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stamped-concrete-ravensdale-waCedar County Landscaping, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of architectural additions that complete your landscaping.

We create paths, walkways, driveways and patios from various materials, including stamped concrete, poured concrete, brick pavers and flagstone.

Stamped concrete is one of the most popular building materials. We use the versatile stamped concrete very effectively to create impressive outdoor living spaces.

Our stamped concrete installations give a unique character to your property’s outdoors. The distinctive visual and textural appeal of stamped concrete enhances the landscape’s appeal.

Our decorative stamped concrete structures offer you the perfect combination of beauty and affordability. You are sure to love them as:

  • Stamped concrete gives a high-end, stylish look to your outdoors at affordable costs
  • Stampede concrete gives strength and longevity to your outdoor living spaces
  • Stamped concrete allows design and color flexibility for your installations

Flagstone Ravensdale

Flagstone-Ravensdale-WAIf you are looking for options other than stamped concrete for your patio, we offer flagstone and brick pavers.

Flagstone is the perfect material to use if you want us to give your patio a beautiful, casual and neat look.

Being a natural stone, flagstone comes in irregular shapes and sizes that make your patios quite distinctive.

The other features that make it a good choice for your patio include:

  • Unique colors of flagstone
  • Non-slippery texture that makes flagstone surfaces very safe
  • Versatility that allows flagstone to be used by itself or integrated with stamped concrete
  • Low maintenance needs of flagstone
  • Hard-wearing quality of flagstone

Stamped concrete or flagstone, we assure you of an elegant patio that you can relax and entertain in for years to come.

Brick Pavers Ravensdale

brick-pavers-ravensdale-waBrick pavers are another attractive and enduring hardscape material we work with. Brick pavers make an excellent alternative to flagstone and stamped concrete.

Outdoor living spaces made of brick pavers tend to take on a distinctive personality that help your property stand out in the neighborhood.

Let us add form as well as functionality to your landscape with:

  • Paths and walkways in brick pavers
  • Driveways made of brick pavers
  • Patios in brick pavers

Come to us for the most aesthetic, yet practical designing of your outdoor living spaces and have them created with the material that best meets your personal taste, budget and landscaping needs.

Call 425-358-2779 to know more about outdoor living spaces installed by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. in stamped concrete, flagstone and brick pavers.