If you are thinking of enhancing the appearance and value of your property, you can choose to have a rockery wall installed in Kent, WA. You can call in specialist landscapers that can construct a rockery wall with landscape boulders or rocks of your choice.

Get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for efficient installation of the rockery wall in Kent. We are reputable landscapers and have been offering rockery landscaping in Kent since 1995. Call us for the installation of the following rockery wall types in Kent:

  • Stacked rock wall
  • Stone rock wall
  • Fireplace rock wall
  • Rock wall landscaping

We are thoroughly efficient in our job and pay attention to all details while executing any project related to rockery in Kent.

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Rock Retaining Wall Kent

Adding a rock retaining wall in your Kent property will not only give it a nice appearance but also prove to be a safety feature. Choose such rocks for the rock retaining wall that are durable, sturdy and can withstand the elements of nature.

Rely on us for building a rock retaining wall in Kent. We are experts at building a rockery of all types, be it for a small garden or the wall. We will help you choose the ideal material for the retaining wall that suits your preference and budget. Call us for constructing any of the following rock retaining wall types in Kent:

  • Stone retaining wall
  • Boulder retaining wall
  • Decorative block retaining wall
  • Sandstone retaining wall

Besides getting the retaining wall constructed, you can also choose to have rock steps and rock patio in your property giving it a completely different look.

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Landscape Boulders Kent

You can also choose to have landscape boulders installed in your Kent home landscape. Decorative rocks placed nicely around different fixtures and landscape features add a stylish look to the landscape.

Count on us for choosing and installing different landscape boulders in Kent. We are professional landscapers and know what type of landscape boulders will look good, where. Call us for installing the following types of landscape boulders and rocks in Kent:

  • Herb rockery
  • Small rockery
  • Rockery around tree
  • Rockeries for small gardens

In addition to installing landscape boulders we also provide rockery repair and rockery restoration services in Kent assuring that your landscape will always look well kept.

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