planting-grass-seed-black-diamond-waIf you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, you have to start with planting grass seed in your Black Diamond, WA lawn. Planting grass seed is necessary to replenish grass that has been damaged a result of drought, heat stress, or disease.

At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc, we are the leaders in planting grass seed. We take planting grass seed very seriously. By planting grass seed, we will help the grass at your home or business to look its very best. Let us increase turf density and improve the overall look and appearance of your yard by planting grass seed in Black Diamond.

We offer:

  • FREE estimates
  • Unmatched lawn care expertise
  • Outstanding customer service

What is Overseeding? How does it Help Black Diamond Lawns?

overseeding-black-diamond-waOverseeding in Black Diamond plays an important role in building and thickening your lawn. Overseeding is the process of adding a new layer of seeds to a lawn. Adding new seeds will keep your lawn looking young and fresh.  Our overseeding service will help to thicken your turf with the finest quality grass seed available.

We carefully choose the types of seed that is best suited for overseeding lawn based on its environment, traffic and other factors. Let our overseeding service thicken up those areas in your yard that are really thin and looking unsightly. Overseeding is ideal for:

  • Lawns which are not as thick as their potential
  • Bare spots caused by lawn diseases or high traffic
  • Property owners who desire a thicker lawn

We recommend combining overseeding with our core aeration services for best results. Overseeding on a freshly aerated lawn will enable the seeds to penetrate into the small holes created during the aeration process.

Should I Hire a Professional for An Overseeding Lawn in Black Diamond?

overseeding-lawn-black-diamond-waOverseeding lawn is a time consuming and labor intensive task. In some cases, it is cheaper and easier to hire a professional for overseeding lawn in Black Diamond. Hiring a professional for overseeding lawn also reduces the chances that you will damage your property and lawn with a DIY attempt.

We offer professional, affordable overseeding services to residential and commercial clients. Here are the reasons why you choose us for overseeding lawn:

  • Thick lawns are naturally resistant to weeds
  • Reduce previous damage and unsightly bare spots
  • The result is a thicker lawn –Sooner!

Learn more about how Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help you improve your lawn with overseeding services in Black Diamond. You can reach us at 425-358-2779.