planting-grass-seed-redmond-waContrary to what most property owners believe, simply planting grass seed of premium quality does not guarantee a lush, robust lawn. It is no less important to make sure that the grass seed is planted by trained experts who have considerable experience in planting grass seed with success. They should:

  • Know the right time and conditions for planting grass seed
  • Be aware of which turf variety and seed quality should be used
  • Know about the precautions to be taken after planting grass seed

Hire the skilled technicians at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for planting grass seed in Redmond, WA. Whether you need to grow a new lawn or want to get the existing thinned-out or patchy turf areas filled with grass, we have you covered.

Overseeding is a Great Option to Revive Lawns in Redmond Properties

overseeding-redmond-waWe specialize in overseeding services. Overseeding lawn is a wonderful option for reviving lawns that look dull or have bare patches. Lawn installation services do not always result in thick and lush green turfs. Or else, healthy lawns sometimes get diseased or damaged and dry up due to varied reasons, such as:

  • Unsuitable weather conditions
  • Pest or weed infestation
  • Distress from excessive traffic
  • Poor maintenance

We carry out overseeding in Redmond properties to restore such damaged lawns. Our technique of overseeding lawn involves planting grass seed to fill up the dried out or damaged turf areas. Overseeding not only helps the lawn become denser, but also increase the disease resistance capability of the grass. More vibrant green color of the turf is another outcome of overseeding.

To assure the best possible results from overseeding for our Redmond customers, we have the job conducted only by knowledgeable and diligent technicians.

Key Elements for Overseeding Lawn in Redmond Yards Successfully

overseeding-lawn-redmond-waOur technicians never cut corners at the jobs they take up for overseeding lawn in Redmond yards. They work diligently, keeping in mind all the critical factors that affect the success of an overseeding job.  They make sure that the:

  • Soil is properly prepared to receive the seed
  • Temperature and moisture level of the soil is correct
  • Overseeding is done at a time that is right for the chosen turf type
  • Seed gets sufficient watering, etc. to germinate and get established

Not surprisingly, our jobs for overseeding lawn in homes and commercial properties show an impressive success rate!

When it is time for overseeding lawn in your Redmond property, rely only on Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Call 425-358-2779.