Installation of rockery wall in your Kirkland, WA property makes a wonderful addition to the landscape. Amid tall trees, low-growing shrubs, delicate vines, lush grass and vibrant flowers that populate the yard, a rockery wall gives a beautifully contrasting rugged touch to the exteriors.

There are several ways of using rockery wall in Kirkland yards. Other than a standalone structure that is the centerpiece of the outdoor space, you can use your rockery wall in Kirkland to create flat areas for planting, make a terraced garden, provide vantage seating places or prevent strangers from peeping into the property.

Give Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. a call no matter why you want a rockery wall installed in your Kirkland property.  Hire us to construct:

  • Decorative stone wall
  • Privacy rock wall
  • Outdoor fireplace rock wall
  • Landscape boulder wall

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Rock Retaining Wall Kirkland

Are you thinking of getting a rock retaining wall built in your Kirkland property? Allow us to do the job.

Sloping land is quite common in the Pacific Northwest. A rock retaining wall offers Kirkland residents a great option for making their yard suitable for landscaping and enhancing the curb appeal of the property at the same time.

Hire us in the Kirkland area to build a solid rock retaining wall that stops soil erosion comprehensively by staying strong against the heavy pressure of soil. We bring our extensive knowledge, skills and experience to your job for installation of rock retaining wall in Kirkland.

Trust us for a sturdy, reliable, code-compliant:

  • Stone retaining wall
  • Rock gravity wall
  • Boulder retaining wall
  • Stacked rock wall

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Landscape Boulders Kirkland

We offer top-grade landscape boulders for Kirkland properties to use in decorative rockery wall, rock retaining wall or rockery landscaping. Not many property owners realize that the shape, size, color and material of the landscape boulders used in their Kirkland yard can have a big impact on aesthetics and functionality of the space.

While working with landscape boulders in Kirkland properties, we select the rocks with great care. Our technicians are equally meticulous about placing the landscape boulders to build stable and firm hardscape features in the Kirkland property.
Contact us for landscape boulders for wide-ranging projects like:

  • Rock garden installation
  • Rockery repair
  • Rockery restoration
  • Making rock steps
  • Rock patio work

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for landscape boulders near Kirkland!

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