Maintenance Plans


We offer weekly maintenance, twice-a-month maintenance (not bi-weekly), and monthly maintenance.

Weekly landscape maintenance to include the following landscaping services as needed:

  • Mowing and edging of lawn.
  • Weeding and raking of planting beds.
  • Pruning of trees and plants under 12 ft.tall
  • Fertilizing of lawn and plants
  • Blowing off all hard surfaces.
  • Herbicide Spraying.
  • Maintenance
  • Leaf and minor storm clean up. No branches/trees over 12' tall.

The price quoted is billed once monthly and is for weekly year round service at an agreed-upon cost per month for a 12-month contract.

A first month deposit is required up front to start service.

Please note that depending on the condition of your property; it can take 2-3 months’ worth of visits to get your property into good condition. Once we get the property/grounds into good condition; we will be able to maintain it that way. After the twelve (12) month contract has been fulfilled, we ask that you give us at least thirty (30) days written notice by mail or e-mail to cancel service.


When putting together your maintenance cost per month; we take into account that your property will require our tech to spend more time servicing the property during the growing-season vs. non-growing season. Monthly payments are then averaged for the entire year. Invoices will not go up in the growing season and will not go down in the winter season therefore the invoices will be the exact same over the duration of the contract. Each customer will eventually; through-out the length of their (12) month contract have a couple visits missed due to "acts of god" (Reasons other than contractor's negligence). We will spend additional time at your property to make up for any missed visits.