience. We can construct retaining walls in many different colors, shapes and textures.

We develop a custom retaining wall design plan for your property. Rest assured our retaining walls are designed and constructed to provide years of enjoyment.

If you are curious how much will your rock garden project cost in Federal Way, please feel free to get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for a free estimate. (425) 358-2779.

Hardscape-Federal-Way-WALooking to improve your outdoor spaces? Hardscapes are a great way to start. When planning your hardscape design project in Federal Way, WA, it is essential to meet your goals with the space. You not only want your hardscape to look amazing, but you also want your hardscape to be functional.

If you need a hardscape in Federal Way, look no further than us. Hardscape design and construction is our specialty. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers both residential and commercial hardscapes. We utilize only the finest quality materials to build a beautiful hardscape that blends seamlessly with your landscape. By combining innovative hardscape design ideas and durable, long-lasting materials, we improve the look and feel of your outdoor spaces.

We can design and build many different types of hardscapes, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete pavers
  • Walkways
  • Fire Pits
  • Patios
  • Driveways


Customized Hardscape Design for your Federal Way Property

Hardscape-Design-Federal Way-WAWhen it comes to creating a hardscape design in Federal Way, we take into consideration your unique needs and visions. Now matter how simple or intricate your hardscape design needs may be, we will work hard to ensure your hardscapes best match your specifications. We can easily work within any budget and provide recommendations that will meet your end goal of a beautiful hardscape. Let us help you:

  • Add long lasting beauty to your property
  • Extend your outdoor living spaces
  • Enhance outdoor entertainment


Why Choose us for Hardscapes in Federal Way?

Hardscapes-Federal-Way-WAHardscapes can add value to any residential or commercial landscape. We have many years of experience creating hardscapes. When you need hardscapes, we can customize a plan to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor spaces. We provide unmatched craftsmanship when designing and constructing hardscapes in Federal Way. Our skilled and experienced team is ready to help you bring your hardscape visions to life.

We provide top-notch hardscapes at a fair price. Complete client satisfaction is our priority. Customers choose us for hardscapes because we are fast, friendly and professional. We not only build beautiful hardscapes—we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Below are a few other benefits of choosing us for hardscapes:

  • Wide range of material choices
  • Custom designs that suit your personal style
  • Latest tools and equipment for every hardscaping project

Feel free to call the team at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to find our how we can help you design and build beautiful hardscapes in Federal Way. You can reach us at (425) 358-2779.

Hardscape-Ravensdale-WAIf the yard space allows, its landscaping should not be limited to just the turf and plantings but be supplemented with a few hardscape elements.

Hardscapes refer to structures such as pathways, retaining walls, fire pits, arbors, patios and water features. Hardscape design in Ravensdale, WA properties improves the landscaping drastically by creating:

  • Visual diversity
  • Texture
  • Depth

However, addition of hardscapes is sometimes not an option but a necessity. A yard with a rocky terrain or sloping land that may seem impossible to landscape can be transformed into a breathtaking beautiful and sustainable landscape through innovative hardscape design ideas.

Whether you are interested in installation of hardscape in Ravensdale for aesthetic or functional reasons, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is here to give shape to your vision.

Our full-service landscaping company can install hardscapes in yards of any size and shape.


Creative Hardscape Design Ideas for Ravensdale Properties

Hardscape-Design-Ravensdale-WAWith an eye on creating stylish yard spaces, we customize our hardscape design services and put forth unique ideas for hardscapes on every project that comes our way.

We do realize that ultimately the landscape should be just what the property owner had envisioned. So, we use our creativity for hardscape design in Ravensdale properties with the specific requirements, aspirations and, of course, budget of the customer in mind.

While there are a number of hardscape design features that property owners can have us incorporate in their landscaping, we also offer them several options in materials used for building the hardscapes. These include:

  • Rocks and boulders
  • Stamped concrete
  • Wood
  • Gravel, stone and brick

Call us today to know more about our hardscape design services.


Get Low-Maintenance Hardscapes in Ravensdale

Hardscapes-Ravensdale-WAThere is no denying the fact that landscape installation can turn out to be big waste of time, effort and money if the yard is not maintained properly. Another sad truth is that maintaining the landscape is not as simple as it sounds.

The good news is that installation of hardscapes in Ravensdale properties makes sustaining yard beauty and functionality for the long term a lot easier.

Property owners can hire us to install hardscapes not just for increasing usable space in their yard and enhancing the outdoor aesthetics, but also for minimizing their yard maintenance headaches.

We install hardscape features that:

  • Do not require frequent chores like pruning, mowing, etc.
  • Are water-efficient
  • Stand up to the elements
  • Last for years

Choose Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for design and installation of hardscapes in Ravensdale properties. Call (425) 358-2779.

retaining-wall-installation-issaquah-waLandscaping of yards generally involves a judicious combination of turf areas, plantings and hardscape features.

Retaining wall is one of the most common hardscape installations.

Retaining wall installation in Issaquah, WA properties serves both functional and aesthetic purpose. Typically retaining walls are meant for leveling out sloped yards and support soil to prevent erosion.

However, retaining wall installation can also be done for giving a distinctive character to the landscape with terracing, providing interesting seating spots in the yard and distinguishing specific landscaping features.

Make the best possible use of retaining walls in your property by hiring the experts at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for retaining wall installation in Issaquah. Construction of strong, efficient retaining walls calls for specialized knowledge and skills.

Our experienced technicians know what all goes into seamless retaining wall installation. Whether working with concrete, paver stones or timber, we get retaining wall installation done:

  • Using top-quality materials
  • As per the local building codes
  • With proper drainage solutions

We Do Patio Installation for Issaquah Properties

patio-installation-issaquah-waOur company ensures similar high standards of workmanship on patio installation jobs.

Well-designed patio is a great asset for the backyard. Investing in patio installation is something that no property owner will ever regret!

We are the right people to call for patio installation in Issaquah by the discerning home and business owners who want to enjoy unforgettable experiences in their outdoor living areas. We:

  • Offer many material options for patios (stamped concrete, paver stones, etc.)
  • Are guided by the customer’s ideas and needs
  • Work diligently to ensure neat, flawless patio installation

The patios made by us not only provide excellent space for relaxing or entertaining in the open, but also allow property owners to showcase their sense of style.

Use Paver Stones for Hardscape Surfaces in Your Issaquah Yard

paver-stones-issaquah-waOpt for paver stones if you want beautiful hardscape structures that can bear harsh weather conditions and last for the long-term.

When it comes to strength and durability, not many materials can compare with paver stones.

We recommend the use of paver stones in Issaquah properties for hardscape surfaces because of unique features like:

  • Quick installation
  • Stylish looks and evergreen appeal
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy and fast repairs
  • Amazing durability

Whether your project involves walkway, driveway or patio installation, paver stones are a good choice.

Planning to go in for patio installation in your Issaquah property? Looking for retaining wall installation experts? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

new-landscape-sammamish-waAn attractively landscaped yard shows off the property to great advantage. Meanwhile, flourishing plant life makes a significant improvement in the quality of air in the surroundings.

Here are some other economic, health, environmental and social effects of that landscape installation in Sammamish, WA properties–

  • Reducing heating/cooling expenses
  • Boosting curb appeal
  • Providing cleaner air
  • Decreasing stress levels
  • Increasing property value
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Lowering heat and noise; improving livability of communities

Landscape construction is highly beneficial for property owners, whether they use the place themselves or sell/rent it out.

However, all these advantages can be enjoyed only when seasoned professionals are hired for design and installation of new landscape in Sammamish properties.

Landscape construction calls for specialized knowledge, skills and equipment. When untrained property owners attempt DIY new landscape installation, it becomes obvious to others through the below-par results.

Hiring Landscape Construction Services in Sammamish

landscape-construction-sammamish-waCedar County Landscaping, Inc. is a contractor you can rely on for efficient handling of your project for new landscape construction in Sammamish.

Actually, you will agree that we are the right landscaping company to work with if you know exactly which things to consider while evaluating different options and before signing up someone for your new landscape installation project.

While hiring landscaping construction services, you should look for a company with:

  • Reasonably long experience in the industry
  • Exhaustive knowledge of landscaping and the local climatic conditions
  • Skilled manpower and advanced equipment for landscape installation
  • Reputation for being ethical, service-oriented, customer-friendly
  • Upfront pricing system

We have been the #1 choice for new landscape design and construction in this region since 1995. And, that is because we offer everything that property owners want in their landscape construction contractor.

Optimize Your Investment in Landscape Installation in Sammamish

landscape-installation-sammamish-waAs passionate landscapers, we strive to excel ourselves on every new landscape installation project.

Whether you hire us for landscaping a newly-built property or for breathing fresh life into the existing yard with a re-installed landscape, we aim for exceptional outcomes.

Our foremost goal is to help you get maximum pleasure and optimal returns from your investment in landscape installation in Sammamish. Therefore, we plan our landscape construction services around a combination of:

  • Your vision and needs
  • The potential offered by your yard for landscaping
  • Our creativity and expertise

Call (425) 358-2779 to know more about services offered by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for new landscape construction in Sammamish.

retaining-wall-installation-kirkland-waA retaining wall installation not only makes your outdoor spaces more interesting, it can also help to eliminate soil erosion.

We are one of the most premier retaining wall installation companies serving Kirkland, WA and its nearby areas.

Retaining wall installation in Kirkland is fast, easy and stress-free with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. We have been providing retaining wall installation services for years.

We can design and install retaining walls in all kinds of properties, including:

  • Flat yards
  • Hilly areas
  • Landscapes with rock features

No matter the layout of your commercial or residential property, we provide a custom retaining wall installation to suit the unique needs and challenges of your landscape.

Professional Patio Installation Services in Kirkland

patio-installation-kirkland-waA well-designed and installed patio not only adds beauty to your property, it also serves a range of useful functions.

A patio installation provides a great place to entertain and relax. Not only this, it also helps to improve the market value of a property.

We provide professional patio installation services at reasonable rates. With a wide range of materials choices and a passion to create stunning spaces, we provide patio installation services that satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Below are the reasons to hire us for your patio installation needs:

  • Unmatched customer service
  • Superior workmanship
  • Finest quality materials

Let us help you transform your outdoor space with a custom patio installation in Kirkland. With us, you can expect excellent patio installation results.

Benefits of Choosing Paver Stones for your Project in Kirkland

paver-stones-kirkland-waWhen it comes to design choices and durability, no other material is a better choice than paver stones.

Whether you are fond of the classic look of brick or you desire natural slate textures, you are sure to find paver stones that will suit your preferences. Should paver stones ever get damaged, repairing or replacing the broken ones is fast and easy.

Some other benefits of paver stones include:

  • Eco friendly
  • Resistant to cracks
  • Easy to maintain

However, to enjoy their full benefits, paver stones must be installed by a professional landscaper. We have many years of experience installing paver stones in Kirkland.

We will assess your needs, outdoor space and budget to determine the right paver stone design and install process.

Feel free to call the experts at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to find out how we can help you with your retaining wall installation needs in Kirkland. Get in touch with us on (425) 358-2779.

new-landscape-black-diamond-waNew landscape installation can increase the look and value of your property.

Let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. enhance your curb appeal and add value to your property through new landscape design and installation in Black Diamond, WA.

We offer comprehensive new landscape and hardscape services, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Driveways

Design is critical when creating a new landscape in Black Diamond. Call us to schedule an initial design consultation.

We look forward to working with you to develop a customized new landscape design plan for your property. A new outdoor living space is just a phone call away.

Landscape Construction in Black Diamond- On Time, On Budget

landscape-construction-black-diamond-waNeed a landscape that is both beautiful and functional? It is exactly what we specialize in.

We have many years of experience providing landscape construction services to residential and commercial clients. We service many properties including but not limited to:

  • Residential homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Homeowners’ Associations
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls

We give close attention to detail when it comes to landscape construction. Our goal is to provide you with a professional and minimally disruptive landscape construction in Black Diamond. We only employ highly trained and experienced people that are committed to delivering excellent results.

We give safety the number one priority, and use only the latest tools and equipment. By incorporating quality into your landscape construction from the very start, we ensure that you enjoy it for many years to come.

Hire us for your Landscape Installation Needs in Black Diamond

  • landscape-installation-black-diamond-waDoes your dull, boring front  yard need an upgrade?
  • Looking to add your favorite flowers around the lawn?
  • Want to improve the beauty and comfort of your backyard?

No matter what your needs, we are the right landscaping company for landscape installation in Black Diamond. Our landscape installation process is customized to meet your needs, goals and budget.

Our designers will meet with you to discuss your requirements, and create a landscape installation plan that will bring your unique visions to life.

Your landscaping is the reflection of your lifestyle, so let us help you with landscape installation that impresses your guests, your visitors and your clients.

If you would like any further information on our landscape construction services for Black Diamond homes and business properties, please do not hesitate to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. on (425) 358-2779 today.