Planting-Grass-Seed-Newcastle-WAA healthy, dense, lush green lawn is the crowning glory of any yard. However, as most property owners have discovered after repeated attempts, growing and maintaining a robust lawn is easier said than done. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers specialized services for overseeding lawn in Newcastle, WA to help the homes and commercial properties here flaunt beautiful turf areas.

Overseeding means planting grass seed to fill up a lawn that is thinning or has barren soil patches. Many lawns dry out from time to time and the common reasons behind this are:

  • Weed or pest infestation
  • Disease pressure
  • Inadequate watering
  • Poor fertilization

We can come for overseeding lawn and planting grass seed in Newcastle properties to rejuvenate such turf areas. Our company is staffed by highly trained technicians who are highly experienced in planting grass seed.

Whether our services are hired for overseeding an existing lawn or planting grass seed to grow lawn in a new construction, the job is assured to be seamless and successful!

Overseeding Expert Serving the Newcastle Area

Overseeding-Newcastle-WAWhile overseeding works wonders for reviving unhealthy lawns, even well-conditioned lawns can benefit a lot from annual overseeding. Continually planting new grass seed ensures timely replacement of the old, tired grass so that the turf always looks full and robust.

To make the most of your investment in overseeding lawn, you must take care to hire the most competent professionals available in your community to do the job. We are one of the bets people to call for overseeding in Newcastle. Our technicians have in-depth information about all that goes into fruitful overseeding, such as:

  • Best times for planting grass seed
  • Right grass variety and quality
  • Proper soil preparation
  • Correct watering schedule

Interested in Overseeding Lawn in Newcastle? Call Us!

Overseeding-Lawn-Newcastle-WAIf you want your property to have a lawn the sight of which fills you with pleasure and your neighbors with envy, hire none other than us for overseeding lawn in Newcastle. With our highly knowledgeable technicians on the overseeding job, you can look forward to a lawn full of grass that is:

  • A vibrant green in color
  • Resistant to weeds, pests and disease
  • Spread all over, without any bare spots

While overseeding lawn in your property, we work as diligently as we would while growing turf in our home.

Dial 425-358-2779 to hire the services of Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for planting grass seed in your Newcastle property.