Stamped Concrete to Complete Your Outdoor Living Spaces

 Is the concrete slab of your Kent and surrounding area home drab and uninviting? We have the crew to liven it up with decorative stamped concrete!

We’ll convert your outdoor patio to something quite dynamic by expanding your current living area to the beautiful outdoors with quality stamped concrete.

It’s spring, and it’s time to freshen the areas around your Kent and surrounding area home where you prefer to spend time with family and friends. Try a timeless update with stamped concrete. Continue reading

Bulldozer Work and Landscape Construction Services


 You know what they say about boys and their toys. Well, we have a crew who is passionate about bulldozer work, land clearing and site preparation in the Kent and surrounding area!

 And this crew is ready to begin bulldozer work, land clearing and site preparation on your Kent and surrounding area property.

We have heavy equipment with professional operators to tackle the toughest land clearing and site preparation projects including earth moving bulldozer work for projects in the Kent area and beyond, such as: Continue reading

A Landscape Design to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Landscape-Design-Kent-WA Because of added curb appeal and value to your home, professional landscape design plans by our landscape designer provide an outstanding investment while fulfilling your desire for a landscape design paradise in the Kent area and beyond.

You play an active role, along with our landscape designer, in preparing a landscape design in the Kent area and beyond that includes:

  • Aesthetic preferences
  • A landscape design vision
  • Long-term property maintenance preferences
  • Unique landscape design plans

Continue reading

It’s Tune Up Time for Irrigation Systems

 Here we are in the middle of spring, summer is on the way, and you’re one of many owners of irrigation systems wondering if the lawn sprinkler system will start up for this season, or if you will need some sprinkler repair for your lawn, garden or overall landscaping.

It’s kind of like the family car that has not been used during the cold winter months and needs that periodic tune-up, or in the case of irrigation systems, an irrigation start-up. Now is the perfect time for lawn sprinkler system and sprinkler repair. Continue reading

Planting Grass Seed on Home and Business Property

Planting-Grass-Kent-WA When we think spring, we think of planting grass seed for clients in the Kent and surrounding area.

Whether you are preparing a new lawn, or improving an existing one, the cooler temperatures and spring rain showers provide perfect elements for planting grass seed in the Kent area and beyond.

As professionals in planting grass seed and overseeding in the Kent and Continue reading

Landscape Mulch for Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Have you noticed that your landscape mulch seems to disappear over time? Decomposition happens!

Actually, landscape mulch in the Kent and surrounding area serves a healthy purpose by providing insulation that keeps the soil beneath moist and cool.

Removal of landscape mulch, landscape bark or beauty bark in the Kent and surrounding area may be required in the spring to avoid smothering spring plants. Continue reading